‘I need explanations’ – Arteta to request answers on refereeing decisions

Mikel Arteta has admitted that he is unhappy that his side keep being punished, after Arsenal suffered yet another red card in last night’s match with Wolves.

The Gunners managed to hold onto a 1-0 win last night, despite losing Gabriel Martinelli two a double-yellow card midway through the second half.

It was a rare occasion where a player received two yellow cards, being sent off for a double offense with the second offense committed before he had been shown the initial yellow.

While it is unclear if the manner of the double-yellow annoyed Arteta is unclear, but he claimed after the full-time whistle that he wanted to hold conversations with officials after a bout of decisions have gone against us.

“If you ask me if I’m happy with the decisions we’ve had this season, I’m not at all,” Arteta told Arsenal Media. “But that’s a conversation I will have privately with the officials. We need explanations, we need explanations with what happened in VAR and I need explanations with what happened today.”

He was then asked if he had held any such talks up to this point, and he simply replied: “No but they are going to happen soon.”

While there has been some decisions that have gone against us, it is clear to me that both of Martinelli’s yellows last night was worthy, although a little harsh. A yellow card is supposed to be a warning to deter you from making more infractions in my eyes, something we was denied on this occasion, but you can understand that both actions should singularly have earned a yellow card each.


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  1. I’m grateful that now Arteta has known how referees are harsh on Arsenal team what fans already know .He should also be aware that they will not let Arsenal overtake Man-U so expect lacazette Xhaka,partey to be red carded soon.There are only 10 percent referees in English who are fair to Arsenal 80 percent will want Arsenal relegated so be in good mood with your players

    1. Ken What complete nonsense about refs. Only silly and conspiracy theory possessed humans buy into the nonsense that refs in general hate our club .

      Did you even know that fans of almost ALL big clubs often say exactly the esame but about their own club? It is nonsense of course but fools such as you will never accept your own biases.

    2. Please ken tell us all why exactly 90% of all referees are against Arsenal. Why are the 10% not and who is paying/forcing the other 90% to blatently cheat agaibst Arsenal. I am really interested to hear what these forces are doing to Arsenal and why?

  2. It is the application of the cards and offenses that seem to be an issue. One offense is a card and penalty awarded, same contact and it is deemed fair play.

    We have players pushed off the ball, taken down and its not treated as other fouls.

    Other teams experience this as well, and I would say it is a problem with officiating rather than teams getting marked out.

    There is a failure of consistency, one ref lets it slide, another gives 2 cards rapid fire. Reasons like these are why EPL officials are the worst of the major European leagues.

    VAR is a joke at this point, a mocking point from many fans of many clubs.

  3. First of all.. The rules that states that a player can be awarded a quick and double yellow cards from the same sequence of offence is the craziest..

    what happened to warning a player before brandishing a second yellow in between a yellow card? It’s only when a player challenges an official that deserves a second/quick yellow, as long as it’s not so, then a player needs at atleast another moment of grace in passage of play before awarded the second..

    That’s the officiating I came to meet.. Maybe England does theirs differently and it’s a disgrace for the so called best league in the world

  4. It does feel like we are more likely to hear commentators say “it was worthy of a dismissal but harsh” rather than “it was worthy of a dismissal and he’s a lucky lad”

    Maybe that’s just natural fan bias but when I think back to Westwood on Tierney, McArthur on Saka, Godfrey on Tomiyasu, it feels like there is a legitimate discussion to be had.

  5. To me, under the letter of law, oliver was right, but in practical football which is emotion bedsides the law he was a bit harsh.. Not every foul is a yellow card!! (The match was out of his control)

  6. Oliver had a good game last night and got most things spot on, including the sending off. Please dont try and defend Martinelli, he was stupid.

  7. Arsenal have been picked on when Wenger threatened to upset Mu s domination.
    The 50th game of the unbeaten season is a good example Reyeswas kicked all over and the ref closed one eye.

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