‘I stand with them,’ Wright says Kroenke should listen to the Arsenal fans and leave

Ian Wright has reiterated that he stands with the Arsenal fans protesting outside the Emirates for the club’s owner, Stan Kroenke, to leave.

Some Arsenal fans have been protesting both online and offline for Kroenke to leave the club after he signed them up to the ill-fated European Super League.

The fans took their protest to another level by congregating at the Emirates before Arsenal’s game against Everton on Friday to urge the American to leave.

An effigy of Kroenke was hung up outside the stadium to signify how badly they want him out.

These protests happened even after the American’s son, Josh Kroenke had explained to fans in a forum that they will invest in the team and have no plans to sell the club.

Speaking on DAZN Canada ahead of the game against Everton as quoted by Mail Sports, Wright says he supports the fans and has made his stand on the club’s ownership clear before now.

‘I stand with them,’ said Wright. ‘I made it clear the other day what I think about the owner. I think they’re right to be outside there, the fans have every right to be out there saying what they’re saying.

‘KSE are not fit to run the club, not fit to own the club.’


  1. Kroenke Out!!!
    Can’t believe I’m actually watching Aston villa V West brom and hoping for an Aston villa loss so they don’t overtake us…

    Oh Dear!..How much lower will Arteta and his Boss push us.?!…

  2. every thing about arsenal is disgusting. the owner is a mistake. the management are always slumbering. the coaching team always comes up with wonderful philosophical excuses for failure. the players are always competing for own-goal of the season. the fans have accepted that FA cup is the highest trophy worth playing for. transfers have become a debtor and creditor affair. kroenke go. kroenke go. we are tire. may you never own a football club again in life.

    1. I’m telling you Arsenal fans, you will not succeed to remove Kroenke from his role because you have already accepted that your team is a midtable team, I can see even the type of transfer you are enjoying, free transfers, loans, cheap players and very average players. How can you build your team around loaned players? Which big team is doing this? We are a midtable team PERIOD

      1. Nothing wrong with signing free transfers, loan and cheap players if they are quality…..

        Odegaard is quality and hes on loan…

        Bayern signs players on cheap and free transfers too

  3. Poor Arsenal… I can only laugh. The Super league is very essential. All teams are saying ESL is not needed while they sell good players at 200 $ Million. Very Hypocritical. Everton can never compete with Big Six in Signing hence no competition at all.

    Man city can play reserves in two different leagues. People should really look into the ESL and not just echo what UEFA and PL are saying. Think differently. Football as it is is dead.

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