I fear Arsenal are set to miss out after late bid for Gabriel Magalhaes

Arsenal have been strongly linked with a deal to sign Gabriel Magalhaes this summer, with the latest reports claiming he was set to join us ahead of Napoli who also had a bid accepted, but I am fearing we will miss out.

The Italian side were believed to have been keen on the Brazilian as a potential replacement for Kalidou Koulibaly, but his transfer is yet to be arranged, which looked as if we would be able to clinch the deal almost unchallenged.

Fabrizio Romano has now claimed that Manchester United have made a late bid to sign the defender, and I fear that this could well hamper our bid.

The delays in an announcement tell me that our side were not leading the race for his signature, and that our agreement was reliant on Napoli dropping out of the race, and United’s interest may well be the knockout blow to our bid.

The Red Devils bid is claimed to have come too late, with a five-year deal reported in The Times to have been agreed with our side, but until everything is signed and sealed, I’m not allowing myself to get carried away.

Regardless of the deal for Gabriel, we will already be able to boast an improved back line following the return of William Saliba from his loan with St Etienne, and he will be expected to be a first-team regular despite his young age of 19.

More reinforcements will still be expected this summer, with the belief that Arteta will be keen to return to a back-four with new personnel.

Am I alone in feeling like we will lose out on Gabriel’s signature?


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  1. Well we did our job now its up to the player to do his part. Cannot really fault the club if he decides to refuse to join us, both transfer and personal agreement shows we did our part.

  2. I am pretty optimistic and I think we’ll seal the deal. Pepe is a former Lille player, that should help, as well as fellow Brazilian players (David Luiz and Martinelli). Plus we managed to secure Europa League for next season. And, and that is a critical point, Gabriel would be in the starting eleven, which must be an incentive for such a young player who’s played a full season with his former side. That won’t be guaranteed should he play for Man U or Napoli.

  3. He’ll sign for us more so when we have Edu, a Brazilian leading the charge. We must fear his agent; he will push for more money.

  4. If the guy prefer to play in the second division (Serie A) instead of the first (EPL), well, then he don’t have the right ambitions anyway. English Premiere League is the biggest scene of football (even when all English teams are out of the cups). This is The Globe, this is Royal Shakespeare Company.

  5. Lille president said about a week ago that they had closed the bidding and that there was 3 clubs involved Everton,Napoli, Arsenal,I think he is coming to us otherwise why would Napoli come back with a much improved salary offer if he had already decided to join them?and apparently Everton have been out of the race for a while now,I am very hopeful unless money is his main motivation!

    1. Time will tell. As stated by Ackshay, the Club has agreed to personal terms with the player and has met Lille’s valuation. If Gabriel has spoken to Torreira and prefers Napoli because of the Italian Mediterranean climate and the language, both are outside of Arsenal’s hands.
      However the deal with Thomas Partey is more straight forward; stop stuffing everyone around, Arsenal need the player, just pay Atletico Madrid the €50 million and move on to the next one.
      Arsenal has already upset Real Madrid over penny pinching with Danny Ceballos over loan fees and wage subsidisation. Now they are doing the same with Atletico Madrid, trying to be smart haggling over a player AM doesn’t want to sell anyway! Partey is a critical gain this window; just get the business done.

      1. We are making everything look like we are too poor. Haggling, offer unwanted players and even using Amazon coupons. It appears we have forgotten that we are in the business of entertainment.

      2. I read an article in the daily canon that we are willing to pay his release clause. Not sure about the authenticity of there source but it’s the first time I have heard about this shift in stance. Let’s hope we get him

  6. I’d be very surprised. Of all the rumours out there in the twitterverse, none indicate that his preference is Napoli.

    Away kit tomorrow, Auba and Gabriel on Friday. That would represent a very good week for Gooners.

  7. Media is just playing catch up. Gabriel Malghaes wants Arsenal and like I said weeks back we had already agreed a fee for him. He chose us over Napoli and Utd but the only thing which makes Napoli and Utd relevant in this is that they want to offer more cash so that he comes to them. The player is 100% committed to coming to Arsenal. He was even joining Everton before the covid outbreak. Partey is also 1000% committed to coming., Its all in Arsenal’s hands if they want to sign him.

    For the who are unsure Aubameyang has already signed his new deal. It will be announced in due time.

    Now fans should expect a lot of news with respect to Aouar, Partey, Coutinho, Zaha

      1. Napoli are after 2 centre backs, well how about sokratis and mustafi. They could have both for the price of Gabriel ………carlsberg don’t do transfer deals 🙏🙏🙏

  8. we should not be surprised if we miss out on our key target players it is always the same we haggle over the fee and wages for so long our rivals come in and seemingly within a few days the deal is done why does it take so long to get deals done? We all blamed Ivan and Arsene for all these delays now they are gone who is to blame?

      1. I’m amazed they’re interested 🤣 Would bite their hand off for that, Sean!! Fingers crossed!!

        And I agree with your other comment – 2 announcements and the new away kit – be bloody brilliant!! 👍

  9. OT.. Andre Marriner will officiate the Community Shield – groan – at least with var, he can’t send the wrong player off 😬

  10. Arsenal put forth a good contract.
    But I believe he is not guaranteed 1st team place. Arteta would have told him “to play, you have to earn it”
    Napoli on the other hand – ” sign for us, you have starting shirt as koulibaly will leave”
    Gabriel must think

    1. Surely he’d be a starter. Espescially if we stick with back 3. He’s left footed and can slot in on the left side of that back 3, shift Tierney to a wingback, Saka can play within front 3. Considering Daivd Luiz and Mustafi are our best defenders essentially any half-decent CB starts for us.

  11. Jose Fonte:
    🗣 “Everybody’s dream is to play in the Premier League. Gabriel has been asking me questions about the Premier League, clubs in the Premier League, so I tried to give him my honest opinion. Hopefully he’ll be very successful. I have no doubt.”

    Thank you Agent Fonte.

  12. It is plain that you will not be alone PATRICK in your fears. However, I AM NOT WITH YOU AT ALL. I expect him to sign for us sometime this month. I may be wrong but that is my opinion. I firmly believe he has set his heart on playing for both Arsenal AND for Arteta, which in his mind will be two separate,even though linked reasons.

  13. I will never relent in my fight against our pessimistic fans! Why do you always wish Arsenal ill luck? Why must it be us to miss out in a contest with Napoli? The problem with some people is inability to change with circumstances. Of late we have been winning a lot duels with big teams over stars such as Lacazette, Aubameyang, Pepe, Saliba, Toriera and others. Why then should any one doubt our capacity to tussle with Napoli and defeat them? Gabriel will be an Arsenal player imminently.

    1. I love your optimism. Reading most comments above was making me sad. Someone was talking of penny pinching or us haggling with Real over Ceballos, this without any shred of proof smh. I concur that as the fans we should be positive. Supporters shoud SUPPORT the team period. Thanks David for the positive outlook.

  14. Admin…..i miss the reaction buttons that used to be on people’s comments. We used to be able to thumb up 👍or thumb down 👎 and gauge the general views of everyone as per comment. Any chance we can have that back?

  15. According to the reports stated on this site of Justarsenal, Gabriel Maglhaes of Lille FC transfer to Arsenal FC this summer is all looking but has gone complicated for Arsenal to pull the hart out of the fire and get the transfer deal done over the line. For, Napoli are seriously looking a haywire to Arsenal in the transfer business attempt by their tempting Maglhaes with a better high wage earnings offer than Arsenal had offered to pay him to come to the Emirates Stadium this summer to ply his football trade for AFC next season’s campaign in all competitions has begun.

    But notwithstanding, If it is true that Napoli have made a fresh improved weekly wages earning to Maglhaes that eclipsed the one Arsenal had offered to him to be paying if he joins the Gunners this summer, then, Maglhaes could become tempted by the Napoli’s improved wages offer and go to Naples and play for Napoli instead of him coming to North London to play for Arsenal. Therefore, the way I see what has now turned to an incoming transfer saga between Arsenal and Napoli this summer window, is if Arsenal truly believe their signing Maglhaes this summer will go to a larger extent to ease their defensive fraities at the left centreback position in their team to a higher degree in defensive capability than it was obtained in their team left centreback position last season, I therefore implore the Arsenal bosses to match the improved wage offer that Napoli have offered Maglhaes to be earning if he join them this summer transfer window that could turn to become a summer transfer bidding war between Arsenal and Napoli But if after Arsenal have matched Napoli’s latest offer to Maglhaes, but which I think should slightly be above the new one that Napoli have offered him so as to make it looked more attractive to Maglhaes, and during which the Brazilian quartet of. Edu, Luiz, Willian and Martinelli at Arsenal have all intervened on behalf of the club to convince Maglhaes to choose coming to Arsenal over going to Napoli this summer has not yielded any success, I am then advising Arsenal to forget about signing Maglhaes this summer. More so, as Arsenal have not yet done any outgoing transfer this summer to recoup in advance any money they will be spending on the incoming transfers this summer. Arsenal should move on from Maglhaes incoming transfer this summer if his transfer to Arsenal is proving too difficult for club to successfully conclude it. But the club should identify another high caliber playing left sided centreback in the transfer market and sign him. Who could even be better than the game that Maglhaes will offer to Arsenal next season if the club sign him this summer.

  16. Arsenal’s done nothing wrong if he doesnt come. We offered him a good deal, and if Napoli offer him a crazy financial package that doesnt make sense to match, then we move on. He has a preference to the EPL so hopefully things do go our way.

    1. That was a beauty from him. What a goal….unfortunately he is no longer an Arsenal player. He showed some promises during his time with Arsenal but injuries didn’t help and probably wasn’t given enough time. Well, not all good players make it at a particular club…

  17. I agree hes taking to long to decide.

    Off topic got to say of all the arsenal stories the one the makes me cry the most is…… SERGE GNABRY!

    What a monster of a player now and he showed it somewhat back then with us, he should have played more.

  18. This article posting suggesting that Man Utd have join the fray to sign:Lille’s centreback, Gabriel Maglhaes this summer could turnout to be the case after all. For, because Man Utd who are financially richer than Arsenal are, could pull Maglhaes singing through to strengthens their defence very well ahead of next season’s campaign in the Premier League and the Champions League and with particular focus on their opening day home PL match against Arsenal at Old Trafford. But if next season’s licked opening day match fixtures in the Premier League games that have Man Utd playing at home against Arsenal is true but not a deceptive design designed to pull the Gunners’ legs and those of the Red Devils too. But us Gooners will see to know better tomorrow Thursday when the full Premier League match fixtures are officially released to make known.

    Nevertheless, I think Arsena should more than ever in the past summer transfer windows that they’ve had, brazen up to foil all attempts that are being made this summer by Napoli and Manchester United to hijack the signing of Maglhaes from Arsenal. For, Arsenal will utmostly need to strengthen the left side of their PL team centreback in their defense-line this summer with a top quality finish article left sided centreback signing of Gabriel Maglhaes’ stature and caliber signing. So as to fully be prepared but not caught pants down in the Old Trafford PL big game match encounter between Man Utd and Arsenal. A big game match that Arsenal should not even contemplate playing to a draw in it talk less of to lose the match which if they do even if it is by mistake will tantamount to the Gunners committing a grievous criminal offence against the Gooners. Therefore, the Gunners should not dare to play to a draw in the match nor lose it. But win the big game away match outrightly to open their account in the PL next season by taking all the 3 points at stake in match. To thereby convince their doubters there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel for Arsenal see very brightly in the PL campaign next season to win the title. But Arsenal should not just be aiming solely to finish in the top-four places in the PL next season but win League title itself.

  19. Also I hate to say it and dont mean to offend anyone but having spent many years overseas working in thailand particularly Bangkok I saw a profile shot of Gabriel and he looked very how should I say err…..like a lady boy, there I said it.
    I think it’s his strangely groomed eye brows!
    Who cares if hes a baller though eh 🙂

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