I finally give up on Arsenal – after 40 years!

Thank you, Goodbye and Good Luck. by KD

I have been following this site and the many very interesting articles over the last few months and have witnessed a huge apparent swell of questioning and interrogation relating to Arsene FC, it’s owner Kroenke and whether they really have any true ambition to succeed in anything other than a financial accounts ledger and annual report.
For a while, it appeared that finally people were staring to seriously question Wenger and his tactics, approach, squad selection and so on. As usual a lot of crucial fixtures were lost and success became unlikely and howls of dissent came.

Then several bizarre things happened.

When it looked like Arsenal had really cocked up, all others were powering and we were getting left behind and an apparent massive protest was uprising, it turned out to be a complete farce. While it has been argued that those who were really anti Wenger totally boycotted the game the reality is that there was no visible protest and then the “In Wenger We Trust” Brigade zombied their way back into the media. To add insult to injury, all the “top “teams collapsed, including our absolutely pathetic rivals and so we actually end up second!!!!!!

Try discussing any Arsenal /Wenger flaw now with the IWWT Brigade and you might as well be campaigning for equal rights for Mongolian Silkworms.

“We finished second, above City, United, Chelsea and most importantly Spurs! “
HAPPY DAYS, all is forgiven.

I am sorry, but I am not so fickle.

For almost 10 years now, I have watched Wenger moan, bitch, bleat and whine his way through failure after failure. I don’t care where we finished, it doesn’t change a thing for me.
I have heard so much about how much bad luck Arsene FC have had over the years with injuries, bad draws, bad pitches and bad referees, but I can tell you all this was made up for this year by us finishing second.
So let me ask, and please don’t answer as I know what so many will say….
Do you really deep down feel that we were a top team that deserved to finish second?
Do you feel genuine pride in our achievements?
I don’t.

I am man enough to stand by my convictions and that is that basically Wenger is past his use by date, has nothing left to contribute and should move on and let us rebuild and seek new talent. For sure there might be some turbulent transition times but that’s like removing a melanoma, short term pain and discomfort but for the best in the end.
This is my absolute belief and has been for many, many years now.

I don’t believe Wenger will make any major signings before next year’s league and even if he does I think he will destroy them the way he has for so many other players. I believe that he doesn’t like any strong personalities round to threaten him but this is just another of his many flaws, success on the pitch cannot come without strong personalities. But strong personalities cannot just switch on and off on demand. A manager needs to let them arouse a team on the pitch when needed. A game ultimately is not won on the training ground or in the dressing room.
I know I will be hunted down and hung by the Arsene Wenger Klan but that is the point of this article. If so many people in a club, think entirely differently to me or should I say I think entirely differently to so many ”true fans“ then I agree, maybe I should support another club.

I have been supporting Arsenal for over forty years now, and being Irish loved the O’ Leary, Brady, Stapleton years but the reality is that I no longer feel anything in common with this club. There has been times I have actually cheered when a goal is scored against them and I have wanted them to lose.

But it is obvious the I am no longer in sync with this club and so need to move on. Even when Wenger goes, which must surely be any decade now he will be quoted as a God rather than being recognised as having lost us a decade of success.

I thought that some of us could make reasonable points that would gradually show people that the Emperor has no clothes, but it is clear the Arsene Doctrine does not allow for that.

Good luck next year.



  1. Wow… that’s must be came from accumulation of unbearable Arsenal things. So, what side you are cheering now Kieran? Like to say the same : thank you, good bye, good luck, and…see you tomorrow? (maybe).

    1. Think the OP needs to go out & buy a box of XL tampons. NO true fan deserts his team.

  2. wow , i could not have put this better myself . thank you for seeing it as it is my fellow gooner and irishman . it is so fresh to read your article on here . i am with you 100% on everything you say . i am a gunner since the league cup final of 1968 , and i have seen good times and i have seen bad times . this wenger period , for me , is the worst time for arsenal . this even beats the early to mid seventies when we were dicing with relegation for a while .far too much negativity surrounds our great club , and there is only one source that the negativity is coming from , and that is wenger himself . when he was winning he came across as a clever man , his interviews were funny and clever too . but since about 2006 he has become the greatest whining bitch ever in football . he lets us down at every opportunity , and he cares not a jot for us fans . i could go on forever , but i wont , i just want to congratulate you for having the balls to write such an article on here . i am surprised how the demon admin has actually published this as he is the leader in chief of arsene knows best . i doubt very much if he wil publish this piece as well , because that is his way . stifle all that he does not like , remind you of any particular football manager .

    1. I’m amazed hw people can’t comprehend no matter hw much Wenger has tried to explain factors that held The Arsenal back past decade. I will point them out again but Wenger’s not exonerated from some odd mistakes but tell me a coach that doesn’t. POINTS:
      1. The decision the board took to build a stadium with money from loan. Repaying abt £30m every yr. Tell me a club in Europe that makes such profit after tax a season. Wenger has no choice but to allow the club sell an asset i.e best marketable player. Choice Wenger though had was leave and keep his reputation in tact at Madrid or wherever.
      2. The influx of Rich Oligarchs into England. With the talent and brilliance of Wenger we virtually was having only Man UTD to compete with. But Chelsea rose up, ManCity too, increase in TV money increased general competition. Choice Wenger had was to tell us the truth, which was- we don’t/won’t go bonkers into our reserve savings/fund to get established players, and leave. But he played along with the board. Why? He fell in love with the club he has achieved the most with in his career. He wanted to stay to the end of this restraints.
      3. There came a season he could keep his star players, get in established player for £42m and said, start judging me from this season. The following season, he kept his stars and signed another established player for £35m. Next, he kept his stars and signed an established goalie. He has so far in this new life won 2FA cups 2 Community shield and has come 2nd in EPL. We are lucky to still have Wenger IMHO

      1. Well said but it seems to me that Kroenke wishes to maintain the top four business model, based on what kroenke has said and jack wiltshires comments on arsenal.com. This is different to us fans expectation that when stadium debt repayments reduced, the aims of the club would increase to win the PL and challenge for the CL.

        My concern is that top four is so ingrained in the clubs expectations that when the opportunity arises we cannot do better. Mid feb we were favourites to win PL, two games later on 2nd March we were effectively out of the race. Loads of missed opportunities to get well ahead in PL prior to leicester game.

        Basically I think that Wenger can no longer motivate the team unless top four in PL or last 16 in CL is threatened. OK this season we were second, but ten points behind leicester and we could easily have been out of top four.

        Wenger has been fantastic for the club, i suppose he deserves one more season and I hope moves are made for his replacement so we get a smooth transition to a new manager. Koeman looks good, out of contract at end next season. Lets hope that this is Wengers last season and he achieves the wenger trophy (top four) and the fans trophy (above tottenham).

        This season Arsenal could and should have won the PL. Wenger could then have left on a high. Be great if he could do it next season but I doubt it, I think he has lost that edge, the ability to motivate for a whole season.

      2. We have progressed up the table each year as well, it is easily missed when you hear the AOB as they can’t recognize anything good..

        So since Ozil transfer we have not only won the FA Cup but we are the record holders since we retained it, that is something as well, I am proud of that little stat.

        During the lean years we couldn’t buy top talent and so much of the current squad we have is made up of signings made during those lean years, I would love to see Wenger rebuild faster but I know we have to rely on the board to make it happen.

        RvP wouldn’t sign a new contract unless we shown some ambition… he got sold.

        Nasri confirmed he was sold by the board because he wouldn’t sign a new contract, he wanted us to show ambition… so he was sold… After Wenger promised him he wouldn’t be sold.

        Now we have a team made up of several players who do not have the quality to win us things and Wenger gets blamed for it, the players who shown ambition was sold! 🙁

        Maybe we could have won the EPL if we had a WC CF and not Welbroke who the board thought was good enough, the board shown a lack of ambition and it came back and hurt us.

        It is frustrating how Wenger takes so much of the blame, he isn’t perfect but he isn’t the origin of of our current issues, that is the owner not showing ambition.

        Like he has shown no ambition for his other clubs and uses them as wealth assets to get loans to buy more stuff, like the Ranch he recently bought.

  3. Good bye. Go support another team. I’ll stay with Arsenal and shout at the baldheads until things change and we move on as it should be. There was Arsenal before these guys that are messing up and they will leave one day and there will still be Arsenal with supporters. I can’t throw away the baby with the dirty water even if I can’t drain the dirty water quick enough.

    1. Cheers bro. I am surprised that a 40 years old supporter is talking like this. It is like giving your wife a divorce after you have grand-children just because she is no longer good looking or because she has an old age disease.

      1. We the new and young supporters shld say we are quitting the clubs since we haven’t enjoyed our good arsenal like the old supporters but yet still we wish and pray to see the day we start achieving glory like the old days will always support the team even if we are relegated or our trophy drought keeps piling up arsenal till I die #Ghana gunner#

  4. As much as im not a fan of AW’s tactics, signings and rotation polices. I just cannot see myself supporting another Team – But well its your choice Kieran.

    1. He didn’t say he’s going to be a fan of another team, you can still love Arsenal and not support them. He’s just stopped caring about our success just like a growing number of Arsenal fans because they’ve been fed so many false hopes that they eventually become numb to any sort of positive feelings the club tries to insigate. Until we turn back into the old Arsenal that most of us grew up watching, the club we once supported won’t be seen in the same light. Wenger went from developing strong mentalities with world class talent to relying on fragile players with mediocre quality. We will never be on the same level as top clubs unless the manager steps down because it’s evident he will not go back to being the manager he used to be when he first arrived. The fighting culture we once had has been long forgotten and now clubs like Swansea and Sunderland don’t see us as threats, that should tell you how far we’ve fallen. It’s difficult to admit but if we stick with Wenger we will be heading down the same path as Liverpool.

  5. @Kieran,
    I understand the frustration. I however, don’t think it should lead to you not supporting the team you’ve stood by for 40 years. I’ve supported Arsenal for over 20 years now, and I really feel disappointed by what I see now.
    Let’s stick together, voice out, and hope for the best.
    Cheers. ☺

  6. I too don’t feel as much connection to the team as before, but in my case it’s to do with the lack of players you can prefer to as “OUR OWN”. Only Wilshere is left. I love the Sanchez / Ozil type but also want to our own so that i can keep relating to the team.

    But i can’t see myself even contemplating abandoning Arsenal Football club. I know things will change as nothing lasts forever.

    Keeps in there mate..

  7. *sips his coffee* well i thought i was the only one who’s feelings for the club is dying. people here blasted me when i questioned the celebration of ST Spurs day and spat all sorts of rubbish…with one claiming Leicester got lucky.. #spits# Ten points above second place Arsenal and you call that team lucky..I wonder if its being dumb or just plain Hating that they beat us to the trophy….Bro all i can say is you are man, you’re after your happiness..i wish you luck and satisfaction wherever club you go to support

    1. Eddy, i commented on here that spurs had a better season than us because they were challenging for PL for much longer, better englist core because more players going to euros, good young manager etc.

      I too was slated, many fans were just so happy we had beaten spurs. Ten points of the leaders leicester city was forgotten.

  8. this article rings true, I couldn’t quite believe that after our total collapse in feb-march two of my best mates who are season ticket holders still could not come to terms with the fact that wenger is the one responsible for holding us back, its like the club’s supporters don’t even want Arsenal to try and get better.

    I initially realised Wenger was never going to accomplish anything with Arsenal when he sold rvp to united, under no circumstances should this have happened, i think van persie, nasri and cesc were opinionated players and them leaving caused wenger to appoint players with little to no character and now we have no real leaders, at least anyone who can back it up with ability.

    Even if we had a squad full of wc players you wouldn’t see any variation in wenger’s tactics, formations, or even philosophy making a difference to our chances of winning the title because he’s shown us on several occasions that he doesn’t have a plan b.

    The fact of the matter is it seems that if wenger was offered another 2 years the majority would be on board with that and I personally cant see how, if some of the fans are this delusional and would rather see us slowly decline then maybe arsenal deserves what it gets in the long term.

    I appreciate he took us to another level and football in general, but he can’t eat off his past success forever and we deserve better than what we have been getting

    1. Jt I think you are being unfair to wenger about nasri, rvp etc. Club had to sell players to balance the books. If RVP was not sold he would have gone for free at end following season.

      However I think you are spot on with regard to collapse in feb/march this year. Top four in PL and last 16 in CL is so ingrained in the club that Wenger cannot motivate the team to achieve more.

      Problem is that Kroenke believes that top 4 in PL and last 16 in CL will keep the fans happy and hence maintain his investment and maximise his profit. As far as Kroenke is concerned this has been a good year, fans are estatic we have beaten spurs to second so maintaining season ticket sales should not be a problem.

  9. @Kieran
    (just a thought) Imagine those Leicester fans that gave up on their team last season.

  10. Kieran
    I agree with much of what you said. I give Wenger credit for keeping arsenal solvent in the top four whilst our best players were being sold.

    I think that when Kroenke took over he looked at the finances and decided that the fans had been happy with top four for so long that he would continue with this approach. As debt repayments were substantially reduced the money generated would go to Kroenke instead of the banks.

    Just because chelsea, manu and manc had poor years that is no excuse for us to have a poor year and not take advantage of the situation. Back in february when we beat leicester we were two points behind and favourites to win the PL. Two games later, and two losses later we were effectively out of the race on 2nd March. This was after bottling lots of opportunities prior to the leicester game.

    It seems that only when top four in PL and top 16 in CL is threatened that we show grit and determination. These aims are so ingrained in the club that we cannot do better even when golden opportunities are presented to us like PL this season and Monaco last season in CL. Occasional poor performances and just bad luck happen to every team but with Arsenal it happens too often and every season.

    The euphoria over beating spurs to second seems to have overshadowed all of this in the fans eyes.

    There is a fundamental disconnect between the owner and the fans aspirations. The owner is not “involved” to win championships. Jack Wiltshire on arsenal.com said aim of club was top four in PL, not to win it. The fans want to win things, particularly the PL and challenge for CL.

    RVP left because he wanted to win something and could not see it happening at Arsenal. That was back in the days of having to sell players to balance the books. The financial situation has now changed but aims of club have not.

    So kieran I can understand your point of view but think it has more to do with Kroenke than Wenger ,so even when Kroenke goes the new manager will have the same constraints. And what manager will come to the fifth (or is it eigth) richest club in the world to be told that he must spend the minimum possible to achieve top four in PL, hopefully one that can inspire the team to overachieve.

  11. I’ve been supporting Arsenal for over 47 years, and I can’t wait for things to change..Wenger did a brilliant job for 10+ years, and changed many things for the better..but the last 10 years or so have been failure followed by excuses, followed by failure followed by more excuses..The final straw for me was when he blamed the fans for his failings…I agree with so many things you said, but whether he goes at the end of next season, or in 3 or 4 years time…Arsenal FC will still be going strong and I’ll still be supporting the team..not the manager..not the CEO or board..but the team..and win, lose, or draw..I’ll be cheering, cursing, and complaining.. because that’s what real supporters do.

    1. Personally I think Wenger has done a great job, there were the early sucesses and then keeping us in the top four whilst paying off stadium debt and selling our best players.

      The problem is the last few seasons. We are now keeping our best players and have strengthened with buying Ozil, Sanchez and others. He only seems able to motivate the team when top four in PL and last sixteen in CL is under threat. These aims comes from Kroenke but Wenger seems unable to do better.

      Basically we lack ambition, top four in PL is the aim, OK this season we came second but 10 points off the leaders, basically best of a poor lot.

  12. They say the table
    never lies but it does.
    Citys Champions league
    fixtures and League cup
    run drained them as did
    Pep early announcement.
    Spurs gave up completely
    when they drew at Chelsea.
    They lost 8 out of their last nine points
    and finished just one point behind Arsenal
    who won 7 of their last 9 points.
    Arsenal should have finished 4th.
    That is Arsenals “true” position.
    Its also true the last ten years have been
    mediocre for a club the size of Arsenal.
    Mourinho traumatized Wenger in 05
    and Wenger never recovered the will
    to ever fight for the title again.
    Kroeneke justified Arsene’s retreat
    from the pursuit of titles by
    endorsing the top 4 business model.
    The Kings of 4th have implemented their
    model for a decade … very successfully.
    There is no reason to expect any change next season.
    A few different players but ultimately the same outcome
    with a few less deadwood being some consolation.
    Same promises in the summer same excuses in May.

    1. So…you were not finishing your words. Do you ever going to quit Arsenal for it? Like our friend Kieran? If this just an opinion I’ll thumb you up, but I won’t make it as the reason I quit cheering Arsenal. That’s the morale of Kieran story was it? I had enough, I quit Arsenal, like this is kinda of job or something. This was about the limit of your support for Arsenal. For me, Arsenal till die, period. What happen in between doesn’t matter. Arsene is not immortal anyway, he’ll be gone.

    2. Davidnz, it was a close run thing this season, up until the last two games we could easily have finished outside the top four, so I take your point. Also the tottenham collapse happened after they could not catch leicester and it made no difference to them, they were guaranteed a top three finish and CL football.

      We have bottled so many chances this season, we could and should have won the PL, or at least have been challenging leicester till the last game. That would have been a worthy second place as opposed to being the best of a poor lot, ten points off the leaders.

  13. Good luck in your endeavors dude…Hope you find what ever it is you’re looking for. Peace

  14. I solely agree with Kieran on his write up. Arsene Wenger does not have anything to offer the club. We the fans talk about Wenger forgetting that the board of directors are another issue thinking of their pockets to the detriment of the club, as long has they all remain has board of directors the club will go no where. It’s so pathetic I keeping asking myself this question do Arsenal FC really have a coach, or more like Wenger being more like one of the board of directors and I seem not to be getting an answer. Yes the club came second ahead of Spurs that is an achievement gosh for a club who wants to win trophies, until they prioritise their priority Arsenal will never win EPL or Champions League. So do not blame anyone who feels like taking a walk but of course there are sycophants who will criticize those of us who speaks our mind if they are not tired of been the laughing stock of London then we are Wenger and board of directors must go and hungry coach and board of directors should come on board.

    1. The club has never declared a dividend for some years now. In addition the club actually made a loss in the past reporting period. Today Arsenal is a big club because of frugality, so would you want that undone because you are desperate to win a league title?

      1. Arsenal fc is a football club. Football clubs’ priority is to win trophies. So please, what are you talking about?

        1. @tobby1983
          Wrong. A football clubs #1 priority is, to “play football’…Their aim is, at some point or another, to win silverware.

  15. What a nice piece. Good substance in there. Thank you. Wenger is a waste product, trust me. He is not useful anymore.

    1. I could see that too. But, did you realize that “nice pieces” of Kieran had made him no longer a gooner? What is you gesture?

  16. Good riddiance plastic. No mention of building a new stadium to ensure we stay in touch with oil money owners, having to sell our best players including to rivals, & having no legitimate chance at competing in the league for at least 7-8 years as a result? No mention of Wenger massively exceeding board targets and sensible expectations during this time period?

  17. Heard we’re haggling over the Xhaka transfer fee… Welcome to Arsenal season 2016/17 🙂

  18. You are just nothing but some pathetic attention seeker. If one was to analyze your alleged history in supporting Arsenal, it would be apparent that the most difficult years for you as a supporter were between 1976 and 1986, when the club was an also ran, winning only 1 FA Cup during that period. Between 1986 and 1996 it was an OK period, winning 2 league titles, 2 league cups, 1 FA cup, and 1 European cup.

    The 1996-2006 would have represented the most productive period for you as an Arsenal supporter.The club won 3 league titles and 4 FA cups. The 2006-2016 period would have been a satisfactory or otherwise depending on your mindset. Over this period the club won 2 FA cups. It goes without saying that during that period the club built a massive stadium. Most clubs that made similar investments in the relevant period either got relegated, went into administration, or both. To its credit Arsenal rose to become the fifth most valuable football club in the world over that period, while cementing its position as a top four team in the EPL and a top eight team in Europe. And this is important for the future of the club.

    In the just ended season Arsenal finished 2nd for the first time since the 2004/2005 season, having finished 3rd in the preceding season. It is the time you have finally decided that enough is enough, why? According to your argument it is because Arsene Wenger is such a poor manager that Arsenal will not achieve anything and this is your “absolute belief and has been for many, many years now”. Wow!!!!!!!! If you held this view for such a long period then that view has been proved over and over again to be wrong, because Wenger’s achievements during that period speak for themselves.

    Dissecting through your arguments one thing is apparent: regurgitation of unsubstantiated views thrown around by the anti-wengerians. Arsene does not want strong personalities. Was he not the one who signed Viera, Lehmans, Gilberto, Per, Toure, etc? Arsene will not make any major signing. In the past three seasons the following players were brought in: Ozil, Alexis, Debuchy, Ospina, Petr Cech, Gabriel, and Elneny. Would you mind telling us who is not a major signing of those seven. Are you a prophet to tell us what Wenger will or will not do, or you are just a sulker who only sees major signings if favorite targets are signed?

    Arsene destroys players. Have you ever played under Wenger to know that he destroys players? Do Seaman, Henry, Viera, Fabrigas, Cole, Palour, Nasri, Song, Wilshire, Ozil, Alexis, etc. agree with you on that argument? Games are not won on the training pitch or in the dressing room. Who said they are won there? You will be a moron to think that what happens in the dressing room and on the training pitch have no impact on results during matches. The general view held is that Chelsea’s pathetic defence of the title was down to dressing room problems.

    “There has been times I have actually cheered when a goal is scored against them and I have wanted them to lose”. No further comment, enjoy your adventure with your new found club.

    1. so on this (s)potted history, 86 to 96 was “ok” given the 6 trophies we won which makes the period 2006 to 2016 less than ok given we have achieved much less on the pitch, and its not so much the period speaking for itself but stacking up against the “also ran” period of 76-86 ….one cup or two mr wenger!! oh and the list …Ozil, Alexis, Debuchy, Ospina, Petr Cech, Gabriel, and Elneny… points to a less than 50 success rate on signing “major” players … thats a management record slightly less than a coin toss… which ignores the deadwood that have passed through the team over the last 10 years…and wherever games are won all we know is that for a decade wenger has not been able to deliver enough to establish a winning team … might that change in the future …sure thats possible… all i know is that those of us who have been saying for 5 years that wenger cant deliver top honours have been proved right people like yourself buying in to the next year will be different mantra have been proven wrong …that should be long enough to rule out random events …stadium debt, referees injuries etc etc etc …and ask why the f@@@ has this happened

  19. Probably the dumbest article I have ever read about arsenal.
    Who are these masses coming out and saying everything is all sunshine and lollipops, just because we finished 2nd and pipped spurs?
    A lot of top teams have been embarrassed this season by leicester, and will be chomping at the bit next season to restore some pride, everybody is going to be gearing up. This season was our chance and Wenger blew it, simple as, who is letting wenger off the hook? Who are these people saying it wasn’t his fault, unlucky, ect? If they do exist they are a minority

    This is some pretty petulant stuff for a man in his forties, throwing a hissy fit and leaving your team because you didn’t get what you want, that’s something children do. Look at those Villa and Newcastle fans, they’ve had a much harder ride than us this season. Two clubs whos reputation shouldn’t see them where they are now. But still seeing them stick it out, instead of taking their ball and going home.

    “There has been times I have actually cheered when a goal is scored against them and I have wanted them to lose.”

    And you will be sorely missed by the club, that’s exactly the type of fan every club round the world wants.

    1. Jib, i made a comment about coming second and just pipping tottenham was papering over the cracks, it did not make up for the missed opportunities this season, 10 points behind leicester etc. I recieved more thumbs down than I ever have.

      My understanding is that beating tottenham was a very big deal, certainly to fans on this site.

      1. @Jonm Thumbs down doesn’t mean that everyone thinks everything is brilliant though. There were some people that literally after we took 2nd place were straight in with “this is pathetic that we are celebrating this like a cup”, they couldn’t enjoy the little giggle we had at spurs’ improbable collapse at the end.
        It was a case of “jeez give a rest, our season was a failure, we all know that, but how can you be moaning seconds after a hilarious implosion”
        Those thumbs day may of been an indication of that, getting one over spurs like that was freaking hilarious, but do they indicate a support that we’re right back on track? That’s hard to make that conclusion.

  20. people feel the need to let you know how long that have supported arsenal which usually works well with how many competitive games they have attended, but I supported them since 2006 (haven’t been to one competitive game) which isn’t very long but the way I see it the complaining and despair started a little after that which I feel apart of. I only get angry with wenger because I look at other clubs and there success , but the success is based on the intervention of big spenders with a complete disregard for the managers they hire; soon to be fired. I think fan’s thought when the stadium was been paid for we would actually spend 100 million every other year, but if that was the answer for any one-goner, maybe city, united; and Chelsea could explain there sudden decline, these are the questions; the arsenal’s critics and one-dimension media feeds with a pundit on there key chain cannot answer. let wenger do what wenger Excel’s at best a run the club that doesn’t require owners. arsene will not be there for ever, you know that, I know that and they do to. the hardest part of his departure, unable to replace him with a like-for-like which means there will be plenty of money to spend for the next manager, remember he doesn’t spend any money!!

    1. Fans like Kieran want glory and they are unwilling to see how the owner himself is the issue, he wants glory so bad that he has deluded himself to think a new manager will provide it all for him…

      The truth is that we will need a board that is better than the one we got if we wish to be a consistent power in the EPL, they have to show more ambition and willing to be ruthless to get it.

      That is not the board we have, if we had an ambitious board then maybe Wenger would have had the target to win the EPL this last season and could be facing the sack for failing… Instead he gets offered a new contract according to rumors… Why would he be offered a new contract if the board was ambitious??????

      For fans like Kieran I think we should ignore the higher ups and keep bleating like sheep.

  21. Could you please repeat that – all I heard was wwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  22. Pls don’t leave, pal!
    Arsenal’s failure is no more a joke to you. It gives you super pain because you are a super supporter.
    To these guys trying to kick your gut here, arsenal is just a thing to them. But to you and some of us, arsenal is much more than just a thing. Super passion, super fustration, super reaction…. I feel you Kieran, pal!
    I sometimes don’t know who to blame, Mr Wenger or the board.
    But you can’t leave, pal. We even want more supporters like you or we will soon be struggling for top ten.
    Mr Wenger will eventually leave and make way for a manager who shares our hunger and anger.
    So hold on, Kieran!

  23. “I supported the club for over 40 years wah wah wah”
    So this is proof that old farts do not learn?

    Well done on the Arsene FC part aswell, you shown how little about the club you know, you got no idea on who does what have you?

    Wenger isn’t perfect, no human being is perfect.
    Wenger has and still is doing a great job, could another manager do better? Maybe… but 4-3-2-…. what next season? Progress has happened, you think we should have walked away with the title? LOL!

    “Wenger should move on and let us rebuild”
    With what? The fantasy world you live in Arsenal must be owned by Roman and not $ilent $tan, the lack of money is the issue which people like you ignore until it suits your needs to moan like a bitch! Wah wah wah. Gazidis has the purse strings.

    Wenger has never been a transfer god, any TRUE fan will know this, they will know that Dein done that when Wenger 1st arrived and it was that partnership that won us so much.

    “I know I will be hunted down and hung by the Arsene Wenger Klan but that is the point of this article. If so many people in a club, think entirely differently to me or should I say I think entirely differently to so many ”true fans“ then I agree, maybe I should support another club.”

    True fan will know who does what at the club, you do not, can’t call you much of a fan.

    Such a moron as well for assuming anyone who defends Wenger is part of a klan and not actually thinking logically… which you failed to do and so many other fans fail at as well.

    The TRUE FANS want real change at the club, they do not want a new manager when all the same old BS will continue to happen because it hasn’t been resolved, TRUE FANS want Arsenal to be ambitious and that has to come from the top down. This means it has to come from the owner and not the owners puppet.

    The owner can get a new puppet and that will not make us ambitious, it will just ensure that idiots like yourself K will be moaning about it next decade and calling for that manager to be sold rather than uniting against the real issue.

    The AKB will not moan about $ilent $tan being the focus, they would probably unite with the rest of the Arsenal fans and say it is time for change… if that change was directed at the OWNER and not the PUPPET.

  24. i don,t know why this guy felt the need to write an article to let everybody know that he was no longer supporting arsenal(ego,sense of self-importance??) i personally don,t care,some fans think we should have won the pl i agree this was a good opportunity missed but there are reasons why the other big guns failed this season,maureen lost the dressing room and was fired,man city decided to announce a new manager,united few years ago decided to hire the wrong manager for the club,liverpool decide to succumb to the fans/media pressure and changed manager…it just shows that it all comes down to how a club is run so arsenal should be given credits for running the club the way they do(don,t get me wrong all is not perfect)they could have decided to sack wenger due to pressure but didn,t,wenger despite his flaws&the team going through a difficult patch partly due to injuries managed to keep the players on board and steer us to 2nd place,my point is that winning the pl is not a given right and i truly believe than this time around arsene heard the discontent fans and will make the signings necessary ,COYG!!

  25. I can understand if you choose to be objective about Kieran’s stand to leave the club, but what i don’t get is why most guys here are pumping fire up the poor guy’s ass.
    Wait…are you not frustrated with arsenal’s recent failures? If you are, have you not been showing it in some ways? Kieran’s way of showing his latest ‘filled to the top’ frustration is by saying he wanted to leave! So why firing all these short guns at the poor guy when you don’t know if he will be the first to buy Xhaka’s shirt when he comes?
    See, arsenal misadventures in the last few seasons could make a guy say anything just to cool off. So give Kieran some love, that is what he deserves, not your cruel belly-punch!

  26. I feel Ur pain Dear Kieren, I understand alot of Ur pain…. I really do.
    Wenger had do e very well earlier, but also in d last 10yrs, he’s been very poor, this is d fact! The Club is been financially stable, but what abt d Joy of the fans. Arsene WENGER has no respect for d fans…AND ARSENE DOES NOT LOVE ARSENAL MORE THAN WE FANS… So, pls, hand on, THIS IS OUR ARSENAL…. don’t let Wenger win, we d fans Must win…. we’ll see d back of Arsene WENGER…. and a new manager will make us Compete.
    I only want to ask U, pls, can U be patient for just one more Season, am sure WENGER will be gone and things will change for the BETTER! PLS DONT GO, PLS DONT LEAVE ARSENAL. WE NEED UR SUPPORT, WE NEED UR VOICE. YOU ARE A TRUE FAN!
    WE ARE THE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 40 years of supporting the club, and you’re quitting now? Wow… I’ve seen fickle, but this is probably as bad as it gets. So who are gonna be cheering for now? Spurs? City? Chelsea? Don’t take this personally, but good luck with your future endeavors, and don’t let the door hit you in the back on the way out.

  28. 36 year gooner & it has been time to change for at least the last 5 years in my eye’s. I will keep watching but it is painfull because AW is now clueless & forget about him signing 3 player, he could buy more than one last year & we needed more.Hope you come back some day bud as you never really leave

  29. 40 years a supporter? Hmmmm so this is the worst you’ve know the club/team?

    Either you have alzheimers or you’ve a porky pier.

    I was Arsenal before Kronke and co and I’ll be Arsenal after.

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