“I hold my hands up” Xhaka apologises for his role in Burnley’s goal

Granit Xhaka has apologised to Arsenal fans after his mistake cost them all three points in their game against Burnley.

The Swiss midfielder has been one of the most important players at the club this season and he has been in fine form.

That explains why Mikel Arteta has trusted him as one of the first names on the team sheet.

But mistakes are never too far away from Xhaka and that proved to be his undoing again in this match.

He received a pass from Leno and his attempt to find David Luiz was poor and it went straight towards Chris Wood and deflected off the New Zealander into the Arsenal goal.

Arsenal couldn’t break down Sean Dyche’s men again and ended the game by missing several chances, which made the mistake a costly one.

Xhaka and Leno have been blamed by different fans for the outcome of the game and the midfielder has now taken to his Instagram account to apologise.

He admitted that he was at fault for the goal and insisted that it happens in football sometimes.

He posted an image and captioned it: “I hold my hands up for their goal and I’m sorry for the mistake. That’s football and right now I feel just as frustrated as all of you. #Arsenal #GX34.

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  1. I think Xhaka is probably a really decent guy and has good leadership qualities. He can play footy too no doubt about it but he just isn’t at the level Arsenal require. The way MA wants to play out from the back with a quick counter does not suit Xhakas strengths.

    You can defend him all you want but ask yourself if we could win the title with him playing regularly, ZERO chance.

    I’d rather have MA starting to bring in Azeez….he has so much quality and potential. Azeez with Partey and ESR infront 💯

    1. Very well said, Arteta needs very mobile and adept ball players in midfield as well as a goalkeeper who is commanding and sleek with the ball at his feet otherwise he will not achieve anything with the current group of players.

  2. His eight errors that lead to goals against US, Xhaka Called Leno For The Pass, this kind of mistake is 90% Avoidable.. and Luck ran out of us with A denied Clear Handball penalty, couple of missed chances in the later stages.

  3. Ahaxa not smart for Arsenal’s style of play at all.I have never given him a praise even if he scores.To slow in his runs,passes even turns.Worst of all to emotional when over charged by opponent.Show him exits

  4. Arsenal could “break Sean Dyche’s men down” they just couldn’t put the ball into the net. The defense was beaten but Arsenal players can’t see the barn on many occasions, let alone hit the door.

  5. When I used to play football, I only missed passes when I get exhausted mostly.

    Looking at the number of minutes/matches Xhaka has played, specially for a midfielder, it is kind of normal he drops after huge effort by the end of the half. I hope they consider if he needs rest.
    I feel sorry for him because he seems a really decent guy and plays well when he does not do these mistakes

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