“I think you see” Declan Rice defends Mikel Arteta over his outburst

Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice has defended Mikel Arteta after the gaffer expressed his frustration at the end of their match against Newcastle United.

The Gunners lost the game due to decisions they believe were poor, as the ball had gone out of play and Gabriel was pushed in a clear foul before Newcastle scored.

Despite a lengthy VAR check, the officials did not spot anything wrong and awarded the goal, which infuriated Arteta.

After the game, he insisted it was a disgrace that a mistake like that could happen in the Premier League.

The Arsenal boss has been criticized for his rant after the game, and the Gunners put out a statement supporting their manager.

Rice has added his support and said the boys loved his reaction.

The English midfielder said, as quoted by Goal:

“We love it. I think you see how passionate he is. He sometimes gets criticised for how he is on the sidelines, but he is living the game through us.

“He’s so energetic and the way he speaks, he’s like a teacher the way he is in the changing room with us – and that really fires us up for the game and I think that’s what he’s really good at.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is great to see that Arteta has the support of everyone, including the fans, and this is exactly what we want as a club.

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  1. The “Just Arsenal Opinion” sums it up perfectly for me.
    Long may it continue – the support that is!!

  2. I have to laugh in rather hollow fashion at the concept that there is such a thing as “Just Arsenal Opinion” (which excludes we fans).

    Does anyone seriously believe the inhouse people who run JA , ALL THINK THE EXACT SAME AS EACH OTHER, TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME? The idea is nonsense and meaningless.

    It is either Martins or Pats or whomsoeve wrote the articles individual opinion only. And THAT is the reality. So called “Just Arsenal Opinion” therefore is simply a device and has no meaning in reality!

    1. Of course it does you Drama Queen!!
      It doesn’t exclude you, because you’ve just given your opinion!!
      Mind you, some of what you write has no place in reality, so I guess there is a measure of agreement my lovely!!

      1. “Of course WHAT does”? Are you trying to suggest that ALL inhouse writers think exactly the same thing every time? If you are, it is you KEN who need to face lifes reality.

        If that is NOT what you meant , then perhaps you will explain in, clear fashion, what it was you say “of course it does” about!

        I will ignore the “drama queen” and “my lovely”insults as I am used to your jibes by now.

        1. As I am with yours JON.

          The words “Of course it does” pertain to your words (“which excludes we fans”) after which you give your opinion

          As SOMEONE writes every single article that appears on Just Arsenal, they are giving their opinion and then invite anyone, who wants to, to give theirs!!

          That’s also why I typed “Drama Queen” because you nearly always make a mountain out of a molehill and, as in this article, while not addressing the content, but rather try to belittle it!!

        2. Stop fighting lads, don’t make me send you to your room.
          Any excuse for an argument you two…
          Since you both like a good old tangent to skip down on, may I just reiterate that Neville,Owen, and Carra all have an agenda and frequently have Howard Webb on their insipid boring show.
          No further questions your honour…

  3. At some point Howard Webb has to do more than just apologizing, he has to make a concerted effort to fix the problem.

    His leadership is into question, as that’s one of the main factors why the officiating and officials are in constant disrepute week in week out, he should do the honourable thing since the job is bigger than him.

  4. When Mike Dean admitted he ignored a blatant foul on VAR duty i think that proved its not VAR technology which is causing so many problems it’s Howard (I’m sorry) Webb and his team who at best are incompetent and at worst dishonest like Dean.
    A complete investigation should be conducted into the suitability of the people currently in charge of VAR.

    1. I have just submitted an article regarding var Stan and Gunsmoke – if it’s approved, would like to see your views, as I agree 100% with yours!!

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