I hope Arteta has been saving Martinelli for the Villarreal clash

 Arteta must have an issue with Martinelli! (opinion)


It is no secret that Mikel Arteta clearly has favourites at Arsenal, just like a lot of fans we all do have our favourites I am sure. But as a manager, regardless of your personal feelings, it is wrong to have your favourites, and pick them for your team because of that, especially if it does not work out!


It was only a few weeks ago that Gabriel Martinelli played against Sheffield United, did so well – and got a goal. Now people will no doubt say it is only Sheffield but he performed well and showed willingness every time he was going forward, and even did well when defending, he didn’t shy away.


Given the fact that Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang are not fit enough to play, I really thought Martinelli was the best player to put in their place. Yet against Everton, Arteta, for what reason, opted to go with Pepe and Eddie Nketiah (who got the equaliser against Fulham last week), yet for me didn’t impress in either game.


I only hope for Gabi’s sake, that Arteta used him as a sub because he will be starting in Spain against Villarreal, but again I don’t hold my breath because there seems to be a personal issue from Arteta’s side.


Because let’s put it this way, what manager in their right mind -if you have a talent that is Martinelli in your side- does not play someone like him, especially if you have an injury crisis to your first pick strikers and you have the biggest testing end to a season where you need to save face.


Just what is the young Brazilian doing wrong, I don’t know, but if Arsenal are not careful, like Serge Gnabry, Martinelli will leave and become a force in one of Europe’s top clubs becoming a big loss for us that leaves them saying “if only” we gave him the chance he deserved!


But given how letting star, key players go, seems to be the thing for Arteta, I wouldn’t put it past him to let Martinelli slip through the net too!


Shenel Osman

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  1. Strange decision to leave him out against Everton if he does not start against Villarreal .
    The kid as so much talent and was easy our best player against Fulham and looked fit as a fiddle then gets dropped for Eddie who’s played about 4 minutes all season .
    So it looks like Arteta as put all his eggs in to one basket the same as Emery did ,let’s hope it does not backfire like it did his predecessor when going for the EL trophy rather than putting our his strongest 11 in the premier league .

    1. Fulham and looked fit as a fiddle then gets dropped for Eddie who’s played about 4 minutes all season…. Absolutely Dan but is there someone at the club to question this stupid choices. Not to mention balogun that could have been given a chance… When you look at how many minutes he played and contributed this season, you realize that arteta could have sold or loaned nkethiah last summer to cash in. As apparently we had to do sales as we sold martinez in a big hurry

  2. OT.. Steve Bruce calling Shearer a ‘miserable git’ on MOTD 😂😂😂😂

    Well, if he doesn’t start on Thursday – with Auba/Laca looking likely to miss it – then I doubt he ever will!! Head-scratching!!! Maybe he isn’t doing enough in training 😄 (yeah I know!!)

  3. “it’s personal, it’s personal… Arteta dislikes our youngsters”
    Stop all this búllshît talk..
    Arteta has an issue with him yet he was the one who tied Martinelli and Saka down to a new contract renewal.
    Yet he’s given young kids more minutes far far far more than any other EPL club this season.

    He might have his loco moments when he makes mistakes with his selections or tactics but it’s this crap that you guys like spreading that needs to stop… He dislikes the youngsters my áss

    1. Eddie oh welcome back my man, I waited for your analysis on the everton game but you didn’t show up.If you really believe arteta was the one that gave Saka and martinelli new contracts then you are not being totally honest. You keep saying he gives more kids minutes this season so I really want to ask you, how many kids has arteta promoted to the first team himself, or let me ask this how many kids have improved under arteta, we all know Emery gave Saka, smith Rowe and martinelli there chance so tell me who exactly did arteta promoted to the first team.

      1. Lenohappy,
        I thought that under Arteta that Saka and Martinelli signed new contracts which can only mean to me that he rates them both highly. I imagine that there is work going on to reward ESR with an improved contract too. I just do not see the connection to Emery because if he was still at Arsenal wouldn’t he have done the same?

        1. Also Emery kept shifting ESR out on loan or am I wrong?
          Arteta was the one who decided against sending him out after his Huddersfield spell.
          I don’t get this a certain manager gave this kid a chance so a certain manager takes credit for his growth.
          Going by that logic Arteta would be responsible for Folarin Balogun isn’t it? Arteta was the one who brought him from the academy and gave him his first senior appearance, and Arteta’s the one Making sure he renews his contract right now.
          Lenohappy and the logic others put up is very flawed. They keep saying Emery gave Saka and Co their first chance, what happens if Arteta or the next coach sends them back to the academy? Who’s responsible fo their growth or stagnation? Is it still Emery who gave them their senior cap or the curi manager working with them?

      2. Lenohappy, I was watching the Everton game that night, up till the 42nd minutes before work called and I had to get to the studio. I had a night session that Friday, So I never saw the rest of the game, when I’d check on my phone, I read that Arsenal had gotten a penalty, first I thought okay, then I saw VAR was checking, then I was like oh here we go again with this horseshít they do to us. I saw a picture of the offside not even the video and as usual the call was crap. I resumed what I was doing and when I’d check again I saw it ended 1-nil with Leno trending on Twitter.
        I didn’t even have the time to watch the highlights that night. So I couldn’t even come on here afterwards to analyze or say anything, but I thought Nketiah was poor for the moments I watched him, Saka struggled with Digne and the midfield was disconnected. I missed an hour of the game.

        Also, come on don’t play that card with Martinelli, Arteta was clearly instrumental in getting both to sign

    2. I just feel he is over-protecting Martinelli.
      Maybe he is right on this one. But sometimes you have to gamble.
      Another gamble I would make for Thursday is Balogun on the bench at least.
      The league is done and dusted. We have 3 games in EL. Let us go for it.

      1. Artetas downfall was relying on “senior” players that ultimately let him down and has constantly blocked or shuned many of our young guns, Martinelli, Saliba, Gouendouzi, Willock, AMN to name the obvious.

        1. Right. Emery seemed a more innovative coach trusting more the youth. Probably as freddie Ljungberg too. He probably would not have get a willian lol if he had willock nelson esr and co

  4. Cmon really. He is protecting Gabby as he had a serious injury that can finish careers but hes back and we do not want to risk a relapse so soon after returning.

    He is 19 and has plenty of time just like SmithRowe (20), Saka (19), Saliba (19) and so on….

    Eddie needs to play to get more in the window for value as he, like Laca & Elneny are into the last year of their respective deals.

    Bologun will get his chance in the summer with a few run outs in the last 2/3 games of the league depending on where we can finish.

    Villareal are 7th in their table and are beatable but we need to show up or we are going out. Massive week for Arsenal

  5. He cant start ahead of Pepe who has 5 Goals in Europa League,and he cant start ahead of Bukayo Saka,and he wont play that No 10 position,and Laca is going to be fit for that match,and even if Laca isnt fit,i doubt he will be made the tip of the spear ahead of Nketiah.

    So,no Arteta is not saving him for Villareal.You dont rest a player for a game that is 6Days away

  6. Arsenal fans want spending too much time on AVERAGE players….

    There is no top team which plays more than 1 young player (under 20) in their team.

    You can’t achieve anything with kids!!! Solskjaer mastered this principle and now is looked at as a good coach.

    Saka alone cannot even be compared to players in his age group,,,
    The likes of Mount, Foden, Greenwood look more mature, confident, and more assured on the ball (they don’t lose the ball foolishly) than him.

    I have always been saying REISS NELSON is the only young player who is immensely talented and more mature on the ball. And the only one that should start.

    The rest of the team should be entirely senior players.

  7. If he had rested Laca for the game against fulham, hell would have frozen over.. I guess most of you don’t play soccer or sport at the least semi-pro level.. Compare the tackle on Santi and Martinelli, it’s as horrible as they come.. Potentially career ending.. According to arteta pre game talk, he said Eddie was more familiar with the role..
    Did any of you see the tackle on Pepe, that a serious red card challenge was it given?? I won’t even rant about the offside..
    When the system is hacked to make you fail, what can you do?? How many times have we seen this same horror show

  8. Everybody gangsta till Arteta plays Nketiah for the full 91 minutes.

    And brings on Martinelli for the last 3.

  9. Martinelli got about 20 mins at CF and didn’t add much. He’s been at his best from the inverted wide forward position but has to compete with Pepe who has been excellent and Saka.

    I’d rather see Balogun start up top than Martinelli on current evidence.

  10. Also where is the confirmation of balogun contract. Why did he pay 0 minutes against everton compared to nketiah a striker that has NO future with us ?! To raise nketiah market value like 0.5m ?? And loose balogun for free. Is there someone thinking at the club and watching arteta ? Not like MA did not make already some mistakes like leno over martinez. This guy makes me worry a lot about the club.

  11. Most of the comments I read here are just crap, it’s like most of you have a personal vendatta against Arteta bcs most of ur grievances towards him aren’t justified. Arteta has played more kids in his team more than any other manager in Epl this season, yes Martinelli is a good player but he has a lot to learn too. If u play Martinelli, Rowe and Saka, how many kids are playing? Yes, the younger player has incredible energy, but the older players make better decisions on the pitch

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