“I just don’t see a team player there. I just don’t.” Arsenal man slammed for his contribution

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has had a poor season and the criticism of his performances just keeps coming.

The attacker has been Arsenal’s best goalscorer since he joined the club in 2018 and his fine scoring figures earned him his latest contract at the club.

However, since he signed it, there has been a significant drop in his performance and it is not just the goals.

The striker’s overall contribution to the team play has now been criticized with Tony Cascarino claiming that he isn’t a team player.

Aubameyang laboured, yet he had no impact as Liverpool beat Arsenal 3-0 at the Emirates at the weekend.

Cascarino claims that Auba’s numbers look like an illusion because that is the only thing people talk about when they defend him.

He even predicts that Arsenal might have another Mesut Ozil situation on their hands because the striker isn’t getting any younger.

“Aubameyang was nearly playing behind Tierney,” the 58-year-old told talkSport.

“He does frustrate me anyway because I do think he’s one of those players where I look at him and think ‘your numbers, are they an illusion?’ Because that is the only argument.

“He reminds me of a second [Mesut] Ozil where it’s going. He’s 31 years old, he’s 32 in June.

“I remember having a conversation about Aubameyang and the only debate and why you always get concerned about being critical of him, his numbers tell you he’s a great striker and gets lots of goals but to me, I just don’t see a team player there. I just don’t.”

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  1. SO “AUBA LABOURED” according to this report!
    NO, he did not, as laboured means worked and he plainly did NOT work. He was bone idle, uninterested and a total disgrace. I now want this man gone from Arsenal ASAP.

    The Ozil parallels look damningly and alarmingly real!

  2. As I remarked to Grandad in an earlier post Jon, when he suggested that Aubameyang doesn’t fit in with his plans regarding defensive duties, why did we create another situation like this?
    A long term contract of obscene proportions with a player over 30 years old?

    He had the MO situation to go by and yet he has created another long term headache for the club.

  3. When Wenger always kicked against giving players over 30yrs long contract everybody make issue with it and always use it to pull his works down, now even thou Arteta was aware that is type of football game plan does not suit Aubameyang yet he went ahead and created an issue similar to the one he meet with ozil, players that makes his tactics good when your playing against opponent that allow you the ball and leave space behind the line but once we play teams that are ready to go toe 2 toe with us this kind of player flops embarrassingly and it exposed Arteta lack of more knowledge to switch between games. Another big old player on big wages, no resale value, underperforming, on our hands with a coach with not enough experience to find the right balance to make it work. You would have thought we learned our lesson with the ozil saga but seems we love shooting our selves in the foot and now IT’S ONLY THE EUROPA LEAGUE THAT CAN SAVE BOTH OUR SEASON AND ARTETA HEAD

  4. The only thing that can help arsenal is if we have a new owner. The current owner is not ambitious enough. This current team is not at the level of arsenal of old due to lack of quality in this current team. THE NEED A COMPLETE OVERHAUL BUT WILL THE OWNERS WELCOME THIS, I DONT THINK SO. A CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP IS WELCOME

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