I sympathise with Wenger but Arsenal MUST change something

After Arsenal fell to a second defeat in the space of just five Premier League days, Arsene Wenger was clearly frustrated and although he suggested that the decision of the referee to allow both of the Man City goals despite them being potentially ruled out for offside, he also admitted that his players struggled to cope with City’s second half fightback.

His comments about the Gunners suffering physically after a heavy run of games also brought up the yearly issue of our injury problems, which have made it much harder for the Frenchman to rotate his squad and keep the big players fresh.

While I do have sympathy for the boss and I do agree that Arsenal seem to have rotten luck on a number of fronts, the fact is that it seems to be the same every year for Arsenal and surely coincidence can only be taken so far. A report in The Mirror shows that their various football experts have very different ideas about Arsenal sticking with Le Prof.

It really does appear that Arsenal suffer from the same old issues every season. This season was looking better and we seemed to have answered the ongoing questions about mental strength, big game attitude, battling qualities and more, but then we go and blow it again.

I am not saying that all of this is Wenger’s fault necessarily but it does seem to be a problem at our club and the longer it goes on the more I think that something fundamental has to change in order to stop the same things happening over and over again.

Do you think that a change has to come? And does that change need to be the manager?



  1. Conte, Guardiola, Klopp you can feel the energy in /out of the filed….City at half time was struggling in their misery, came second half they came for the kill, only they know how Guardiola addressed them in the locker room, then it’s a show itself to watch Conte and Klopp rallying the lads and fans when things don’t go their way….we instead have Le Prof pitiful how he seems clueless and hopeless at the sidelines and to add insult to injury making a fool of himself blaming the referees, is sad to see the decay of a man who once was great, admired and respected to what AW has become….no other way for us the Fans to continue supporting our team who will always be ARSENAL and take the abuse of the likes of CHELSKI who are going for a second championship in 3 years with 2 different managers….sad but true

    1. AndersS says:

      True, and not only did it seem like Guardiola had put new spirit into his team at half time. He had also backed it up with new tactics, as he switched Sane from the right to the left, moved Sterling from the middle out to the right and put De Bruyne in the center. This changed the game, and right from the start of the second half City put us under pressure down the flanks. But what did Wenger do to counter it? Absolutely nothing until we had fallen behind, and looked like loosing the game. It is no coincidence that Alex Ferguson generally had the upper hand against Wenger, that Mourinho and Guardiola also has it, and even a manger like Koeman with “smaller” teams also has it.
      When Wenger came to the league and introduced the continental flair and skill to British football it was a revelation and there was a background to succeed. But time has changed, and many other managers seem to be better equipped for the modern times. It is of course sad in a way, but we can’t afford not to change with the times.

  2. RSH says:

    Teams tend to reflect the manager sometimes (not all the time). But let’s look around the league right now. Mad crazy Conte has lit the fire under Chelski’s butts, has dropped Fabregas, their Captain Terry, plays Moses ahead of Willian, and completely changed their system. Fresh, system, fresh start, new Chelsea. City under Pep has hit some rough patches, but Guardiola has put on some masterclasses, and his team is going to get even more confident and more deadly the quicker they get adjusted to Pep’s way of playing. Liverpool play do or die football. Mourinho making things about himself again, United very average, the more Mou talked to the press, the worse they got. Mou has started to shutup finally and they are getting better.

    Now Arsenal… what exactly is there to say? Same predictable formation that hasn’t worked for a while, same manager who says nothing to anyone the entire duration of matches, same losing attitudes ingrained into players, same mistakes, same players not stepping up, same injuries… Everything is just the same, stale, outdated! And the same hasn’t worked for years now, so why would it all of a sudden work! Arsenal has been stagnant for YEARS, Arsene Wenger is not willing to change anything while our competitors are taking risks. We are laughing at United right now, but there’s no reason they can’t beat us to 4th this season. And there’s certainly no reason to believe United won’t be challenging under Mourinho next season. We had a good laugh at Chelsea for ONE freaking season and now they are 9 points ahead of us! Chelsea have been having the real laugh for over a decade! Arsenal next season will do the same predictable things we have always done under Wenger! The accountants at Arsenal are loving this, but the fans should not.

  3. Koss says:

    Yes, the only true change we can make is the manager. Remember we’ve had some of the best players at the top of their game playing under this man and won nothing, RVP, Nasri, Cesc. What can the arsenal of today do that these guys didn’t do?

    1. bran99 says:

      true mate. everything changes but one man. with all these changes we could have won the title atleast once.. but alas, he keeps rewarding himself with new contracts, pay rise, but sells the main players who questions the ambition of the club

      Sanchez will be next to be sold coz he aint signing any new contract. the guy wants a pay rise, Wenger won’t do that, but when it’s his turn to sign da ting, he doesn’t give second thoughts about rewarding himself with the pay rise

  4. Franko says:

    Oh my goodness….I love Sadio Mane. Pace, strength, stamina, skill, technical, fighter from start to finish and an eye for goal. This is the type of player we should have at Arsenal on the left and right side of our attack along side Sanchez as well as the number 10 role. Four players upfront with these qualities would be deadly. We only have Sanchez upfront who would cherish a player with Mane’s qualities. We struggle in the difficult games because the right and left side of our attack and our number 10 go missing in action. If Mane was playing for Arsenal, Sanchez would have signed his contract extension a long time ago.

    1. bran99 says:

      and he was cheap for an EPL already established player

  5. Onochie says:

    The funny thing is that wenger always sits down and watch,he doesn’t talk to his players let alone shout instructions,if he’s too big or tired to do so,why do the club still employ him? What has he done in the last 10 years that a new manager with desire to win wouldn’t have bettered? He clearly shows he has nothing more to offer,let him quietly step down like he would have seven years ago. I would have endured a three to four years barren run with a new manager who has a vision and builds him team around it,than having the most experienced manager in the world and yet his team plays and gets bullied like kids,while he sits down and watch. Imagine the fragile Sterling suddenly becomes strong against arsenal players. The manager and his team has made this club stagnant,even if we go on a straight winning run,we all know the end product. Let me ask this question,when a season starts we all have a unified expectation/s but when it gets to November,december and January,everything goes away,why?

  6. Rare Admirall says:

    I have said it before that something has to give Bob, it’s only natural when one stays in one place for too long they tend to become complacent and lackadaisical over time in their outlook on the routine things that they are expected to do on the daily grind.
    Wenger seems to fit this bill perfectly at the moment. I say, change is good, so as to freshen things up in the Arsenal team and the feeder teams.
    I sometimes wonder whether he (Wenger) ever feels drained by all the drama that is a big club like The Arse! Let somebody new and with fresh progressive ideas about football (I expect the board to have someone in mind already?)take over the reins and see how it goes.I mean what’s the worst that could happen.It’s not like we’ve won the most trophies in the last decade or so and maybe destabilised by Wenger’s exit.From where I stand now, I see a manager that looks to have hit a dead end or some kind of mental block that won’t go away. Fellow Gooners we have nothing to fear but Fear itself!

  7. Bobbyraz says:

    i have said it so many times and some guys hate me for it, ozil’s body language and lack of interest is killing us we need to get rid of him, and bring a no10 who likes to get in there, i hope wenger leaves at the end of the season no matter where we end up

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