“I think the team needs a different identity” Campbell happy to see Xhaka leave Arsenal

Kevin Campbell has openly expressed his happiness that Arsenal is set to offload Granit Xhaka.

The Swiss midfielder has been at the Emirates since 2016 and has remained one of the most important players at the club since he joined them from Borussia Monchengladbach.

He almost left the club at the start of last year after he had fallen out with the fans in 2019.

The arrival of Mikel Arteta changed that after the Spaniard convinced him to remain.

He has been an important member of the team under the manager, but he may have played his last game for the club.

AS Roma has identified him as an important signing for Jose Mourinho and the Italians have been persistent in their efforts to sign him.

Football Insider claims Roma could complete a move for him by Friday because they want him as their first signing of the summer.

Campbell said Xhaka is influential in the dressing room, but he doesn’t seem to have made any impact to deserve that much respect for the five years he has been at the club.

Campbell told Football Insider “I think the team needs a different identity.

“How much influence does Xhaka have on that dressing room?

“Let’s be honest, he is not the greatest player. People look up to him in the dressing room and I’m not sure why. Is it because of his leadership or it is just because he is one of the most senior players?

“He has not achieved much in his five years a the club. A player that has not been a standout but wields a lot of power.

“I think this is a good thing that he is moving on, I really do. There needs to be a shift in the dressing room. Arteta needs better players in that midfield.”  

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  1. I think Xhaka is a fantastic guy and definitely has some good leadership qualities but I agree with Campbell.

  2. There’s a issue with player entitlement at Arsenal that needs to be eradicated, and Xhaka leaving would help.

    These players failed Wenger, Emery, Arteta and the fans.

    I mean you have AMN now doing interviews mouthing off without considering the club the the fans, Guendouzi and Xhaka making cheeky comments publicly, enough is enough.

    We need change

    1. But then please don’t go for Ramsey. Just watch the Swiss beat the Welsh, Xhaka beating Ramsey.

  3. Xaka is not a great player. Xaka is bang average. He doesn’t score . He doesn’t assist. He can recycle the ball but thats about it. We need a great cm someone with spark and flair who can score a goal. Carry the ball. And pick out a cracking pass.

    We need quality and not questionable quality. Lets not forget how many blunders xaka has made because he has made alot.

    1. If you disagree with his opinion then counter it with your own. Don’t just hurl insults. That’s just plain silly.

      Xhaka can pass the ball nicely but he doesn’t suit the English game at all. He’s too slow and gets caught out too many times.

    1. Are you joking or u are laughing? May be u are enjoying his transfer secretly otherwise our system is not good for him. let him try elsewhere since he is a good player

  4. just another reason, on top of the other OBVIOUS reasons, why this Swiss “miss” needs to be sent packing…maybe someday he’ll write a book that offers some valuable insight into why this underwhelming player continuously haunted our starting lineup year after f’ing year…if we want any real answers let’s hope he doesn’t use the same editor as Wenger did in his Seinfeld-esque book about nothing

    1. I have never been into autobiographies and as I wade through AW’s one, I will make a note not to buy one in the future. I have to read it as it was a gift from my son, but gripping it isn’t.

  5. Granit Xhaka came to Arsenal in 2016 – the first year we finished outside top 4 since 95-96. Ever since then we have been sliding further and further down. While that speaks for itself, one could also write a book four times the length of the Bible about his disciplinary issues.

    I will celebrate the day Xhaka leaves like no other day.

    I blame him for the poor performances, for Wenger’s downfall and for that goddamn cat outside my window every morning.

    1. Always looking for the fall guy.

      He missed villareal 2nd leg and u could see how toothless we are.

      Dont just type with hate…cos i know u dont even play soccer. Just doing d coaching by ur tv set

  6. There’s always an end to a story… that of Granit Chaka & Arsenal hopefully as reported is coming to an end finally.
    We’ve experienced the good, bad & ugly part of his game which didn’t really elevate us as a Club for 5years now, so on that note I SAY GOODBYE GRANIT XHAKA for your time here, WE DESERVE BETTER!

  7. Get these guys in:
    Onana, Emerson, that anderlecht midfielder, Pereira of wba, bissouma, another left back that kid from hibs, reintegrate saliba, willock, promote azeez.
    Sell the following:
    Xhaka,bellerin, amn, willian, nketiah, nelson.
    Next sack arteta , reason he is too vindictive and cold hearted and has bad personel management skills which Wenger is known for.

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