I love celebrating Invincible Day every season – Wenger’s long lasting legacy…

The invincibles title stays in the RED side of North London!

Some of you might get a sense of deja-vu when reading this article, because I have written one like this last season and the season before if I remember rightly…

And here is why……


So, if need be I will write the same article every year, especially where our Invincibility is concerned, as it is worth shouting about no matter how our season is going and how it ends up panning out!

In my eyes anyway!

Yet again we are now STILL the only team to remain unbeaten through a season, meaning we are still the ONLY team to have the INVINCIBLE name tag and the golden trophy, for one more season at least!

The only team to have remained unbeaten this season, up until Sunday was Manchester City, but even Erling Haaland couldn’t see past Alisson and Liverpool, and so the last remaining unbeaten team so far this season fell to a 1-0 loss to Liverpool, a team whom we so sweetly beat by a 3-2 score line last week. Big thanks to them 😀

And so, as City lost yesterday they in turn gave away the chance of trying to go a whole season unbeaten, making Liverpool the only side to even come remotely close in recent seasons.

But regardless of what happens this season with Arsenal, at least for one more season we are still the unbeaten Invincibles and that title stays at the Emirates for one more year!

Because it is a feat in itself to go a whole season unbeaten and I do hope that the record is never broken in my lifetime and if it is then it can only be by Arsenal themselves and not by any other team! Wenger’s legacy lives on.

Heres hoping hey Gooners?

So onwards and upwards we go!

Shenel Osman



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  1. The Invincibles’ achievement was incredible and hopefully our current team will be the one that break the record

    Even Man City couldn’t handle the quality of Liverpool’s lob and long passes. I wish Arteta knows how to set it up for our team, because Liverpool’s accurate long passes are very effective for attacking and to escape from the opposition’s high press

    1. The Liverpool “Lob and Long Passes” didn’t work too well for them against us last week did they? You never change PAL- it’s still Got No Idea

      1. Hey Phil, glad to know you’re still alive

        It worked for Liverpool in the first half when they dominated us in ball possession. I guess they were shocked by our second counter-attack in the second half and decided to play safe

  2. Both Pool and Man City had have their eyes on it for some time now and if survived this season just can’t see it been broken in the foreseeable future.

    1. Preston North End were the original Invincibles back when they also became the first club to do the Double.

      1. Yes, n they did it without conceding a goal in the cup too. But one might argue that competition was less intense then. The league was in its infancy n there were only 12 teams involved. Arsenal, by comparison had to go through s gruelling season of 38 games, not to mention the considerably more KO competitions getting in the way too. Looking at Arsenal’s achievement, minus petrol$$$, one might say that the sense of invincibility seems all the more cherished.

  3. Referring to past feats and achievements too much means an individual haven’t achieved anything meaningful lately. (Emphasis on TOO MUCH)

    If we for instance, have been winning titles lately, this article will not have come up, and we won’t care much about the record because there are more recent records to point out to.

    Eventually, a team will break that record whether we like it or not, can be us too if we continue this upward trajectory.

    Juventus achieved that feat in 2011/2012 but they don’t care about it cos they win 9 consecutive titles after that, which is a more impressive record.

    How about winning 100 league games on the trot? Or 10 consecutive UCL title? No matter your achievement in life, there will always be a better record to aim for

    1. I think you will find every year Juve fans will also celebrate when someone else fails to go unbeaten….

      it has nothing to do with recent success but a remarkable success to go unbeaten over a whole season !

    2. You can’t really “break” the record of going undefeated in a PL season, you can only equal it.

      Doing something else (such as 10 CL titles) is… some other record.

  4. People are still getting carried away with “The Invincibles”. It was very good, but not so great. We had 12 draws (two questionable) and a total of 90 points which has been passed 7 times since.
    Let’s do it again and crash through the 100 points barrier. That would be awesome.
    Having said all that…keep on celebrating Shenel, you are truly loved.

    1. Are you sure of your conclusions? Do you recall that we beat Chelsea which was 2nd by 10 points? In the recent past the difference between the champions and runners-up has been razor thin and normally goes down to the wire. Never downplay such a historical achievement unless you have your selfish reasons for doing so.
      If being invincibles was insignificant why has no one achieved it since then? Is it that nobody wants it or it is not easy to achieve?

  5. Don’t forget, it only counts as an invincible season if the manager calls it before hand! I don’t think Pep or Klopp have the guts to predict it 😉

      1. Neil, the previous season he said he felt the team could go unbeaten. Although we didn’t, we never lost an away game in the PL that season.

  6. For me, that season may never be equalled.

    The silly money started coming into football with Abramovic taking over Chelsea in 2003. We went unbeaten at just about the last opportunity for a “real” club to do it (one financed by its previous historical on-field success).

    Anything like that now… is probably a function of how much money the owners throw into achieving it. With the new “financial stability” rules (due to replace FFP) actively encouraging gifts over loans, the clubs with owners who have a ton of money they don’t need, no business interest in football, perhaps more interested in washing their reputation than making money… those will be hard to compete with in the coming years.

    They may be able to buy an unbeaten season, but for me, it won’t be real or meaningful. What we did in 2004 stands out as an achievement that may never be equalled.

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