“I think it’s time” O’Hara urges Arsenal to offload leading player

Former Tottenham man turned pundit Jamie O’Hara has urged Arsenal to get rid of Granit Xhaka.

The Swiss midfielder is one of the leading players at the club and he enjoys the support of Mikel Arteta.

The manager convinced him to stay when he wanted to leave the Emirates at the start of 2020.

He was the subject of transfer interest from AS Roma in the last summer window, but Arsenal rejected the approach and handed him a new contract.

That was a clear show of support, but Xhaka has often times let the team down on many occasions.

The midfielder is one of the surest players to get booked or sent off in an Arsenal game.

He often does that in big games, and O’Hara believes it is time to get rid of him. He tells Talk Sport:

“Get rid. He lets you down in big games.

“I think Arsenal would be right amongst it this season with the players that they’ve signed.

“Yeah, I think it’s time. Get rid of him”

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Xhaka is one of the leading figures at Arsenal, but the midfielder can truly be a disastrous presence in our midfield.

He has been at the club since 2016 and remains one of the first names on the team sheet for Mikel Arteta.

Hopefully, he would not make too many rash challenges this season.

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  1. Could’ve gone round there put it on social media ruin his cred……could’ve grab the habad put two in his head…but i let God do instead.

      1. I’d agree in the main Dan kit but I’m a big fan of White and Jordan on Monday to Friday mornings. They have a strong supporting cast with Martin Keown joining them on FridaysDanny Murphy midweek and now new recruit Graeme Souness to start on Monday mornings.

  2. I heard the whole thing on Talksport and the first thing to say is that O’Hara is as thick as two short planks, even the other presenters take the mickey out of him. The second thing is O’Hara is a dedicated Spurs supporter and just loves to take a dig at anything Arsenal, even if what he is saying is a bit silly. I really would not take it seriously and why you would waste time on devoting a whole article about the nonsense he comes out with really is beyond me.
    Xhaka has his faults but manager after manager has him as one of the first names on the team sheet and they can’t all be wrong.

  3. I’m okay with Xhaka staying at the club, he is still of value with his experience, fitness, physic, and some nastiness to our rather easy to push around midfield. Truth be told we do not have anyone in the current squad to give us the same attributes or input.

    Having said this, I’m open to the club getting an upgrade while still maintaining Xhaka for rotation. There are other players we should consider out the door first rather than him in my opinion.

  4. Fk And in plain , understandable English what is your post talking about, as I have no clue what you mean?

  5. Well, if anything should make all those Arsenal “fans” who take every opportunity to criticise Xhaka (and therefor our manager of course) it’s O’hara saying that the club should dispense with his services.

    Why a small minority of our “fans” don’t get behind Arteta and his belief that Xhaka is an important part of his squad, along with Elneny, is plain daft.

    1. Im the opposite ken, it is one of the many reasons, i have my doubts. I firmly believe we have been weak in midfield, technically and mobility wise, since the day xhaka joined. Arteta, not only backed his ability to the hilt, he made him captain and that for me is a big minnus. I can only hope, that for my opinion, Arteta finally demotes xhaka to the bench, which in the prem, that is where i see him. I am just not a xhaka fan. Especially when you think of all the quality midfield players we have had in the last 25 years.

      1. My jibe was at those MA followers, who have a go at anyone bringing up any negatives, while blindly and irrationally having full on puerile attacks regarding some of the players he selects.

        I watched Xhaka on Saturday and he was excellent – that fifth goal (5th or 6th) all happened from one of his many forward passes that cut through their midfield.

        I tend to go with the managers who have backed him to the hilt, but also realize that there are upgrades out there – the “problem” is, Mikel seems happy with what he’s got.

  6. You people should go and published your English, but that man they called O’Hara should go to his former team and give them advice on how to win just one triumph for crying out loud for over 40 years Tottenham Hotspur has never smile a cup what a big sham to the club

  7. O’Hara one word “Tube”

    Believe Mr Brazil and all others think this of him …

    Plank sums him up better

  8. Another agenda against xhaka, not from the pundit but from the poster… Post the complete interview instead of promoting the xhaka hate agenda

  9. Another thing that has been given the team big concern is the officials always against arsenal in a big match and it has be stop, that ref Mr Akison should not be aloud to officiate Arsenal match any longer he hates Arsenal so much

  10. no. doesn’t make sense to let him go this window. AMN is the midfielder that needs to go. Xhaka still has value to the team.

  11. Xhaka is an integral part of the Arsenal team,
    I believe we would get an upgrade for rotation and take over as xhaka wind up his stay at Arsenal fc,

    I really do not fancy Tielemans, what do I know, I’m just an Arsenal fan from Nigeria 🇳🇬, I just hope Arsenal finishes strong in the top tier this season.

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