“I think Manchester City will win the league.” Neville still doesn’t believe in Arsenal

Gary Neville watched as Arsenal swept aside Manchester United to win 3-2 yesterday when both clubs faced each other in the Premier League and still does not believe the Gunners can win the title.

There are almost 20 more matches to play, but Arsenal has been in remarkable form and that win makes them even harder to rule out in the race.

However, the Gunners have remained one of the bottlers of leads in the past, which still creates doubts in the minds of pundits and fans.

Neville is one of them and the Englishman insists Manchester City can still come back to catch the Gunners before this term finishes.

He said via The Sun:

“I don’t see them going on to win the league.

“I think Manchester City will win the league because I just think that what they’ve got in them is a special run, Manchester City.

“I think that at a point in the season, Arsenal will lose one or two matches and City will be right on their shoulders and it will become very difficult for them.”

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It is good when people underestimate you because that gives you less pressure from expectations.

Our mindset must remain that we want to earn a top-four place because this will free our players from the heat of a title race.

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  1. It doesn’t surprise me
    Forget his football connections but the general consensus would still be that City have a winning mentality that goes back some years. Arsenal’s is still at the fledgling stage
    All that bugs me about GN is the way he expresses his opinion. He just about leaves the door ever so slightly open for the unlikely event of an Arsenal triumph. I don’t buy that it’s ours to lose but I’d like to think that our boys have the c*j*n*s to not collapse. Jamie Redknapp was much kinder

  2. Why is he so sure that Arsenal can’t beat City in both games we have to play them, the last game at the emerites the referee Atwell won them that game and now we are much better now, anyway for some one like him that supported ole behind the wheel, explains his deep knowledge of the game

    1. I mean…. I was thinking this too. How is he so sure we won’t beat them twice even? Right now I’m not scared of them. They may have better depth, but with our first 11 we’re the better team at the moment. The table doesn’t lie

  3. Clearly City have a bigger and better squad. If we can keep Saka, Partey and Odegard fit we should do it but the long term loss of one or more of those would be a problem. City do have the same problem with Haland, they have become very dependent on him for goals.

    1. We already had Jesus going out for months. What do you think will happen if City also lose De Bruyne, Haaland and Rodri.

  4. I’ve got no problem with what Neville said when asked yesterday. To be honest, I think lots of us think ManC has the inside track. What has bothered me for the last while is that, until yesterday he was dismissing Arsenal as not even in the conversation. That’s just silly.

    Yesterday I was more bothered by his misrepresentation of Arteta’s action leading to his yellow card. Arteta didnt run 15 metres to harangue the 4th official, he was barely out of his box and he wasn’t complaining about excessive force he was complaining about repeated fouls.

    Anyway, Keane shut him up after the game and I should probably lower my expectations.

    1. Good points.
      It is not unreasonable to believe that Man City will prove too difficult to hold off. There is a long way to go yet. Arsenal simply have to keep going as best possible winning as many games as possible.
      Whatever the case we are playing some of the best football in the PL, and probably Europe.

  5. This is how Gary Neville makes his money. What does he know he wasn’t a good player himself. Arsenal will prove him wrong and he will be singing a different tune then.

  6. On another note just seen speculation that we are enquiring at the American McKinney. In the World Cup I thought the 3 American midfielders McKinney, adams and Musah all looked young hungry and energetic and if coached right could be future stars. Just not sure which one would suit arsenal best. I also think Aronson at Leeds has a lot of potential.

    1. I think those 3 midfielders are also pretty good and seemingly slip under the radar. They held their own against England’s midfield.

      I think there is a good value to be had with their transfer, so hope Arsenal look into the possibility.

      Musah is my preference of the 3; his versatility as a DM, B2B, and can play on the wings as he did for us before he left our club.

      Musah has a lot of potential and a battery like Alexis Sanchez.

  7. Shock horror, someone thinks a team other than Arsenal will win the league! It’s his opinion, where’s the controversy?

      1. Don’t be ridiculous, he had nothing but praise for them against Man U , his old team. He said he wanted Arsenal to win the league but thought that City will.

  8. Not what was said by Neville last night, exactly. If you listen to exactly what he says, in full context, it is his opinion and he give good reasons. He doesn’t want city to win the league, he want Arsenal of the two but City are one of the beast teams in the world, yes beast, with the best manager, he says at some point if Arsenal lose a couple, they will hunt them down. Well that is logic to me. City have been there, Arsenal haven’t. So if none of us think City cant or wont hunt us down. We’ve won the league, well done. Some people are very good at twisting what was actually said.

      1. By the way GB, i also think we have a fighting chance to win the league but i am realistic and appreciate the job left to win it.

        1. Me too, I think we have a great chance but are only half way through the season and we have to play City twice.

  9. States the bleeding obvious? This man should have no value as a pundit, don’t give him oxygen to spread more drivel.

  10. This current Arsenal team is only after winning the next game and will continue to do so…when it comes to the end of the season the cup will be given to the team on the number one spot. So it doesn’t matter if Man City are the favorites or not ..it doesn’t matter if they’ve got all the experience. Arsenal’s success this season is in their own hand and it’s their opportunity to grab or waste. So we should not care about what other sides are saying. What matters is what we are saying as a Team and fans of this great club.

  11. I think Gary Neville is in serious denial of the fact that Arsenal are doing a lot better than his Manchester United, and the fact that they are in contention for the title this term… wake up & accept reality Gary.


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