“I don’t like when he puts my brother on the left” strong words from Aubameyang’s brother

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang comes from a footballing family as his father was a footballer and his brothers played the game too.

The striker is, however, the most high profile player to come out of their family, but it is safe to say that every member of his family knows a thing or two about the game.

The Gabon star is predominantly a striker, and at Borussia Dortmund he played as the centre forward.

He played that role to devastating effect, scoring so many goals it prompted Arsenal to splash the cash and sign him.

He has continued to score goals at Arsenal, but he has had to share the centre-forward role with the likes of Alexandre Lacazette.

Choosing which of them would play through the centre has been a problem for Arsenal for a long time, and Mikel Arteta has decided to play Aubameyang on the left for now.

However, that decision hasn’t gone down well with the striker’s brother, who hasn’t hidden his opinion.

In a recent Instagram Live, Willy Aubameyang admitted that Arteta was a good coach but made it clear that he didn’t like his brother being played on the left side of attack.

He said as quoted by Express Sports: “I like Mikel, he’s a good coach.

“He’s a good coach but I don’t like when he puts my brother on the left.

“I don’t like this, but he’s a good coach.”

He added: “I don’t understand this!”

“I don’t understand. I don’t like when he plays on the left.

“I like when he plays striker.

“But I like him [Arteta]. He’s good. He has, you know, character.”

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  1. I told a friend of mine earlier today that if arsenal lose aubamayang, it will be because of arteta, it’s really confusing and I don’t seem to understand why we have to play the best striker in England as a winger just to accommodate Nketiah or lacazette. You think aubamayang don’t like to score goals and be highest goalscorer, it’s obvious his brother his speaking his mind. Aubamayang seem to really love arsenal but he’s not going to sign without any real assurance that he’s going to be used as a striker, he’s getting old and to remain relevant he will need to be played as a real number 9.

    1. So many reasons he’s been playing on the left. And he has not even been playing as a left winger, maar like a left striker. Look at someone like Cristiano. He also plays as a left striker.

      So many reasons why you could play him there. For example. Most sides that want to play possession based football need a sriker that is good with his back against the goal. Someone that sometimes drops out of position. Laca is at this, Auba is not. As a striker you got 2 big central defenders in your neck, playing more to the left you are facing 1 smaller fullback and you are playing with your face against the goal, you can use your speed more.

      If you watch Artetas formations during the games, you can see that Auba occupies the left half space, the space between the left wing and the middle.

      Watch the video made by Tifo Football on YT, they explain by giving statistics why Auba is better on the left

      1. @MrLucky A very nice explanation!

        Some things I thought about:

        Also when moving in centrally from the left, Auba, as you said running with his face towards goal, have the option to play one-twos with Laca.

        He also forces the opposing rigth back to make a choice to follow or not. If he follows that opens up for Tierney on the left wing.

  2. OT..What a dire half of football that was… the spuds are crap, Everton are even worse!!! Best of luck Gary Neville picking a MOTM out of that lot!! Awful…..

  3. Yes thats the best let make Auba Our Real No9 And He will Be a Great Distroyer and Mean while Share the Lwf with Saka And Martinelli For Now and the Rwf with Pepe and Primarily Nelson and used laca as the 2nd choice no9 while Nketiah/willock benches Ozil in the Amf period

  4. I dont understand why no contract for Auba yet and why does he play on the left ? its like Arteta doing it on purpose

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