“I think it’s a smart move from them to free up some cash” Jenas likes Arsenal’s recent transfer decision

Jermaine Jenas has lauded Arsenal for their decision not to give David Luiz a new deal.

The Brazilian has spent the last two seasons at the Emirates after joining the Gunners from Chelsea.

He has been an important part of the Gunners’ first team since he joined and is one of the leading figures in the dressing room.

He has been a great contributor to the team, but it seems the club wants to move on from him now.

The Athletic says he has told Arsenal that he would leave at the end of this season.

His departure means that Mikel Arteta will have to fortify a significant part of his team in the summer.

Jenas thinks the Brazilian has served them well enough and allowing him to leave so that they can rebuild is a smart decision.

Jenas said on BBC Radio 5 Live when asked if he was surprised by the news about Luiz: “Probably not. Making 30 appearances I wouldn’t have thought it’s based on his age, I know he has had more injuries than he would have liked this year.

“I think Arsenal do need to start rebuilding. I would imagine David Luiz is one of the higher earners at that football club, and I think it’s a smart move from them to free up some cash and go a bit younger and try and start that rebuild essentially.”

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  1. Luiz should come to the MLS for a 3-year contract.
    He would be perfect my home team, Toronto FC.
    Let’s hope we won’t have to break the bank to sign him.

  2. So Kroenke’s turned down Danny Ek saying they don’t need the money! Sounds like they are rolling in it….. Then spend some bloody money!

    1. Did you see the final, Kev? I could never imagine Stan or Josh on the pitch celebrating and lifting the cup…

      1. They wouldn’t even know it was happening 😂 I didn’t Sue but I saw the goal by Tielemans screamer.. Chelsea 2 finals in a row come up short 😂

        1. Very true!! 👍 It was great, especially having fans there to witness it – that’s what it’s all about, Kev!
          Was funny, against us the Chavs were thinking of today and today it looked like they were thinking ahead to Tuesday 😆
          Fofana was my motm, had an excellent game.

          1. Yeah Sue without fans it’s not the same it just feels like a pre season game 😳 hahaha Tommy has come up short now the pressure is on to qualify for champions league and win champions league, ironically they could end up trophyless and in Europa league 😂 watching SSN Gerrard saying how Rangers similar to liverpool and how he wants more glory like this with Rangers.. he still hasn’t caught on the SPL is a farmers league.. teams play each other like 50 times a season, tbh outside rangers/Celtic I couldn’t name one player that plays in that league 😀

          2. I’d take great delight in rinsing some chavs if that happens!
            Isn’t Gerrard linked with the Spuds?
            Matt Macey (Hibs) and that’s your lot 😄

          3. Really ? Goes there and has absolutely no chance of winning anything 😂 haha Sue I didn’t even know that 😆 Leicester will fancy their chances on Tuesday 😉 Well Sue West Ham slipped up again, it’s still possible we can finish above them 😯 the UEFA conference league still on 😂

          4. Yep, was gutted. They’ve blown the top 4… Welbz is playing well, reckon he’ll show us just how well Sunday week?!!
            The Conference League – yippee!!

          5. He’s finding form isn’t he Sue scored a lovely goal today as well.. I wouldn’t be surprised as often our former players always seem to score against us even Walcott done it 😂 twinkle toes Lingard will be off in the summer and will be looking for a champions league team 😆 I don’t think they’ve even designed the trophy yet lol.

    2. Seems like you do not know anything about football

      Its not about spending big money …

      its about signing the right players

      Did West Ham and Leicester spend big?

      Leicester sold 260m worth of stars and build up a portfolio of 430m of stars

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