“I think he would be a very clever signing’ Pundit praises Arsenal-target

Kevin Campbell says that Emiliano Buendia will be a very clever signing for Arsenal to make.

The Argentinean has been linked with a move to the Emirates this month as Arsenal look to add a creative midfielder to their fold.

Mikel Arteta has seen his team struggle with creativity, and that is something that Buendia has been delivering for Norwich City.

He was one of their best players in the Premier League last season and has remained key to their push to return to the top flight once again.

Campbell thinks that Arsenal would be making a good signing if they land him.

He said that the midfielder is exactly the type of player that Arteta wants and praised him for his ability to pick a pass, work hard and having the energy that Arsenal’s team has missed.

When asked by Football Insider if he would welcome the arrival of Buendia at the Emirates, Campbell said: “I think he would be a very clever signing.

“I like him. He has the qualities that Mikel Arteta is looking for in a player. Not only can he pick a pass, he can score and he works hard. He has that energy which has been missing from the team for long periods of this season.

“I think there is some really good players in the Championship and Buendia is one of them. He would fit what Arteta wants to do perfectly.

“I know Norwich will be desperate to keep him but this is Arsenal and business is business. I am sure Buendia would want to join Arsenal, that is for sure.”

Arsenal hasn’t made any signing this month. With a few more weeks left, they have time to get serious about Buendia.

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  1. Emi Buendia would be a good buy, but my memory takes me to Mata, Higuain, Suarez, etc etc. We will most likely dither and either nothing will happen or another club will see his ability and move. We’d have thought we would have followed him and had a measure of certainty. Maybe we will sign a Kim Kallstrom clone….it’s January…..cheapie time for Arsenal.

  2. For 40m, I do not think Buendia would be a”very clever signing”.The guy is a good player, but he has never gained one full cap for Argentina and is completely overvalued in my opinion.

  3. If the guy price tag is 40,I also think that price is too high 4 a player who haven’t tasted really football coached by world class coach in a very prominent club.

  4. SURELY ANY CLUED UP FAN MUST REALISE THIS: You do not borrow £120mill on a short term loan repayable on MAY and to be used for day to day running costs and THEN spend upwards of £30mill, even possibly £40 mill, on a Championship player, however good he is at Norwich.

    In fact, you buy no one at all in that situation, other than for peanuts or a loan deal.

    REALITY to any wised up fan I’d have thought. Its not what I want – of course not- but it IS what I believe will happen.

  5. Fans, forget it. Arsenal is not going to get him, because Edu is not capable of getting the deal done. Dream on.

  6. Dont waste money like that. What has he done so far in world of football?
    What clever signing are you talking here?

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