“I think it would be better for him to move on” Pundit urges Arsenal star to leave

Jamie Carragher insists it would be better for Eddie Nketiah to find a new club in the summer instead of staying at Arsenal despite getting a run of games recently.

The former England under21 star was brought in from the cold by Mikel Arteta some weeks back and he has repaid his manager’s faith in him by scoring some important goals for the club.

These goals will be one big reason Arsenal returns to the Champions League if they eventually secure a top-four spot.

He scored twice again as the Gunners defeated Leeds United this afternoon, and there have been increased calls for him to stay at the club.

However, the former Liverpool defender says it would be better for him to leave and he gives reasons.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Carragher said as quoted by Metro Sport: ‘Yes (Arsenal should try to keep him) but I don’t think he’ll ever end up first-choice striker, so I think it would be better for him to move on.’

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Arsenal has to sign a more accomplished striker in the summer because Nketiah probably doesn’t have the goals that we need to take us to the next level.

He would thrive at a lower level club and that is why it makes sense if he takes a chance on himself and leaves the Emirates.

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  1. Strikers are really difficult to assess and Eddie is even more so.

    Most talked about stat is goals per game ratio, but it’s not a very good guide, since good teams create more chances.

    Chances missed per game is an interesting stat but even then, not all chances are equal.

    Then there’s the “chances” that never were chances until it hot the back of the net. The ones struck from 20 yards, or where the guy cuts in from the wing and scores. Or the ones like Eddie’s first today where he burns energy chasing the GK and makes something happen.

    The feeling with Eddie seems to be that he misses too many chances to be a top striker. Martinelli misses a few too, but he also creates chances.

    What I don’t get is why everyone is talking as if there will always be only 2 strikers in the 1st team squad, playing one at a time. Klopp plays with 3 (and has backup for them). MA has had to play certain ways to deal with frailty in defence, perhaps in time when he gets the players he wants, he may want to use systems with more strikers on the field at once. In that kind of lineup, Eddie could be a good fit and having only 2 or 3 strikers in the squad becomes an issue.

  2. A can’t see how its hurt if we keep him, but shouldn’t prevent us from signing more strikers

  3. Nketiah should have a contract extention and sent on Loan for game time and his development.

  4. Under their current owner, they are considered a low club. It is practically impossible for them to buy a better striker than Eddie. Even if they do get one, it might not work out if he is unable to fit into the club. At the very least, Eddie is bagging the goals given the relevant playing time. For sure, he is still not a finished article, there is still room for improvement. One thing for sure, the Gunners will have to break the bank to sign someone better than Eddie. From the club perspective, they will definitely do their best to keep him. Unlike Manchester City, they do not have a large budget to navigate.

  5. A month ago, it would have been very hard to find anyone believing Nketiah could find a PL club, where he would be the first choice striker.
    Much more probable now.
    But it would be in the lower end of the league.
    If he prefers that to stay and fight to get even more time at a top club like Arsenal, it is his choice.
    Not an easy choice IMO, but he will have to make it.

  6. I don’t think the club could sign a striker that fits the clubs ethos and vision for anything less than 50 million. Please name me a three centre forwards that you feel has a better poaching ability, level of instinct and hunger to improve our current lineup for that kind of money. I would be very interested to see. The reason I say this is because I don’t see the club having the financial fire power to complete marquee signings of 70m plus and increase the squad size to be able to play all the extra games in Europe for next season, be it champions league or europa. We have risen our luck this season with a small squad.

  7. the best option for him is just to go coz although he has scored important goals for the club but Arsenal needs the best striker who can score reguraly

  8. Dream scenario he stays, Balogun goes on loan and we sign a top striker.
    Eddie & New ST can battle it out as he may not be ready/settled quickly, where as Eddie is slowly showing he is starting to finally find his groove at the club, to which he loves he just wants game time which I think he will get from here on out!

    Jesus to replace Pepe isn’t a bad move tbh. If we can get the money from Pepe sale for Jesus, super business.

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