‘I don’t want him back’ – Arsenal urged not to re-sign former players

Kevin Campbell has told Arsenal that they have to look forwards, not backwards, after reports linking us with former players.

As we look forward to the upcoming transfer window, two former Gunners could well be up for sale in areas we should be looking to strengthen, both currently plying their trade with Juventus.

With Bernd Leno reported to be a possible departure from the Emirates, and with Martin Odegaard set to leave the club at the end of his loan deal, you can’t help but consider the return of one or both of Aaron Ramsey and Wojciech Szczesny.

Campbell insists that he doesn’t want the goalkeeper back, but urges the club not to look back.

“I don’t want him back,” Campbell told the FootballInsider.

“He has gone away and done very well wherever he has been but I do not like to go back.

“I like to look forward and I think there are other goalkeepers we should target in the summer.

“The legacy of a goalkeeper coming in who can make the spot his own is important. When you come back to the club it is always difficult, especially at Arsenal.

“His first spell at Arsenal wasn’t amazing, let’s be honest.”

I don’t personally feel like Szczesny got a fair shot at being our number one, and despite some minor errors which can be expected from inexperienced goalkeepers, he was mostly worthy of the role.

The story around the time was that he was dropped for David Ospina because he was caught smoking in the changing rooms, which may well be why he has ended up at Juventus, with former Arsenal forward Nicklas Bendtner admitting to the BBC(via JuveFC) that sort of thing was normal in Turin.

While Campbell wasn’t directly talking about Ramsey, you can’t help but believe his comments would also count for the Welsh midfielder, but I would personally love to have both back in the squad ahead of the new season.


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  1. Ramsey deliberately ran down his contract denying the club a 40/50 mill transfer fee so he could secure a huge salary increase at Juve. It would be tantamount to treason to have him back and thankfully that will never happen. Besides he still has two years left on his 20 mill p/y contract why would he give that up now? Szczesny was blamed for some terrible defensive displays by an Arsenal defense decimated by injury. Nothing at all to do with smoking.
    He too has a massive long term contract. Why would they take huge salary cuts to come back to mid table Arsenal just to have fans hate on them because they are 30 something retirees stealing a living at the club
    Makes no sense. .

  2. This article has no credence at all, there is no way either are coming back to Arsenal. Its just people putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with nothing.

  3. Ramsay??As said , screwed us over after failing to hold us to ransom. No loyalty there. And he is still a crock who would want silly wages

      1. Dan, do you sometimes wonder if some of our fans actually FOLLOW the club via it’s official website?
        The club made it perfectly clear that they withdrew the agreed contract at the last minute and once gazidis had left.
        Yet here they are, saying how Ramsey held the club to ransom!!!
        He valued himself at a certain price, gazidis agreed and the contract was ready for signing – no act of “holding the club to ransom” and, in my opinion they made the right decision to say no… not at that price.

        The same goes for Schez – he was caught breaking the clubs rules too many times and paid the price – would love to see him back at the club….if he has learnt anything from his time away.

        In summary, would take both players back on condition that Aaron passed a very strict medical, lowered his salary expectations and was on a rolling one year contract – Schez agreed to abide by the clubs rules and written into his contract was an immediate dismissal clause, with loss of all monies due, if he stepped out of line.
        Let’s see then if they are both desperate to come back home – if they signed said contracts, I would welcome them with open arms.

      2. Yes it seems that it is the truth. Remember how emotional he was before departing. One that hold us to ransom was auba last year. Bigger money than what Kane makes (while Kane was already peaking when he signed, could have command more). And delivered nothing this year (before malaria)

  4. When you’ve not been to somebody’s father’s farm, you believe your father’s farm is second to none. These were princes while with us but they ended up being mere citizens because of disloyalty and greed. Who is saying they have changed. Good riddance to bad rubbish. We won’t be needing their services.

    1. how are you disloyal?
      Arseanal chose to let him go for free
      Arsenal chose to loan WS then sell him
      what were they meant to do ?

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