I still believed Arsenal would win even when going 2-0 down – It’s happening people

You can feel it in the air...by  Konstantin Mitov

That will live long in the memory of every Arsenal fan. If that was a poker game, the chips were down, the odds were against us and the Ace of Spades came out of the river and it flipped it upside down.

Honestly it wasn’t a great performance despite the 30 shots and nearly 20 corners we had. We gave away 2 very silly goals. We were caught by surprise at the kick off, but we still should’ve closed the cross down, and then Gabriel misses his clearance and Saliba is sleeping on the run.
Then they had one corner in the entire game and Partey misses his man and we’re 2 down. Maybe us fans have been just spoiled by the defending in our first 19 games, but we gave 3 eaay goals to City, 2 to Villa and now 2 again. We definitely need to tighten up.
But even at 2 down I thought we could still win. Maybe it’s because Bournemouth aren’t great, or I have recently watched too much of Ted Lasso and that ‘belief’ poster is stuck in my head, but I knew we could win.
We just needed a goal to unstuck ourselves. And we got 2 in 10 minutes to go level. Then it became a matter of when is the winner coming. I just felt it in the air, despite all the PTSD I have from years gone by, this team just feels different.
I remembered how United used to win titles 10 years ago. Last minute winners even when they weren’t great. Leicester when they won it, few chances, but turned into goals. Man City against Villa last game of the season last year. Liverpool against Barcelona winning 4:0.
The fact that me of all people, thought of those moments, even at 2:0 down tells all you need to know about the character of this team. Full credit to the manager for rectifying the mistakes he made in the starting 11 with the subs, because they changed the game.
Smith-Rowe assist, Ben White’s first goal for Arsenal and then Reiss. To put your foot through it like that. It was truly a goal worth winning a title. It’s happening, people. It’s what football is about. It’s all I ever wanted from this football club.
I was 12 when we last won the title. Never seen a real proper title charge since than. We’re very much in it now. I wanted to go game by game and not look into the fixtures, not count the remaining games, but I can’t. I’m sucked in.
The emotions in the end is why I became a football fan in the first place. I had 2 very rough nights before the game, barely slept through them, but when that goal went in, I was reincarnated. I was a madman screaming, jumping up and down. And you most probably have done so too. Enjoy it. Savor it. I envy the people who were there to see it.
The eruption in the ground was like king Theoden feeling his strength back touching his sword when Gandalf cured him. It was the roar of a sleeping giant finally awaking from his long sleep.
It was quite simply incredible.

Watch Arteta’s full emotional reaction to Arsenal amazing comeback against Bournemouth – “It was madness!”

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  1. I looked up the fixtures too, not ours though, cities. I’m taking ours one game at a time. I’m just enjoying the road that we’re on, thanks and good luck to the boys

  2. The way Liverpool demolishing Utd, I am getting worried about Anfield now…
    Liverpool getting into the form that they want…

  3. The way Liverpool demolishing Utd, I am getting worried about Anfield now…
    Liverpool getting into the form that they want…

    1. No sweat. We probably gonna lose big, lose small or narrow win. Liverpool were awesome but Man Utd were total abomination. We gonna go there and play football like only we do. Liverpool might broke their own 2 records in that match but we broke record against Leicester (their XG was 0.01) and broke record against Man City (their possession, passes completed and chances created the lowest ever under Guardiola tenure). We are still in the process now and we are top of the league. The boys got no fear as the manager. Let’s us the fans not lose our sh*t now. Keep breaking our voices and see at the end of the season. COYG!

    1. Someone better check if he’s still breathing.

      Man utd gonna finish above Arsenal, sure buddy

      1. Forget Nevill
        I am getting worried about Anfield now…
        Today Liverpool played like last year’s Liverpool..
        Absolutely flawless

        1. This has nothing to with us. This is Man Utd historical embarrasment and we as Arsenal fans should enjoy it to the fullest.

          When are you going to start enjoying our excellent season so far?

          We are 5 points clear at the top and we have been the whole season so far. Whats the point if you cannot enjoy it? Why bother?

          When we come from 2 down to win the game and you come up with what ifs and worry of this and that iy should tell you its time to relax and enjoy what is good in front of you.

          1. I can only enjoy when after winning PL
            I will complete my enjoyment quota together after winning PL
            Till then I am just keeping my enjoyment in reserve..

      2. The f****g twat they are 7-0 down but keeps spitting pathetic excuses and talking about how good they have been this seaoson.

        This is much worse and well deserved than our 8-2 reserves defeat.

        1. I still did not take that 8 – 2 defeat very serious.
          Man Utd vs Ars
          Possession – 59 41
          Shot on target – 15 11
          But out of shot on target,
          Goal – 53 percent and 11 percent.
          We were just unlucky on goal.
          I thought the score line flattered Utd.
          We did not played very very bad.

    2. Hh.
      What a fool.
      Sky pay him and carragher a fortune to spout their diatrobe.
      Carragher spat in a young girls face and stayed in his job.
      Charlie Nicholas sacked for nothing

  4. Forget Nevill
    I am getting worried about Anfield now…
    Today Liverpool played like last year’s Liverpool..
    Absolutely flawless

    1. @Kedar
      They gave MU a real goin over…😮
      We had better up our game big time in order to get something from there…Jus sayin

      1. Yes and it’s all about taking your chances…
        We need to keep taking our chances…
        Utd had 2 great chances before Liverpool’s opener…
        And Utd didn’t take those chances…
        If they would have taken those chances then this could have been different…
        We should be doing the same

    1. It’s all about taking your chances..
      Utd had 2 great chances before Liverpool’s opener..
      And Utd didn’t take.
      If they would have taken those chances then this could have been different

  5. Kon
    I, like you and many on here are living the dream game by game
    many on here still astonish me 🤔 on how fickle we still are. 2-0 and people calling for a complete revamp.
    here one for you GB And DK
    Seeing games through red tinted rose glasses and calling results on pure emotion. Yes I don’t forget when being called out and mocked..eat humble pie and apologise if not to me but all the others on here you belittled who were keeping faith
    Onwards and upwards

    1. Well I did reply to you Alan but it’s being moderated,you probably can understand why .

      1. DK
        Then i look forward to your I got it wrong, sorry, many apologies, won’t say it again message when it comes through

          1. Sue
            A truly roller coaster ride of a game
            Went to sleep for the first 2 goals we conceded and you could say at this level the first goal we concedsed, we should never have let them get at us that easy.. real school boy defending.
            The desire, spirit, the fans And team togetherness of never say die attitude got us over the line.
            I am so happy for Riess as he has been through it this season.
            The season away in Holland last season done him a turn and I thought he returned a better player. Do hope we give him another contract because as a squad player you know he will give his all for the team.
            As for the winner. You must have seen it by now
            Not sure it is a defining result of the season for us but truly another moment in time we won’t forget in a hurry. Have been plenty of those this season and enjoyed every moment of it to date.
            We are getting to the business end of the season now and still hanging on in there so all credit to MA, the team and the fans in my opinion for making this one of the most enjoyable and best seasons to date for over a decade or two.
            Upwards and moment

    2. Not sure why you have bought my name up Alan I’ve been nothing but behind the team this season ,dont go down that sad road asking fans to apologise it’s pathetic buddy ,I do not need to bring up my opinions once again on why I wasn’t on board before ,that’s obvious even to a sheep like yourself.
      Weird post from you .

      1. Thought i would.poke the bear And there you are. The true DK showing the true colours.
        Was happy to stand down but you just couldn’t help yourself
        I tell you why I brought your name up DK. unfortunately you and a few others who seem to have disappeared gave me as well as many others on here a truly big gubbing on here. It want banter, mickey taking which we can all take, It wasn’t articulate or well structure criticism which I think any one could understand and take but pure rudeness and at time times cheap gutter talk. A sheep am I, at least not a faker hoping the team lose so you can get your little poison knife out to jab away
        I am proud to say like many on here we stood behind the team even when we were down on our luck. Is that being a sheep..
        Would hate to be stuck in the trench with someone like you when it’s going wrong.
        Could see you swapping uniforms at a drop of a hat.
        How’s that for a reason
        Onwards and upwards

        1. Well done Alan for getting that off your chest. It’s not about a difference of opinion- it’s the manner in which it is dished out. DK can and often does make good points but is frequently rude which means I haven’t got the slightest interest in engaging with him and haven’t since his last attack accusing me of being condescending to Dan Smith. Should unpleasantness get the better of him again then it’s there in black and white but is water off a ducks back to me now.

        2. You thought you would poke the bear !😂
          So you poked it and got a rude reply ,then moan about me being rude ,couldn’t make that sh1t up
          Also where have i disappeared too ,im on here Win or lose not sure you’re point on that one .
          A faker !hoping the team lose ,again more guff written by you .

  6. Even i believed, when we were 2-0 down i had a feeling we would win. Believe it or not, when Nelson came in I thought he would be the match winner.

  7. When ask about his trip to Anfield, Ten Hogs responded ‘Anfield is just another football ground’

    Think Ten Hogs was still harboring a shot at the big jug

    1. “Big Jug?” Must have been a jug full of eggs then, which smashed to bits in SEVEN PIECES and left his face as eggy as it is possible to be.
      Could not have happened to a more deserving club I reckon!

  8. Has anyone checked on Garry Neville after today’s match. Please, let’s save a soul

  9. Great result at Anfield in terms of our historic relationship with Manchester United and their fans particularly Neville and Ferguson. Liverpool away was always going to be a big test. Not too worried though. I think that defensively they are also still vulnerable. Looking closer ahead though, I think Fulham and Palace will also be heartstoppers. Never thought I would be relieved to see another international break but it might be just the momentary respite our wounded players and us fans need to bring down the blood .pressure.

  10. DK
    Not moaning about your reply
    It was exactly what I expected
    I still comment on some of your posts and beleive I am better person as to not get to your level at times.
    As sue said, you do have some very good comments and replies but at times you are damn rude a d disrespectful of other people’s comments which is the bit I don’t like.
    Maybe you write things to get attention and a reaction
    As for you wanting us to lose.
    May be that was put incorrectly
    But until recently some of your prediction have us as losing or draw. Deep down you had little faith in the team. Can imagine you sighing with despair when we win and thinking
    “Got it wrong again ”

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