“I have loftier ambitions.” Piers Morgan explains his “disconnect” from other Arsenal fans

Piers Morgan has attempted to explain why he feels different from most Arsenal fans.

The English TV host hardly appreciates the progress the club is making under Mikel Arteta.

He has remained critical of almost every decision that the Spaniard makes and is now hung up on the decision to allow Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to leave the club.

While most Arsenal fans could see their club making progress under the Spanish manager as they sit on the cusp of finishing inside the top four, Morgan prefers to dwell on the negatives.

He constantly gets attacked by some fans in the comments and has now tried to explain their differences.

The 56-year-old wrote on Twitter: “I think the disconnect I feel with many Arsenal fans at the moment is that we haven’t won the League for so long (18yrs) many of the younger ones genuinely think coming 4th is an incredible achievement worthy of wild excitement & possible bus parades. I have loftier ambitions.”

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Morgan can explain all he wants. One obvious thing is that he doesn’t like Arteta.

The manager has been doing a great job and he could make us a great club again if given time.

However, Morgan has stayed doubtful and cannot see a single good thing to praise the Spaniard for.

Hopefully, when we win trophies, he would become the manager’s supporter.

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  1. It’s his opinion and his view of success, why begrudge him that?

    Never understood people claiming someone “is not a fan,” or is not “loyal.”

    Morgan is invested more than most in the club, financially speaking, and shares a passion for Arsenal many can relate with.

    A fan of Arsenal yes, a fan of Arteta no.

    Titles not just top 4 is ambitious, I remember him slating Wenger’s finishes as not good enough also.

    People take it to the next level whenever Arteta’s name is involved. Let’s calm down and see if we can retain 4th, or even get 3rd at year’s end.

    1. We all want that type of success but most appreciate how difficult it is to achieve. Especially with the club having sunk so low. Truth is, Morgan’s a hater and I suspect you are too.

      1. Jimmy B you know nothing about me, yet ignorantly suspect me of being a “hater.”

        Says a lot about you to assume that, rather than someone being a fellow gooner with a different opinion.

        Generally people start insulting others when they are losing a debate or argument. However you starting insulting before debating.

        1. Unfortunately Durand, that’s where we find ourselves these days. A contrary opinion and the person is a “hater”. When things don’t go as planned, these same fans who are singing hosanna to Arteta will be the ones saying “crucify him”. I remember “we’ve got our Arsenal back” under emery. Also if they could turn against wenger, it’s a matter of time for Arteta. He’s doing well now and hopefully for his sake, he continues in an upward trajectory. Most of these fans last season end wanted his head and the remaining few wouldn’t have batted an eye lid if the club sacked him, now he’s the messiah.

          1. That is a very generalised statement based solely on your own prejudices.

            Most Arsenal fans support Arsenal and want the club to do well, whoever is playing or coaching. Right now, both of those are doing VERY well, so can we please enjoy that fact without continually trying to remember the dark times?

            1. Case in point Admin Pat. Did u see Jimmy B’s response to Durand? Opinions are opinions and are based of beliefs from what the person sees and understands. Perspective is looking at the same thing but seeing differently. That’s what leads to opinions that differ. Someone shouldn’t be called a hater because he chose to have a different opinion.

            2. And of course, I enjoy how we’re playing now much better than previously even at some point this year. Maybe it’s because we are playing less games than rivals or not, credit to Arteta and the players for pulling off the serial wins when needed and I commend them for that but like Piers Morgan said, the ambition and target is different for me too. Considering we didn’t give other managers the yard stick Arteta gets, both from fans and the owner’s support in spending and in deed making him manager after 6 months.

              1. They may have given him more leeway, but the fact is they were right and we are developing slowly but surely. If a rookie manager can achieve even top six with a rookie team tells me we have a great future to look forward to when they all reach their potential. In my opinion of course…

    2. No fan likes 4th position, this is The rieality of things, if arsenal didn’t win The league for 18yrs its not Arteta’s, continue to blame Wenger that sank us so low….. Arteta is only trying to build Arsenal back up again and we have started seeing the progress. If Your criticism is not constructive be ready to get replies from fans too

      1. Thank you savage, it took klopp 3-4 seasons before he started winning something for liv, his first season he was 7th, second 5th or there about then 4th next even though at that moment, Liverpool was still better than how Wenger left us and how Emery left us before Arteta took over….Arteta 2nd full season as Arsenal coach( without having any experience as a coach) he is on a 4th position with the competitions ( tot, man u, west ham, in which probably villa, wolves and castle might join next season)…….. Let give credit to the man, he has really tried for us…. Can somebody tell me the last time we have won leceister, wolves, villa home and away in a season( even during Wenger time)?

    3. Both of us have been supporting Arsenal for about 50 years, during this time we have won the league the following times.: 1970/71, 1988/89, 1990/91, 1997/98, 2001/02, 2003/04, which are six times in 51 years.

      Arsenal has been a regular top team two times in our history, in the 30s and during Wenger’s tenure. We can expect whatever we want but the reality are 6 league titles in 51 years. Since last time we won the league in 2004, ManCity, ManUnited and Chelsea have won the the league five times each.

      All of them have more resources than us. Winning the league regularly with less resources than our opponents is very difficult, almost impossible. More or less all the big European leagues are dominated by a small group of teams, some more than others.

      Being a regular top four team is an achievement, being a regular league winner demand more resources than we have had available 🔴⚪️

  2. It should read “feels differently” instead of “feels different” and “disconnection” instead of “disconnect”. When did the English become so incompetent in English grammar that French people had to start correcting them?

    1. So, ALL English people do not speak English grammatically correct, and tous les Francais peux parler mieux la grammaire anglaise que les anglais?

      C’est vrais?

        1. Merci Siamois,
          j’ai parlé francais desde trente ans, mais j’ai vis en Espagne por vingt ans!

            1. Yes but once you know English and French, Spanish is a dream lol. Just as another nugget, I’m Irish….

      1. gai, If you as a long time regular on here, have ever studied themany comments I make about being Gooners making the meaning clear and no tbeing misunderstood, then by now , you should know that ALL I care about is that the meaning is clear and precise.

        I do not, contrary to your false allegation- comment on mere typos, spelling errors and very slight inaccuracies in any particular word , where the meaning is still clear.

        It is a lie to accuse me of doing that and if you are decent you will admit that to yourself.

        I do not expect nor even seek a public apology though. You are now already publicly admonished enough! Please do not repeat false allegations!

    2. Disconnect is more correct than disconnection in this context. It’s a noun as well as a verb.

      You could also make a strong case for “feel different” being grammatically fine, but in the case of differing opinions, differently would be better.

    3. It is possible in English to say ‘feels differently to/than most Arsenal fans’ and ‘feels different from . . . ‘, as they each mean something different.
      The second refers to a sense of being different, which can be hard to substantiate, so remains a ‘feeling’.
      The first refers to a difference of opinion, more usually on a more specific subject.
      Similarly, there are two separate English words, disconnection and disconnect.
      Disconnection might refer to a physical act, cutting off gas, electricity or water.
      Disconnect (as a noun) is more a feeling of loss of a relationship.
      Any feeling different will lead to a feeling of disconnect, which is what Piers says.
      I offer this explanation in the vein of fostering Anglo-French relations, and helping you to better understand our sometimes difficult language !

  3. Those fans who verbally attack Piers are mostly new generation fans who have not tasted any league victory with us. I’m opportuned 2 have enjoyed 2 league triumph with this great club, & I understand why Morgan’s hungry 4 success. He only demand we return 2 our old self. I believe no one love Arsenal more than another. We all love Arsenal, the more reason we choose 2 support her.

  4. Morgan is perfectly entitled to be miserable git when it comes to Arsenal until we win a title.

    He and others are perfectly entitled to moan about Arsenal players for celebrating too much after they win – a new narrative that has popped up over recent weeks.

    If he’s not here for the ride maybe he should just tune in for the last game of the season. Unless what he really wants to ensure is that he’s on the record for the “I told you so’s” if the campaign goes off the rails.

  5. There is nothing wrong with having those loftier ambitions at all but I feel a dose of reality is required as well.
    In the years since our last Premier League title more riches have blown in – courtesy of the world’s mega rich, all vying for glory. Maintaining top4 did feel like a trophy because of the lure of a European title. You have to be in it to win it. However, it wears a bit thin if after all these years that we only came close once so I do understand PM’s stance and his desire for the club to be truly competitive.
    The fact that Newcastle is the latest club to be bought will make winning the league harder in the future.
    It’s been terrific for Chelsea fans under RA. The same for ManC. Win, win win, but this level of financial support is only possible for the few. For the rest, it is galling to see the same teams at the very top year after year. It doesn’t make for great competition as the best players and managers can be hired no matter what for those clubs and breaking into that clique is difficult from the outside.
    As for Arteta, it was an incredible punt by the owners and one that at times looked decidedly dodgy. I preached patience but even mine was waning at times. The transformation has been incredible lately and this is down to Arteta and his coaches with the support from above. I don’t care if Aubameyang is scoring for fun in Spain. He wasn’t here and became disinterested so it’s good that he has gone. I’m pleased for Arteta. The demeaning name calling has ceased- thankfully and the future is looking brighter than it has for a long while. The pieces of the puzzle have taken a while to make the picture so it’s been a slog watching it take shape. I’m glad (with a sprinkle of hindsight) he has been given the time and hope that the future is success in the Prem and CL on a regular basis.

    1. @SueP
      I am not fan-girling 😊
      But you bring so much maturity and rationality on this site.
      Very balanced, objective and realistic the majority of the time.
      I have been and i am still a neutral when it comes to Arteta but I can’t see progress and deny it. The same time I can’t see poor performances from him too and not point them out.

      I just find Arteta’s no nonsense attitude very refreshing. Been very irritated and frustrated by the way our club had let indiscipline, nonchalance take hold of our players. He came in and purged the nonsense.

      And I am very grateful for that. We now seem to have a semblance of sanity or a sense of professionalism at the club. The complete culture change around the club gives me so much hope for the future be it with Arteta here or not.

      1. In terms of maturity Goonster, I can assure you that I am bordering ancient, so having had years of maturing I am more like an over ripe piece of stilton these days.

        However, you are quite right that Arteta isn’t the finished article but I agree with your summation of refreshing. The purge was long overdue and the overpaid were dispatched, even if it was at a considerable cost. I am trying not to imagine if that mob were still on the payroll

  6. It is a typical manipulating claim, that those of us, who celebrate an important victory on the road to a possible top 4 aren’t ambitious. No truth in it whatsoever.

  7. It’s been a rocky road with Mikel but in all honesty if we’re talking about trophies he already has an FA Cup & if u count Community Shield aswell & hopefully soon to be in the Top4 come the end of the season considering all the changes that have been made in the last 18months at the club, especially the summer past until now.

    I have doubted Mikel so much but through all the hard times he has been through with players, fans and even behind the scenes it’s a credit to him to what he has done so far in his 1st ever managerial job when we were in complete turmoil as a club.

    He has stabilised the club from the top to the bottom with his vision and ideas, it seems to be working. We should not be where we are at in the table but we are and thats down to him getting these youngsters going and showing real courage to get rid of big names.

    We all can see the one touch passes and moving quicker with the ball. Defensively we are 3rd best in England at this stage & The Emirates is no longer quiet as the fans are loudest and committed I have heard in years. Singing at the end of the Liverpool game shows the work he has done as fans were so disconnected from the club for so many years.

    We are now being noticed by everyone. Top4 or not he has shown he can do this job and think about this, when he does add another top Midfielder and Striker to this team along with Saliba returning (seems he was right again to loan him out as he wants to now return to his project) he will have a squad capable of staying I that Top4 & Possibly even challenging if we keep all this squad together and i think we will.

  8. now its really hard to be objective with this guy as he is really annoying with his need to put himself in the center of just about anything all of the time. one would expect a 56 yrs old to know that your ambitions regarding something you have absolutely no influence on makes no sense at all. the only thing that is “loftier” here is Morgans opinion of himself.

  9. We all have ambitions as a fan but we have to be reasonable too. It took Liverpool 3 or 4yrs to build a team and win the league. It took Man City same year after their takeover with their unlimited resources. Man Utd is struggling even with the money they’ve spent and the stars they’ve got. At first am not a big fan of Arteta but credit to him and now am a big fan of his. The team is making a good progress and it takes time. Get 4th place and that will give us better chance of getting better players. The players trust the coach now and we all need to trust him too.

  10. I can’t see why this bloke is any different to a lot of football fans, including those supporting our Club

    In following the Gunners for over 50 years I don’t think I’ve even met a fellow fan who doesn’t want to win the League (loftier ambitions?)

    As Didrik Phlen has already said the reality is that it doesn’t happen that often, although as a Club we have done it more often than others and I had great fun celebrating them all and would love to do so again

    Being football fans we all have a choice in between League Championship victories, we either moan about it or enjoy watching our team score goals, win games, do well and maybe win trophies that aren’t quite a League Championship

    I know which one I have been and still am but there are plenty who choose the moaning option, fair enough for them, it makes no difference to me

    Durand, you interestingly mentioned that Piers Morgan has invested more than most financially in the Club, are you able to elaborate on that please?

    1. I think, Fingers Furnell, that Piers Morgan was a shareholder – but can’t confirm that. However, I knew people who were shareholders from way back when

      As for your attitude of supporting the Arsenal for all these years, I agree with you wholeheartedly. We have been used to the ups and downs and don’t get so blinking hung up on every loss

  11. Morgan will say he has “loftier ambitions”. Others, more grounded in reality, will say that self entitled people – and he has to be among the most self entitled people on the planet – live in a different world from ordinary folk and a world IMO also fundamentally less decent, less human,less compassionate and less in touch with reality, than ordinary decent folk.
    In life generally, I have always tried – though not always been able to, unfortunately, – avoid the company of CERTAIN celebs and showbiz types.

    SOME of them are virtue signallingin mere words but non caring people when it comes to giving their time and energy. OTHER celebs , sportspeople and even politicians are grounded, decent and compassionate.

    It is the person themself, NOT the career, that defines a decent or otherwise person.

    I truly believe Morgan to be an OTHERWISE type. The mountain of evidence for my belief about him is overpowering.

  12. I can’t understand how people can expect a ROOKIE manager to give you top 4 in his first two seasons..especially knowing the team he inherited

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