“I feel like I’m quite consistent with my performances,” Ryan tells Arsenal fans what to expect from him

Mat Ryan has told Arsenal fans to expect consistent performances from him when he gets his chance to play for them.

The Australian has just become a Gooner after Arsenal secured his signature from Brighton for the next six months.

He will become the club’s second choice behind Bernd Leno after Alex Runarsson failed to impress as the deputy goalkeeper.

He was speaking to the Arsenal website and told the club that he is a reliable goalkeeper and the fans can expect him to deliver for them.

He added that he always wants to win matches whether he is playing for his club or the Australian national team. Off the field, he is also an easygoing person that the club’s fans can approach and strike a conversation with.

“I’d say on the field it’s probably my reliability as a goalkeeper,” Ryan told Arsenal.com

“I feel like I’m quite consistent with my performances. 

“I dedicate every aspect of my life to playing football and trying to win football games for whoever I am representing, be it the club or the national team in Australia. So that willingness to win and to go the extra length to do that is probably the main driving force behind me. 

“Off the field, I like to think that I’m just a genuine, easygoing person. I’m pretty laid back and approachable and happy to have a chat with anyone. Like I said, I’m very dedicated towards my sport and very professional and I don’t want any stone unturned in trying to get a win on matchdays when they come on. I give all of myself in order to try to achieve that.”

Leno has remained reliable, but as Arsenal looks to win the Europa League and make the top four, Ryan could find some game time.

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