I put my life in danger to watch Arsenal v Liverpool!

For some lucky Arsenal fans we only have to get a Tube to the game, or even just walk down to the local pub to watch the live broadcast. Most of us simply don’t realise how hard it can be for supporters in other countries that love the Gunners just as much as us, but have to work harder to get to see an important game. This is one such story…..

Sacrifice pays off! by HL

I was so greatly anticipating the Arsenal match against Liverpool that I even put my life in danger. On the day of the game I was scheduled to work nightshift from 22:00 pm up until 7am and the problem is that I stay 173 km away from my work place and I use public transport to get to work.

The kick-off was scheduled at 13:45 (CAT) meaning that I will have to leave home at 16:00pm to go to work after the game and still have to travel about 173 km using public transport which is also not easily accessible as I live in a rural area. It is also not safe to travel late as winter is crippling in and the days are getting shorter, but I could simply not miss this game. Especially after Liverpool humiliated us last season of which we never had proper revenge, never mind the FA cup.

As I sat on a sofa sipping a Coca Cola alone, I was little bit anxious and kept asking myself what if we lose? Will me putting my life in danger be worth it?

Arsenal started brightly but I remained anxious as I still have memories of the Manchester United game where we started like a house on fire but still lost. I was not really worried about Liverpool taking the lead, my only worry was Arsenal converting their chances as I knew before the game that we will create plenty.

I felt a sense of relief when Hector put one away and I immediately knew that this was our day. Francis Coquelin was on top of his game for me – and overall all our players contributed brilliantly.

As for Liverpool, I don’t think they are a match for Arsenal and I don’t see any of their players making the grade at Arsenal. At the end of the day my sacrifices paid off as I arrived safely – and on time – at work after the game with the added bonus of three points.

Credit needs to be given to the manager too, even when he makes changes it doesn’t affect the rhythm of the team. Although I believe that the championship is out of reach, Arsene wenger has built an impressive team and this team with a few additions in summer will be very hard to beat next season.

Viva Arsenal Viva!

Hophney Leso

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  1. I took a 15 meter walk, drove 20km to wifes aunts house for her grans 80th birthday, put my walka on and screamed like a girl with every Arsenal goal.

    Very rude and high pitched screams were embarrassing, but worth every 2nd of it.

    Now time to ksa in fifa.

    Craig out

  2. Keep safe. There’s always match of the day to get what you missed. Or better still, follow Piers Morgan on Twitter, and simply follow the game on your phone (unless your shift is in the Artic where there’s no internet access).

  3. I risked my dinner. I just back from work and it was 5 minutes to kick off, I just have to postpone the eating. I put my stomach in danger!!!

    1. Why do we have to talk about hazard when we have a player better (sanchez) and an apprentice who has the potential to be better (THE OX). We have 2 hazards already but Chelsea has no OZIL or even a potential OZIL. According to their Maureen: There is no other copy of Ozil in the world….FACT

  4. chelsea have to play man u, pool and us.
    along with some teams fighting tooth and nail to stay up.

    thoughts? they’re missing costa and atm just barely scaping by. some loses / draws in the cards? thoughts?

    1. (Assuming Chelsea win their outstanding game) They’ll need to lose 3 games and draw 1 for us to stand any chance. Yeah, I can see that happening.

      1. Agree totally Twig but CFC will drop points. They will only lose one game max (hopefully to us) but draws are perfectly possible, especially away from home and are not much better than a loss with 2 points dropped. Don’t think anyone on here has any serious allusions to winning the title but I think many want to get a little closer to the finishing line before giving up completely. Chelsea drawing say 3 games before the last fixture is not complete pie in the sky. The longer shot however is us keeping our side of the bargain and winning all remaining fixtures – personally can’t see it but I’ll roll with it until we lose. Interested to see how a Costa-less Chelski go against QPR at the weekend – West London derby, away, noisy ground, QPR fighting for survival, buoyant on the back of a very good win. That result will imo either slam the door shut and lock in the title for def or maybe just inject some jitters. Remember MC a few seasons ago trying to give the title away on the run-in. In any scenario you will have to assume we beat them at the Emirates although just that is a tall order as we know all too well. Chelsea drawing against MU and Pool – not stupefyingly outrageous. WBA away, relegation battle – easier games out there, draw not outrageous. In fact I only see Sunderland at home as an absolute nailed on banker for 3 points. When we lose to Burnley and Chelsea do QPR 5-0 I will come back on here and apologise for my eternal hopeless optimism.

      2. Chelsea is shaking right now, and Loic Remy kept score easy goals to save their ass. Mourinho’s “invincible wanna be” side were loosing form since December. They’ll face L’pool and us in a row, possibly without Diego Costa (he’s lost in space anyway!). Not to mention a clash against ManUre. Chelsea needs 19 points to take the tittle with 9 games left in hand. We need BIG fortune to steal it from them, but I myself believe that the fortune will tent to come to the hand of the best hard workers. Finger crossed. COYG!!!
        Ps. Don’t forget to count on ManShit.

    2. Its laughable when I see some of our fans thinking we can win the title still. Its too late, wake up. Is a Jose Mourinho team really going to lose 3-4 games at this point when theyve lost only two the SEASON? Once again with Wenger its too little too late. He’s done enough to keep all the deluded Wenger lovers happy though. They all get mad at Wenger when we have our usual mid season collpse but go right back to praising him when we ALWAYS finish the season strong. Our rivals love Wenger because he never challenges for the league, or Champions League. Nobody is ever worried about Arsenal anymore.

  5. Hophney.
    Those of us who live in better conditions forget about the Gooners around the world. I remember crowding around a radio for listening to Pele and Bobby Charlton play.

    I admire your dedication. For early matches (4:30AM my time ) I sleep on my couch in front the TV.
    My neighbors are used to me running outside the front door and back and forth across the grass whenever Arsenal scores.
    This morning I was running past a guy walking his dog. He yelled Goonaaaaaah ! I had my trusty Arsenal shirt on.

    I think we spoiled Gooners should come up with funds to get Hophney a TV. I would do that( I got a TV for a school in Tobago) the kids were happy.

    1. I would definitely pitch on that for a fellow GOONER! But he says he lives in a rural area so he might not have electricity or cable access

  6. I don’t think a mere article about this epic journey fraught with peril will suffice – a book must be written, everyone must hear of your great adventure. Women will close their eyes and imagine they are with you instead of their husbands. Men will have your likeness tattooed to their bodies. A national holiday will surely be dedicated to you sir for these heroics. Your legend will live on in the history books for generations to come. Please provide more details I beg of you. Was the Coca Cola diet or regular or vanilla perhaps? What did you do at half time, did you need the toilet? I’ve been afflicted with insomnia, the excitement and anticipation of a possible second instalment to this legendary anecdote has me too wired to sleep.

  7. Does anyone have an idea if there are sports bars in the Hague that show premier league matches? I am going to the Netherlands in May and I’ll be there until the seasons ends. I have no clue how I’d be watching arsenal matches. Help? Anyone?

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