I so hope Arsenal beat ‘bad-losers’ Man City – Another riot perhaps?

Everyone has got an opinion on today’s Caraboa Cup Final, but the fact is that is all down to what happens on the pitch when Arsenal and Man City kick off at 4.30 this afternoon. The naysayers that reckon the Gunners have no chance of winning today probably said the same thing when Man City faced Wigan in the FA Cup last week and they would have been very wrong. Fabien Delph was sent off and Pep Guardiola had a controntation with Wigan’s Paul Cook in the tunnel, and later on Sergio Aguero was caught on camera punching a Wigan fan.

There is only one certain thing about Man City today, and that is that they will cause a riot if they lose. I don’t think I have ever seen a team of such bad losers ever. Do you remember just over a year ago when Chelsea beat City at the Etihad and Sergio Aguero tried to break David Luiz’s leg and there was yet another riot on the pitch that ended with Aguero and Fernandino getting sent off. In my opinion that tackle deserved a ten-game ban similar to Suarez’s bite incident!

I really hope Arsenal get in City’s faces today and not only get them riled up, but beat them by such a big score that they cause another riot and get a 20 point reduction by the FA.


Darren N


  1. what a silly post,the game against wigan was full of incident and controversy.the games they have lost this season they lost with dignity ask klopp,why you say noone gives arsenal a chance is ridiculous wigan were 25-1,arsenal are 3-1.please think before you write

  2. I’m tired of Kane an salah
    Oh look at me I score every week N we win

    Give me Danny welbeck and a loss to Bournemouth anyday !!


    1. lol i get it but we are too good to be this low for much longer and when we get back to where we should be it will be long time before we feel this let down again .

  3. How the hell have we come to this ….

    Lets beat these with our own game we are good enough on our day to beat anyone .

    Most people started following us cause of how we played and now we want to bully a team to win, l dont think we have it in us to do that.

    But anyways ill take any win today but i just hope we do it our way.

  4. We need to start on the font foot and from the first minute, keep pushing through 90 minutes and we have enough to to beat Man city. City are by far the best team in the league but are beatable.

    I will only be disappointed if Arsenal don’t out in a good performance and try to win.


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