‘I don’t think they’ve done enough to warrant their place in the starting XI.’ Crouch highlights two Arsenal flops

Willian and Nicolas Pepe have done little to earn their places in the Arsenal starting XI, according to Peter Crouch.

The Gunners pair were recalled for Arsenal’s FA Cup game against Southampton today.

Both players had the chance to show Mikel Arteta that they were ready to get back in the team on a consistent basis.

But they put in some poor performances for the Gunners, and now that the club has exited the competition, they will struggle to feature in future games.

Crouch says he understands as a former player that their confidence is now low. They will not be happy that youngsters have broken into the team and are being picked ahead of them.

However, the best way to get themselves back into reckoning is to deliver good enough performances, but they haven’t done that in this game.

After watching them struggle in the match, he says that they have to be eager to do more and that they have no right to complain if they don’t play the next match.

‘They were disappointing,’ Crouch said of Pepe and Willian on BT Sport via Mail Sport after the match. 

‘I think they are very good players [but] at this moment in time they’re suffering a lack of confidence, their ego has been dented because young players have come in in their place.

‘I know what that’s like if you’re an experienced professional and kids play ahead of you. You’re going to be angry and there’s two ways you can react – you can throw your toys out of the pram or you can knuckle down, work hard and win your place back. 

‘But I don’t think they’ve done enough to warrant their place in the starting XI.’

‘There’s been an upturn in fortunes for Arsenal recently but most of the players involved in that weren’t involved today,’ he added.

‘You can’t be relying on kids, you’ve got Willian, Pepe, top players on the pitch there. You’d expect them to come here today hungry and showing the manager they don’t want kids playing in front of them, but that didn’t happen. 

‘They can’t be knocking down the manager’s door when they’re dropped on Tuesday.’

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  1. Sell Willian in the summer and loan Pepe to Ligue 1. Maybe he can rediscover his form there and fool someone to actually buy him.

      1. 100% agree. Just got rid of 350k Mesut that we now have 2,5 years of 220k Willian. Crazy. And this one is Arteta… Sad, very sad.

  2. I think arteta was trying to give them a chance.

    It was clearly a 2nd team arteta played today and it was not only pepe and willian on display.

    If i was arteta I would be looking closely at nketia, chambers, bellerin, elnenay (partially xaka). All these players had something to prove to either kept from being sold by end of the season or for a starting spot and tbh nketia, willian, pepe all failed. The others the jury us still out.

    We need reserve players who can knock on the door. And the reserve forward line atm is poor only martinelli looked alive today

    1. This was probably one more try than necessary. Now let’s see if arteta is blind or not. He had lovely speeches about efforts in training and all that stuff but he will make balogun leave just to accommodate this big error that is Willian. Ok you made a mistake Willian could have been good. But now, 5 months after, it is evident it did not work. Let’s try to move on from that. But with that stupid contract they gave him it won’t be easy. What a stupid contract. Such a salary and for so long ???? They Should have put a limit here. Like either 180 max or 220 on 2 years. This contract already was dubious. Now it appears as a gigantic failure. Costing more than 11M of pounds per year…

  3. Hey ii think Michael arteta must sell players the like David Luiz Bern Leno shkrodan mustafi William Nicolas pepe and buy buy new player the like Harland ordegaard%?!

  4. Hey ii think arsenal coach must give the young player the chance to play in the first team the like azees bologain%?!

  5. Pepe was at least trying yesterday.You couldn’t believed Willian was on the pitch if u didn’t see lineup or big hair next to Elneny.

  6. arteta himself was not agood player while at arsenal how do you expect something better from him. Nketia,pepe,willian a bunch of rotten bananas put together rubbish end result

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