Why is Leandro Trossard never in Arsenal’s starting line-up

Many things have perplexed Arsenal fans this season, one of which is why red-hot Leandro Trossard isn’t starting.

The ex-Brighton star has flare and finesse and has been a standout performer for the Gunners when on the pitch, but he is too often found warming the bench even when the stakes are high.

Against Nottingham Forest, Gooners couldn’t help but wonder when the final whistle blew in yet another encounter with Trossard absent from the starting XI: why the hesitation to unleash such a strong attacking force, after he had single-handedly won Arsenal the community shield the week before when he levelled versus Man City to send the game to penalties and prevent the Citizens from winning 1-0?

Is Trossard not starting a tactical riddle that only Arteta can solve, or is there anything in training at Colney that the public isn’t aware of? Nonetheless, based on what we’ve seen of the Belgian, I’m sure many will recall instances when Arsenal’s offence lacked the cutting edge — that last instant of brilliance in attack that Trossard so readily gives. With a group brimming with potential, the absence of a player capable of changing the course of a game becomes more perplexing with each game.

Arteta knows best, and perhaps his hesitation to start Trossard is calculated to save him for critical occasions, such as Champions League and Cup games, to guarantee he stays an unpredictable wildcard off the bench.

Ultimately, the mystery surrounding Leandro Trossard’s game time will surely be revealed sometime in the future.

Daniel O

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  1. If Arsenal didn’t sign Havertz, I believe Trossard and Smith-Rowe would’ve become Xhaka’s replacements

    However, we obviously needed a towering attacker when playing against highly-organized low-block teams last season. Havertz could be our ultimate lamp post to replace Xhaka and Giroud, hence the £65m fee

    It was a good deal for a towering left-footed AM with the ability to play CF, if we consider the overpriced wingers without any EPL experience like Mudryk (£89m) and Doku (£60m)

    I reckon Trossard to be our best AM for the tight spaces on the left side of the pitch, but Smith-Rowe and he won’t be able to win aerial duels as Havertz does

    1. Upfront, I believe Trossard is the best utility player Arsenal has. Right wing, Left wing and false nine9. I guess for now in Epl matches he will be the most and best impact sub Arteta would use. But I see him playing more in UCL and Cup Competitions. He can also replace Odegard at times.

      1. Up to so far Harvetz is a surplus to requirements. Trossard will give us more than him. It looks like Arteta want to prove something about Harvetz that we can’t see up to now

    2. Every body knows that arsenal style of play doesn’t suit Harvertz! Is Cristal clear even when we have Giroud…! Who to me is by far better than Harvertz in terms of set piece! But when u talk of team football, then Smith R., and Trossard are simply not on the same planet with Harvertz. Only Arteta and some very few fans will see it other wise! How often do arsenal score from set piece! Even the few occasions were mostly by the defenders! Yeah players like Martineli, Jesus, scored once in a blue moon! For Trossar to come from bench and make impact is not bad if he can play for good 30min; definitely not less than 25min! So also Smith R… So Arteta must change his mind set about young players! They ‘ve all the qualities to win trophies but he has to make them believe!

  2. I would also like to see Trossard in the starting 11 more often. However, he is a great sub as well, as long as he is given 30 minutes or so, of game time.

    I would also not be surprised to see Trossard start if Martinelli drops his game even a little.

    1. I agree that Trossard needs at least 30 minutes. this shouldn’t be difficult when you consider Martinelli wears off at the latter stages of games. Not that it is a bad thing considering his blistering space can knock teams out early – then take him off and bring Trossard.

      1. Kai’s performance against Forest was under rated to be fair because most of what he did fantastically is not the things certain fans look for, he was also missed wide open repeatedly which lowered his impact with time the rest will get used to trusting him.

        Think Eddie is the obvious one with Trossard not Kai playing up top.

        1. For sure this is not the arsenal that played last season, I think the fact is all about finding the consistent gaming strategy that we shall use this season
          so playing Party at the back is the wastage of his potential
          that is why he is not comfortable

  3. I don’t think he’s ever been anything less than very good whenever he’s played – how he’s not started more games is baffling to me.
    If Saka, martinelli, jesus, Nketiah, odegaard – whoever – isn’t absolutely killing it in one or two games, trossard should be starting the next game imo. That will keep everyone on their toes and would finally reward trossard, who’s frankly been one of our best players ever since he joined.

  4. If I were the manager,now that G.J and JT are injured, this would be my starting 11.
    White Gabriel Saliba Kiwior
    Partey Rice
    Saka Odegaard Trossard
    But as people say,Arteta knows best so let’s sit and watch,support every player on the field and always hope for success.

  5. Daniel O, first let me point out that Trossard made 7 starts in his 13 appearances last season. And single-handedly winning the Community Shield? I’m sure his Arsenal teammates might have a different view on that.

    1. 👍😁 someone on here said the same thing and I was like what’s with all this player worship.that’s exactly what MA is against to help maintain team harmony and drive out the “main man” culture which harms the club long term.imagine giving a single player the credits of our community shield triumph by a penalty shoot out all our players converted.

  6. Sometimes Arteta needs to explain these decisions which are questionable to many Arsenal buffs. Having said that though he’s the manager, he’s not obligated to explain his selection of the team.

    1. @Y3mmxiii .No Arteta do not need to give any explanation to anyone aside his bosses (if need be) on which player he put in his first 11.

      1. He needs to explain why Kai keeps starting

        Even though he’s not better than even Smith-Rowe

        I’ll choose Fabio over Kai currently

  7. Jax, Daniel O is absolutely right to give the win to Trossard. Scoring an equaliser in the dying minutes of a Cup Final and forcing the game to penalties, and then scoring your own.!
    That sets you head and shoulders above everyone in that game.
    Again, Leandro is not a second tier player in the team. He belongs with Saka, Martinelli, Odegaard in attack.
    Havertz needs to watch the game from the stands sometimes.

    1. Oh you mean his team mates were redundant that he was the only one involved in the build up to the deflected goal hence no credit for them but Trossard alone?

    2. The way some of you fans analyse football, you guys always believe that you know more than the coach, how can you support that Trossard singlehandedly won us game against city, who passed the ball to him( Saka), who didn’t allow city to score more goals, the defenders, midfielders and attackers.
      You guys should calm down and allow the coach to do his journey.
      I am very sure that 95% of you guys are not in the training.
      Why are you guys always select and demand the coach to use your favorite players.
      Support the team as a whole no matter who the coach chooses or pick, they are all arsenal players whether we like it or not.

    3. Exactly

      Kai should be behind Smith-Rowe till he’s ready to fight for a spot

      He’s been handed starting spot freely even at the prize of one of our most in-form player

  8. I don’t think Arteta believes his Subs to be second tier players and he is pushing towards the kind of squad where Subs aren’t Second tier players. It’s down to tactics I suppose. He wants equally capable players and a core of highly versatile players who aren’t less or more than each other but differ just in nuances. I think he will get it right as he wants sooner.

  9. It’s a head scratcher why Arteta does not want to start a someone who has proved his quality in place of a player who has been basically invisible on the pitch.
    Another head scratcher is why Balogun has not been given a chance.

  10. No matter the player Arteta chose to start, there will always be a cry from set of fans soliciting for the players on the bench to start ahead of the ones on the filed… Mind you this is not our job or responsibilities to chose players that start or not …how do we even get here as a fans to always complain about a player that should start or not… Please let’s enjoy our team and be entertained … let’s criticize in a constructive way when the team are doing bad or not so well … Let’s stop this attitude of who’s to start or not …some set will want a player to start when another set may go for another player for that same spot,. If any manger or coach ever listen to what fans says, I’m sure the will either run mad or lose his job within a month.

    1. @Olamide, thank you for that, I don’t understand some fans seriously, they always believe that they know more than they coach and his partners……
      Give them a team to coach, they will fumble and fail… Do they think it is easy to coach, you can’t satisfy everybody, one will always be ahead of another, but fans always see it as favoritism from the coach……

  11. Because Arteta wants Martinellie’s press ability. That gave us the first goal against Forest. In the last 30 minutes when its less a press game and more loos, Arteta brings in Tossard to use his abilities.

    1. Only God knows who adviced Arteta to go for Havertz. That money would have gotten us a good striker in the person of Vhlahovic. If Arsenal must do well this season then a proven striker must be brought in or else we should just forget about winning any trophy or top four this season with or without G Jesus.

  12. I have read one article about why Maguire keep playing even he is under par, it is because they bought it on high price n need to be included… So I just afraid due to high price for our Rice n Kai, Mikel doing the same thing hoping they play like he wanted… But how about our esr n viera? I just can’t get enough from them both as I see them as our future too..

  13. Only God knows who adviced Arteta to go for Havertz. That money would have gotten us a good striker in the person of Vhlahovic. If Arsenal must do well this season then a proven striker must be brought in or else we should just forget about winning any trophy or top four this season with or without G Jesus.

  14. If I have my way I would fire Arteta. He and Zinchenko cost us the league last season. And the same things he did last season is unfolding again this season. Why would he play Partey and Tomiyasu where they did yesterday when u have G. Megahales, Tierney and even Zinchenko + not subbing Havertz?. Arteta is just stubborn!

  15. The gunner am fround of you night and anY mOvent good hard work all the nice days with nike succes bye

  16. One thing I want arteta to understand used player best on form trossard has been our best player through out during pre-season don’t kill him emotionaly in trying to please or accommodate some one who doesn’t deserve to be in starting lineup

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