“I think” Father of Arsenal star tips him to follow in the steps of Jack Wilshere

Mohamed Elneny’s father has ambitiously tipped his son to become a coach at Arsenal in the future.

The Egyptian midfielder has just signed a short-term extension to his current Gunners deal and will stay at the club for another season.

His performance in the last campaign impressed Mikel Arteta, and he believes the midfielder will help his team in this one.

When his previous deal was running out, several reports linked him with an exit from the club.

However, his father, Nasser Elneny, knew his son will remain, and he says it was obvious because the midfielder loves the Londoners.

Nasser said, as quoted by Mirror Football: “I was sure that Elneny would continue with Arsenal, and I told him that, even though everyone in Egypt was saying that he would leave the team this summer. The Arsenal players love Elneny, he is loved among his colleagues in the dressing room, and the club’s management loves him, so I think he will coach Arsenal in the future.”

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Elneny has been a key member of our squad in the last few seasons, and he deserved to be handed a new contract.

With new players coming into the club, there would be more competition for playing chances.

However, he will bet on himself to still play as often as he can.

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  1. He gives 100% every time he plays, and has an engine that never stops. Perhaps not the quality we desire, but he has more heart and pride than some footballers I have seen.

    It’s up to him to compete and evolve, and find a role in the squad. Without a true DM, there are backup opportunities for him.

    Rather see ElNeny as a DM than Xhaka or Lokogna at this point. Squad can’t have 22 starters, so ElNeny is perfect for cup games, early Europa group stages, sub to seal off a lead, and cover a game or to due to injuries.

    1. Sadly, despite all the valid points that you stated,some of our fans still think that MA shouldn’t have given him a contract extension or that he should be nowhere near our time.they don’t seem to understand that you need players/characters like Mo to make up a full squad.

      1. Siamois @
        The Only fans that didn’t want MA to give him a new contract are the Wenger agenda crew ,unfortunately for them he’s now re upped Xhaka ,Eddie and MO from Arsenes amazing time here .
        I say big ups to him as like you both have said he as never let the team down when called upon .
        I remember one quote very well ,
        “Elneny will never play a professional game for us ever again ,low and behold he’s given a new contract.
        Some so called supporters(fans) need to look in the mirror before aiming bombs at other supporters for having an opinion.

        1. Strange how those fans who belittled Elneny are being silent now – perhaps they are supporting the player and the manager for once?

  2. He wears the shirt with pride. A big plus for me
    I was lucky enough to be at the Arsenal v Utd game and Elneny was superb. A team is the sum of its parts and he certainly rose to the occasion last season

  3. I don’t like him cos I love him, he doesn’t complain much, his wages very modest, works his socks off each game, I only hope the gaffer don’t sideline him again, cos MO is a team player that truly play for our club when selected for a game day.

    He don’t score much, but when he does……they are bangers just like xhaka

  4. Elneny is a gooner and its simple as that. He cost £5m years ago and has been a great leader on and off the pitch for the club. In all honesty I would rather Mo in beside Thimas instead of Xhaka… I’d let Granit leave and get some money for him while we can, Elneny can take his spot.

    What’s happening with AMN & Torreira?

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