“I think my worst professional time to date” Willian admits Arsenal difficult spell

Willian has admitted that his poor spell at Arsenal has been the toughest time of his career.

The Brazilian spent seven largely successful years at Chelsea before making the move across London on a free transfer in the summer.

The Gunners agreed to give him a three-year deal, something that Chelsea refused to offer him.

It was a move that most fans didn’t think made sense considering that the winger was over the age of 30.

However, Mikel Arteta took a chance on him as the Spaniard needed experienced heads in his team.

Willian started his Arsenal career by starring with a couple of assists in a 3-0 win over Fulham in his first Premier League game for them.

However, the assists dried up after that game and he came under serious criticism because the Gunners were also not doing well.

The attacker has now admitted that it was a tough time for him and claims he hasn’t experienced something similar since he started his professional career.

‘It really was a very difficult start, apart from that first game against Fulham, where I had a good performance, I managed to make a good game,’ Willian said in an interview with ESPN Brazil.

‘Even after that game there were some games that we won, I even had a good game, but then we ended up getting a bad streak.

‘I also got a bad streak and I think my worst professional time to date, since I went up at Corinthians and was sold to Ukraine, then I arrived at Chelsea, without a doubt. This phase that passed now was the worst time that I think I lived as a professional.

‘Of course, when you live in a difficult moment, you get really upset and try to find solutions, a way to improve, try to help the team.

‘That’s what I’ve been doing all this time, I never stopped training, to work, to dedicate myself as much as possible.

‘It took a little while to leave, but lately in the last games I’ve been playing well again, standing out with assists, playing well. So I’m happy to be back to find my good football.’

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  1. mish says:

    form is temporal …..class remain permanent, waiting to celebrate your first Arsenal goal….

    who knows maybe …you might bag the winner against the Merseyside after the break.

  2. Armoury says:

    Willian can admit that he’s not doing well, but some Arsenal fans will bite your head off if you say Willian is not playing well

  3. jon fox says:

    Sorry to cut throught the clapotrap but what we are talking about here is basically down to him CHOOSING not to work hard enough.

    So many times those who are considered out of form are simply not putting in enough effort. I can forgive genuine poor form while someone is givingit all they can give and busting a gut for the team.
    But no one with eyes that work properly can claim that Willian has worked hard enough most of this whole season.

    The commitment to hard work involves having backbone and character. Tierney has it in spades; Willian Auba and esp Ozil do not.
    Simple as that. I believe in cutting to the chase and telling it as it IS and not making excuses for idle players.

  4. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    It’s about time reality set in and Willian offered up a pseudo-apology for his underwhelming performances this season, but frankly I don’t blame him near as much as I blame Arteta for his short-sighted pursuit of this obvious “luxury” purchase…all players experience downturns in form, unfortunately in this case it was a double-whammy of sorts, since he wasn’t needed in the first place, so any struggles where invariably going to be highlighted more than one might usually expect if the circumstances were different, like with Pepe, who was much younger, not readymade and coming to a new League

  5. Gunner4life says:

    Willian put his feet up after game 1. He was not fit enough as he didn’t put the effort in. Eventually MA removed him from team but continually brought him not, not because he added anything but because it was his player. MA should be fair to all players, Pepe has, does and will offer more of a goal threat but is overlooked. William has a reputation for free kicks but so far he left that at Chelsea and as for goals from open play wow ( excellent work by his agent). Nelson couldn’t get near the squad even while Willian was pants. MA should of removed him from the squad until he got his desire back.

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