“I want to apologise to everyone” Xhaka breaks his silence

Granit Xhaka has apologised for his red card against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg last night.

The Swiss midfielder was sent off very early in the game as Arsenal looked to earn a good first-leg advantage.

It isn’t the first time he has been red-carded for a rash decision on the field and it probably won’t be the last.

Thankfully, his early sending off didn’t result in the Gunners losing the match with the remaining 10 players battling hard to stay in the game.

After the fixture, the midfielder, who was also sent off against Manchester City earlier in the season, tendered an apology on his Instagram page.

He posted an image of himself and captioned it: “I want to apologise to everyone. I am so proud of my team and the spirit that they showed to keep a clean sheet tonight.”

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To be fair, most of us are not surprised that the next Arsenal player to be sent off was Xhaka.

The midfielder is one of the most experienced members of our first team, yet he makes so many poor decisions on the field.

It is hard to see him change his ways. We can only hope he doesn’t earn any more red cards this season. He already has two in this campaign.

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  1. What is the point of saying sorry, when you will repeat it again, the team looked so tired and depleted because of your antics, and if we play Sunday, it may backfire on us costing us a potential fourth spot. You are supposed to be one of the older players helping the young players but all you do is hindered every time, it is time for you to go. You are a disgrace to the team and a joke to the fans. Why Arteta stopped you from leaving and gave you an extension on your contract is beyond many fans. Can’t tackle, can’t run, can’t lead. Leave and let the team progress as you are holding the team back,

    1. A bit unfair surely. I mean to say, apart from being useless slower than a statue, as mobile as as an ocean goingliner and as stupid as No VACC JOKOVIC, he has many talents. He can wallpaper a room, he can cut the grass, he can help his wife with the shoping and change a nappy with the best of them.

      And his piece de resistance, a beautifully timed kick in an opponents chest to earn another red card is a thing of beauty to watch.

      And to cap it all he has the biggest red card selection in Arsenal history. So you are being a tad unfair to criticise him.
      Sarcasm, you say? Oh surely not!!

    1. Declan, would you consider that “cheating” oh great master of the unbiased perspective???

      1. Apparently we only have 2 positive cases 🤔
        Arteta is bringing out the Afcon excuse even though we are only missing one player in partey because the other 3 don’t play .
        Unfortunately this is what happens when you play with 10 men for 65 mins and have a game 70 hours later, injures have occurred and not properly planning for January in advance as now come back to haunt us .
        If the above is true about the 2 cases we will be a very lucky team if this gets called off .

        1. Why cry about Liverpool if we are going to end up doing same. I love Arsenal to the core but the request should be rejected. Arteta’s squad mismanagement led us here. You have players go for AFCON and still loan out players. We brought this upon ourselves.

  2. He was playing the ball all the way. It was not too high, not to the head and Jota was seeing an opportunity to get fouled, he did not back off he ran onto it. The over the top is much harder to defend than a through ball. Foul yes, free kick yes, red card no- played ball and was not high, yellow card for dangerous play.

    1. You dont understand the rules of football. It might help you understand if you had the time to at least have a grasp of them. And i dont know of a professional footballer Arsenal or other who hasnt said it wasn’t a red, all have.

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