“I think it’s ridiculous to be giving these kind of penalties,” Former Chelsea ace bitter over Arsenal penalty

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink doesn’t think that the penalty awarded to Arsenal when Reece James was perceived to have fouled Kieran Tierney was the correct decision.

Arsenal and Chelsea faced each other in a must-win game for the Gunners.

With both teams having a go at each other, Arsenal took the lead just before the 35th minute after James had committed the foul of Tierney.

It was a soft penalty with many onlookers wondering why VAR didn’t intervene to overturn the decision.

Hasselbaink has also joined the chorus of people who think that it simply wasn’t worth a penalty.

He slammed the decision and claimed that with the aid of VAR, it made no sense for penalties like this to continue to be given.

Describing the incident, he said that Tierney was already going to ground when James makes contact with him.

“I think it’s ridiculous to be giving these kind of penalties,” said Hasselbaink to Premier League Productions.

“We are talking about VAR. You have the luxury to look at it. Go and look at it. And who is looking off the pitch?

“We all see that it’s a challenge but he doesn’t make any contact, James. Tierney is already going down before that arm is coming across, so it’s a nice Christmas present for Arsenal.”

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    1. Considering that Hazard got his fairytale of penalties when he was at Chelsea, as did Robben but that5 ok when it suits Chelsea. As mourinho said,”it’s the luck of the champions “.
      Regardless of the soft pen, the best team on the day won so whine to someone that cares.

  1. Was the a contact? Yes
    Was it a penalty? Yes
    What’s his worry?

    Reece’s right knee caught the back of KT’s right tigh and his left foot caught KT’s heel so what’s his problem?

    It’s a perfect penalty.

  2. Hasselbaink was bitter. He cannot accept the facts their so called “challengers for title” teams being run ragged by Arsenal team who pundits called “relegation battlers”. Hahahaha. There was a contact from James. So that was exactly a penalty. If we got a little more luck in that match, we can win 6-1 if Martinelli, Laca and Elneny take their chances.

  3. They were equally awarded a penalty,but threw it away.He should be concerned about how poor their team was and stop lamenting.

  4. I agree with Hasselbaink on principle, but it’s been going on all season (see Leicester, and Vardy in particular, for plenty of examples). Any kind of touch and players are dropping to the ground asking for a penalty, and getting it.
    I don’t like the way things have gone with penalties but it just sounds bitter to start complaining over this one.

    1. 100%.

      The game needs an overhaul now VAR is in place.

      Fouls are fouls, regardless of falling to ground (you can’t seem to get a pen without falling these days even if it’s a clear obstruction of a chance – especially in corners where defenders just pull attackers back not even looking at the ball). Start calling those fouls and players won’t feel the need to dive on any contact to get the call. Then yellow card dives where players fall when it’s clear they can stay on their feet through VAR retrospectively. Two-pronged solution.

      1. Good points Bob. But I would suggest a red card for blatant diving in the box ( now that we have var) would work wonders. There is not much difference between cheating to prevent a goal scoring chance and cheating to get a penalty.

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