“I think we could get better if I’m honest.” Pundit says Arsenal should name a top manager like Zidane or Conte

Darren Bent has urged Arsenal to hire a top manager as their next boss as they struggle under the leadership of Mikel Arteta.

The Gunners gave their managerial job to Arteta in 2019 after sacking Unai Emery at the start of the 2019/2020 campaign.

He ended the campaign by winning the FA Cup and started the next one by winning the Community Shield.

He was backed in the last summer transfer window as the Gunners looked to build on those achievements.

But Arteta’s inexperience and other factors saw them struggle in the just-concluded campaign and finished it outside the European places, a first in 25 years for the club.

They will likely give Arteta another year to prove himself, but Bent wants them to go all out and name a top manager like former Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte or Zinedine Zidane.

He, however, admitted that it will be hard for them to get one of those top bosses to come to the Emirates.

Discussing the North London club on talkSPORT, Bent said: “I think we could get better if I’m honest.

“I’m not quite sure about the Zidane appointment because he fell into a situation with the best players in the world and won three Champions Leagues.

“Pochettino is never going to go to Arsenal because of his Spurs ties.

“Conte is probably someone where you go, ‘Yeah, I wouldn’t mind him’, but I think he’d end up taking a bigger job because he’s a top manager.

“He won the league in England with Chelsea and then went back to Italy to win the league with Inter Milan.

“What would he come to Arsenal for? What are the benefits?”

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      1. To me he’s a spud and always will be

        I just cant for the life of take anyone seriously thatclaims to be a gooner and play for the spuds

  1. I think changing of ownership at Arsenal will bring glory and hiring top managers like Conte and more another Arsenal can be top class team 8n world

  2. More negative opinions about Arsenal and our manager. Do we get a success guarantee with the next manager? Should we risk throwing our money away 🔴⚪️

    1. We are literally throwing our money under this manager who has shown plenty of times this season he is not up to the job.

      1. Start to read some statistic 👍
        I’m really looking forward to our next season, I’m really optimistic. Our fan base is like a muppet show 🤣🤣

    2. well we’ve done nothing but throw away money since Wenger left. What exactly are you so afraid of? We threw money towards Emery who is obviously a talented manager, but could barely speak a lick of English, and now we have a total amateur who never previously coached any match leading us out of Europe. Oh, but lets be afraid of getting a top manager who has already won EPL and is one of the best on the market. A serious club would’ve sacked Arteta and poached Conte.

    3. There we go again, a fan with a failure mentality. Throwing away our money? Chelsea just won champions league immediately they dished a rookie manager. How long have you been supporting Arsenal? Are you aware that this club is not supposed to be a mid table team? please with Arteta Arsenal are still joking.

      1. Get some perspective m8 before writing pathetic nonsense to me. You can’t compare us with Chelsea. They don’t have a sustainable business model, nor do they have Kroenke as their owner. In addition do they have much more resources than us. We do really have a clueless fan base 🤣🤣

      2. I have been supporting Arsenal since 1971 👋👋

        Arsenal released their financial results for the year ended May 31 2020, revealing their losses after taxation totaled £47.8m. It’s a worrying figure for the club that will only get worse.

  3. Love d concerns of Darren Bent!! So good we have got a Big name Arsenal Fan like him!!
    Said it b4, Arteta shows some glimpses of a great coach but somehow strides towards Mediocrity or average results!!
    This is due to too much of Fear, caution and pleasing his Masters in d Board!!
    He seem afraid of Xhaka, Auba, Laca, David Luiz(who’s now gone), Edu, Kroenke and even d Fans@NorthLondon!!
    Once he overcomes fear, He will b a World-beater!!
    Look@Mourihno, Conte, Klopp, etc@40yrs of age!!
    They are Confidence-Monsters and it helped dier jobs n team results!!..
    I expect alot from MA in the Upcoming season!!
    An EPL title!! Nothing Less!!
    By October, we should be Ist in the Epl table with@least4-6 points ahead.
    If we re still battling 5-6 on d Log, He should be SACKED quickly like Frank Lampard!!
    But I bliv in him and Arsenal!!

    1. Arteta has so much in his artillery as a coach/manager, but focuses too much on the opposition like his friend Pep.. Seen how he blew up City’s first CL glory because of overthinking? 😁

    2. I don’t know where u get ur confidence from, but I like dat. Its gud to here something like dat from an arsenal fan, winning the EPL next season is not bad but with wot players? Kroenke need to cheque out at least 100m, plus players sales, we are gud to go. But without serious business in this summer transfer window, I wont be surprise to see arsenal in no8 for third consecutive time next season.

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