“I fancy” Neville predicts the winner of the North London Derby

Gary Neville believes Tottenham will win the North London Derby between them and Arsenal as both clubs battle for a top-four spot.

Spurs dropped more points at the weekend when they drew 1-1 at Liverpool and Arsenal took good advantage of that result to beat Leeds United and move four points clear of their bitter rivals.

Both clubs will face each other next in the most important NLD in a long time.

A win for Arsenal will automatically qualify them for next season’s Champions League.

If Spurs beat them, the Lilywhites will close the gap between both clubs to just a single point.

Former Manchester United defender, Neville believes Tottenham will get all the points when both clubs meet.

He said on his podcast: “I fancy Tottenham on Thursday night. I think they were brilliant last night at Anfield.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is always a good thing when we are underestimated because it takes the pressure off us and puts it on our opponents.

Tottenham has everything to lose in that game, and they could play to our advantage by trying too hard to get the win.

Our players just need to stay focused and stick to the manager’s game plan, and chances will come for us to hurt them.

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Video – Mikel Arteta talking about our nerve-filled win over Leeds United

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  1. What ever we do , we should not lose the NLD on Thursday . A draw will mean we pick who we choose to beat between newcastle or everton in the last 2 games. A loss won’t be disaster , but it would mean panic station and lots of pressure on us. I do not know if this young team can handle such pressure. Cross fingers and hold on to belief. COYG.

    1. Arsenal thrashed united some days ago! What do you expect to hear from united fanatics????

      1. Need I say more? My exact thoughts right there! At least Rio Ferdinand, despite being a mild United fanatic’, isn’t as emotional hence an analyst of United ‘decent’ I take slightly more seriously. The rest should just quit analysing football since they keep letting emotions get the better of them!

  2. That’s any example of being Jealousy even Man utd in the worst season managed to get a double from Spurs that’s why Mesi and Suarez walloped Valencia in order to stop him from managing football G.Neville you will eat ur words on Friday after Arsenal winning or gets a point from that game

  3. What’s this guy’s problem? Just won’t stop his hate,i hope we can continuously feed him humble pies,starting from thursday and then clinching 4th or even 3rd spot at the end of the season.

    1. What’s with the hate word being used, the man was just giving his honest opinion on who will win the NLD. I’ve been a Gooner for over 60 years and think it extremely difficult for us to win this game having seen the way they dealt with and deserved to beat Liverpool and we nearly threw the game away against Leeds. That is my honest opinion.

      1. He earlier stated that we will slip up in the top four race when we were the favourites and mocked us when lost 3 winnable games saying ‘i said it’ plus aiming dig at arsenal fans on twitter when we lost to palace saying he’s not been receiving texts from them.

      2. This response exposes your lack of football knowledge or insight. The way Liverpool plays suits Spurs. Spurs are not a good team. They’ll lose to Arsenal all things being equal. That’s not to say Arsenal WILL win on Thursday though. They still have to play well to beat Spurs. Otherwise, the advantage is ours Thursday

    2. He’s just stating his opinion, Tottenham are a good side under conte let’s be honest,

  4. I think shall win this derby because their game plan against Leeds was to save energy by not getting early goals and then sit back, while Spurs had to work their socks to earn a point at Liverpool. The only good asset sours have is a coach only if the players follow his plan otherwise arsenal are stingers.

  5. If they set up against us, as they did against Liverpool (4-5-1), then we’re in for a serious uphill battle…IJS

    1. They will certainly bring their A game, as they need to win at all cost, we definitely can’t sit back and absorb pressure, else we loose,
      This is a game our front 4 must give everything they’ve got,
      Hopefully we win.

    2. @NY-Gunner
      They set up extremely negative against Liverpool.
      Doubt they will do the same against us, but if they do, maybe it will actually suit us?
      Conte is like Mounrinho in his approach, but for them it a must win game, so maybe he will have approach the game a bit contrary to his beliefs?
      All in all, I think they are more under pressure, than we are, and more in doubt how to approach the game.

  6. Am an arsenal fan but I expect spurs to win.however I can’t just writeoff the young guns early because anything can happen .come on gunners

  7. Arsenal is winning the NLD.
    Tottenham 0: Arsenal 2.

    Moreover,Arsenal will finish in the 3rd.position; Chelsea in 4 the. and Tottenham in 5th.

    Take it to the nearest bank.

    1. I like your trust and faith in our team.We are going to win 1 nil in our fevour guys.

  8. I like Gary Neville and his opinions, i dont always agree with him but he says it how he thinks it is. I dont think he lets his Bias take over too much either. It isn’t awful that he thinks Toots will win and it doesnt matter too much either way, even if he thought we would.

  9. I don’t see Tottenham parking the bus against us if they do we should also park the bus and if they attack then we should attack as well. They will attack us at the beginning to get first goal and sit back to counter us to get another goal. We just need to negate them at the beginning of the match or better still we should score first and everything will open up and I just hope arsenal squad will not loose focus and loose concentration.

  10. Firstly let me give my view on the players and the mentality for this game. A lot of people did not expect Arsenal to be where we are now so will they also expect Tottenham to win BUT my joy rest with one fact Arsenal this season is on a divine mission & only those that believe knows another surprise awaits many as Arsenal will glide to a well-earned victory. With our defense in good shape(Tomiyasu, Gabriel, Holding & White)midfield (Xkaka, Odegard & Elneny) and Wings (Martinelli & Saka) with Nketiah upfront against all odds we will triumph. From the top seven teams currently only Man. City & Liverpool has bitten us this year even thou Tottenham has not lost to either of them but no two football matches are the same just watch-out. Arsenal outplayed both Man. City & Liverpool over 90minutes but lost to lack of quality finishing. It is not the case now as that attacking shape have changed with the added pace, versality & pressing upfront led by Nketiah.

  11. This season is ours to surprise teams in EPL so as usual no body thought we would go through those three matches picking 9 points but we did it. What we need right now is focus on what we are going to do within the 90mins and it will be better if we do it on Thursday.

  12. One of the best games I enjoyed watching this season was when Arsenal beat Spurs at home early this season, we just dominated them they had no answers, if we can emulate that play and give them no time on the ball and play attacking football with accurate passing the worst we can do is draw

  13. The key to this game lies with Martinelli and his attacking
    powers against 5 men at the back for Tottenham who
    will be careful not to lose the game, it will be tense and

  14. His opinion is obviously shared by many, and the bookies also think a Spurs win is more likely than an Arsenal win.
    He certainly isn’t my favourite, but I see nothing wrong in his statement this time.

  15. The game will be like final for both teams but it will be game for arsenal to atleast a point

  16. That’s why I’m confident that we will win.The spuds being inconsistent,I expect them after a couple of good games to have a stinker.also when we’ve been playing well before a NLD,we tend to lose.we are now due a complete performance from our team, meaning 3pts,few goals and some good football.

  17. Of course what do you expect from former Manchester United players. They always favour our opponents in their predictions. The better part of it is that we are never bothered and will silence them as we do always. Go! Arsenal go! Play it as a Cup final.

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