‘I think I will stop watching football’ Sagna reacts to Arsenal joining European Super League

Bacary Sagna has reacted to the news of the European Super League.

There is a civil war raging between some of Europe’s biggest teams and football’s governing body around the world.

The top six teams in England and six more from Spain and Italy combined have decided to form a new European club competition in the face of much opposition.

This new endeavour is primarily to make more money for the club’s owners while also ensuring that they maintain their status as the biggest teams in the world.

Their plan has been met with outrage from fans and soccer lovers around the world.

One ex-player who has lent his voice to this latest development is former Arsenal full-back Sagna.

The Frenchman has been disappointed with how the game has changed, with the owners simply interested in making money now.

In response to the latest happenings around the game, he tweeted that he would probably stop watching football because the game isn’t what he knew it to be before.

He tweeted: “Oooook .. i think i will stop watching football..cause the football i know is not football anymore”

But Sagna left Arsenal because of money when he joined Manchester City and some fans reminded him of that in the comments.

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  1. So will i Bacary, spoken like a true gentleman with a love for football as it should be, not how these skunks want it to be. There is nothing wrong with the current set up, except they want more money and more power.

    1. Bacari was paid plenty in his time but wanted more.
      Herein lies the problem.
      The more the league makes the more the players demand.
      Perennial CL team Barca are 1.4 billion in debt. Chelsea owe Abramovich a billion quid. Man U have been in massive debt for decades. Spurs have a billion pound stadium debt.
      CL does little for club finances in fact it can be argued it makes things worse.
      30 mill from an Arsenal CL campaign is more than offset by the wild spend on a 60m Aubameyang a 50m Lacazette an absurd 72m Pepe. 30mill covers just 20% of one seasons player salaries.
      People supporting the Billionaire/TV rights controlled PL but now recoiling in “horror” at the super league “money grab’ are plainly deluded hypocrits suffering from the sudden onset of short term memory loss

    2. Haha Sagna was a mercenary along with so many other players in the EPL currently.

      If you are against excessive money and power in football don’t you think it’s extremely hypocritical to watch any game in most modern football leagues?

      1. Don’t think Sagna was a mercenary he was a great servant to the club and moved for a new challenge.
        Players moving for better money or a new challenge is nothing new.
        We would have most of our team without it.

      2. Sagna a mercenary is nonsense he had plenty opportunities to leave us on over the year and didn’t and you must have forgotten that despite being one of our most consistent players for years he was one of the lowest paid in the squad and being his last big contract ARSENAL offered him an extra 5000 or1000/week on top of his 60000/week he never got or asked for a raise all the time he was at the club until it came to renew his last contract shameful the way a good servant of the club was treated!

  2. Everyone is saying they’ll just not watch but the reality is that most people probably would watch after few weeks of meek protest, barring the very stubborn few.

    1. Sorry pal not me, this isnt Arsenal, this isnt even football, i like to think, im not a sheep either. I am a traditionalist, i see no problem with the current set up, in fact i think is a great set and im not interested in watch us play Real madrid or Barca in a league, with the threat of not being able to play against my mates Aston Villa because an owner of my club want to form a breakaway league that could jeopardise that. Plus i have said, every day this American owns my club, i feel more and more that it isnt the Arsenal i have known all my life. Sorry not for me.

      1. I have less and less allegiance to this club everytime i wake up and still see our owner os the same. He has not and will not be good for Arsenal and what he is involved in here proves it.

        1. Yes exactly as I said, this will be the stance of almost all fans now while the news is fresh. It will be different once/if the SL begins.

          Then why are you even here on the blog if I may ask if you wake up with little to no allegiance to Arsenal with the current ownership?

          1. What has this blog got to do with anything? Nothing concrete has happened yet and when did you turn into the Arsenal police? For your information i watch Arsenal and Arsenal only because they are my club from early 60s, i dont line kronks pockets with any money now, i can still associate us with history and rivalry with my friends but i dont like our owner owning us for the wrong reasons. If this goes ahead, i have no reason to watch us, i dont like the concept, i do think the domestic league is THE most important thing but with this owner and his poor running of this club i will not be bothered with it at all. I have better things to do to worry about an idea that is crap on so many levels and only benefits him.

        2. I said the same thing few weeks ago never ever had i dreamt that one day i would switched off an Arsenal before the final whistle or not watch a European game.

    2. Ha ha. So true.
      Many fans on JA say they are giving up on the club after every loss yet after the next win proclaim they are fans for life 😁
      When all seater stadiums came fans said they would never go to a game again. When the club moved to the Emirates fans said the club had died yet the Em now has a 50,000 season ticket waiting list. When smoke free laws were introduced fans said their individual rights had been compromised and they would never watch a game live again
      When the game was moved from free to air fans said football was not for them. When Var was introduced fans said the game is finished. When the new offside laws were introduced fans said the game will not survive. When billionaires started buying clubs fans said the game is dead and buried. When clubs put out three new kits every season fans said they would not buy a shirt ever again.
      Fans leave the sport every month for some reason or other. It’s what fans do. It’s how we roll it’s in our dna😄🙂😂

        1. I know plenty of people who dont pay for sky, stopped watching football, stopped buying exorbitant shirts, wont pay stupid seat prices and i know some utd fans who still wont warch utd while the glaziers are there. You are right some fans will follow like sheep and thats there choice but i dont think this is quite the same. It takes away something that is great and is bringing in something that isnt. Why would you want a league set up with no relegation and basically exhibition games.

          1. Exhibition games
            I couldn’t come up with those words myself but that is exactly what it is … a series of meaningless exhibition games. Perish the thought

  3. The world of football will less attractive. It has change to somethng else. Since the introductn of VAR. Am against the idear.

  4. I find it amusing that Bacary is being portrayed as a mercenary, after serving our club faithfully for seven seasons and making 272 appearances.

    He decided his last big contract was better served by going to Manchester City and who can blame him?

    All the “saintly fans” we have on JA, would have us believe they would have not done the self same thing and look after their futures.

    Bacary was a great servant to our club and all he is doing, is giving his personal opinion – perhaps our saintly fans should stop being such hypocrites and recognise one of our own.

    1. Spot on i commented earlier that during his 7 years with us he was one of our lowest paid players on 60k/week never asking or receiving a raise while being one of our most consistent players knowing it was his last big contract the club offered him an extra 5k or 10k classless shameful.

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