“I never talked to anyone about it” Striker reveals he never gave Arsenal a chance

Dusan Vlahovic has revealed that he never considered an offer from Arsenal because his mind was completely made up about moving to Juventus from the get-go.

The Gunners pursued an interest in the Serbian goal machine for over six months before he moved to Juve at the start of 2022.

Different reports indicated at the time that Arsenal was ready to break the bank to add him to their squad.

The striker was in hot form at Fiorentina at the time, and his former club was willing to do business with the Gunners.

However, he moved to Juve eventually and has now revealed that he never considered a move to the Emirates.

The 22-year-old tells The Telegraph: ‘Maybe my agent knows [about Arsenal’s offer] but I never talked to anyone about it.

‘I just had one club in my mind because Juventus is Juventus. There is nothing else to say, and now I feel honoured to be given this jersey. It’s incredible every time I put it on.

‘I definitely identify with their DNA. The Juventus personality coincides with my personality. When you come here you never give up, you fight all the time, you make the sacrifices. This was definitely what I was looking for.’

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Some players are very clear about which club they want to join and Vlahovic is one such individual.

The attacker is a top player to add to your squad, but it never ends well when you force a player to accept your offer.

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  1. Which really begs the question ,why on earth did we spend the whole window going after a player who everyone knew did t want to come here .

    1. That way the club can claim interest in a top striker, flaunt 60 million they were willing to spend, yet all the while aware they had a snowballs chance.

      Ousted Auba and saved millions in January, job done.

      1. Which then comes back to haunt them as we miss out on top4 which is worth a lot more in prize money tv rights etc than what the cost of Vlahovic would have been.

        Clever management or very shortsighted unambitious poor management

    2. NYG…that’s the most damning component of this club-contrived ruse…how many times can this organization indulge in such deceptive practices before they’re held accountable for their actions

  2. Summed up perfectly my fellow Gooners – smokescreen after smokescreen!!
    Still, this transfer window should be perfect, as we have already identified our targets.

    1. Yes identified Ken but unfortunately will they want to come here ,no CL football and football that the flintstones would be proud of .
      80s called they want their footballl back kind of vibe .

        1. you’ve been doing a lot of the old tongue in cheek gig lately Ken…very savvy trap-worthy approach…Cheers

          1. Funnily enough though, I agreed with DK’s reply – except the “Flintstones” reference….our football might be boring, but not prehistoric.

    2. That’s the word “smockscreen”. Never had the intentions of getting anyone so we made it look like we spent most of the window going after Vlahovic. Same thing happening now with Osimhen. Will act like they are after only to end up with over prized and over paid Jesus as our main striker and somehow manage to convince fans that’s the best striker available we could get. Like you said Ken1945 it’s “smockscreen after smockscreen”

  3. An ongoing problem that all prospective purchasers face is that only thr playe rhimself9and perhaps his family0 knows for sure what he WANTS to do and whr he wants to go or evenif he really wants to leav at all . Agents are devious and willplay both ends against the middle and we need to REMEMBER that agents are in that imoral busines to make huge money for themselves, PRIMARILY.
    So it could be said we, meaning MA and Edu, were naive, but in truth we had to try our best for this top player. I much agree with those who say that we SHOULD HAVE brought in SOME striker and that our total lackof business in JAN, almost certasinly COST US FOURTH PLACE.
    I do not agree that we should have kept the idle and self centred Auba who HAD to be forced out, as rightly was.
    Hindsight also tells us that Eddie should have been in the team, replacing the busted flush LACA, a lot sooner.

    But hindsight is easy to use,as so many fans on here AND KEIR STARMER, IN PARLIAMENT, ALL SHOW US, ALMOST DAILY! Foresight, though, needs greater intelligence!

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