I think we can safely forget about Hector Bellerin going to Barcelona now….

Every summer nowadays there are the usual Arsenal transfer rumours linking Hector Bellerin with a move back to his native Barcelona, and they even resurfaced this year despite the young Spaniard signing an extended long term contract with the Gunners earlier this season.

The rumours started when Bellerin’s sister and parents decided to return to Spain and it was reported that the 22 year old didn’t want to be apart from his family, but he has now given a new interview with Arsenal.com explaining that he is now a grown man and is very proud of his achievements at Arsenal. “It’s been two and a half years in the first team now,” Bellerin said. “So obviously the first season was just about trying to get as many games as you can. It’s just literally been about enjoying it and showing everyone what you can do.

“Last season was about cementing myself in the first-team squad and I’m glad that the boss gave me a chance to do that. This season is about just making sure that I can hold my spot.

“I think I’ve grown up as a person in these two and a half years. A lot of situations have happened in my life so I’ve grown up a lot and I feel more like I’m not that kid anymore.

“I’ve grown up in so many ways and I consider myself a man and now ready to play first-team football any time of the day.

“I feel older than 22 but I think I felt like that my whole life. I was that kind of kid. Maybe because I was just good at playing football I was always chilling with the older guys. I’ve never really got on with the people my age group in school.

“I’ve always been with older people, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but I felt really proud when I played my 100th game for Arsenal. For me it was a massive thing and to do it at 21 or 22 is even bigger.”

So that sounds like he is now big enough and ugly enough to be able to survive without his family around him. He has been in London a long time and it is probably about time he let go of his mother’s apron anyway. And Barcelona is only a couple of hours on a plane when he fells like visiting his old hometown again.

So can we now put the Barcelona rumours to bed please….



  1. Hope so. We need to keep him
    Bellerin is an excellent defender
    If Barcelona wants him, he’s gotta be good.

  2. How annoying is it when you hear from Barcelona, When they use propaganda through there players saying he is from Barcelona he is our player originally, Its another way of tapping up players and they are the masters of it.

  3. Yawn, unless Barca offer a straight swap for Suarez Arsenal aint parting ways with the young Spaniard.

    *Monaco rejects Lemar bid
    *Wenger refusing to meet Lyons asking price for Lacazette.
    *Sanchez inching closer and closer to a reunion with Pep
    *Ozil requesting a clause in his $280K week raise that stipulates defensive responsibility is optional.
    *Ox is demanding first team assurances ahead of Russia 2018.
    *Giroud still believes he should be first choice striker
    *Arsenal preparing another extension for Jack Wheelchair, probably of a lifetime variety.
    *Ramsey in line for an astronomical raise to dissuade potential suitors West Brom, Cyrstal Palace and Watford. Lol
    The list of Arsenal deadwoods continues to be long and distinguished

    In Wenger we Trust

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