“I wanted to use Arsenal to make money” Arsenal dodge bullet after Nigerian billionaire comments

Arsenal fans are fighting hard to ensure their team is sold by Stan Kroenke and bought by a new owner who has their interests at heart.

Kroenke is one of the most unpopular owners of a Premier League side and some Arsenal fans believe he owns the club just to make money.

They have been keen for him to sell up and leave, but they have to be careful what they wish for.

This is because Nigerian billionaire, Orji Uzor Kalu, who had attempted to buy the club previously, has just revealed that he only wanted to do that because he would make good money from owning it.

The administrator who made Enyimba of Aba a continental powerhouse when he was Abia state governor said he isn’t an Arsenal fan and only wanted to buy the club to run it for profit just like any other business.

“Honestly I’m not an Arsenal fan, I wanted to use Arsenal to make money because it’s business,” Kalu told reporters via All Nigerian Soccer

 “I put a bid before and asked them to sell the club, they were not serious in selling the club.

 “I pray that they will listen to voice of nature, I sent them an interest, they just replied me and said we will come back.

 “I think this is what the problem is, we were serious, backed up by one of the biggest banks in America to do this bid.”

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  1. Dodged a bullet? How is this guy any worse than the owner we already have that only uses Arsenal as a business to make money? At least Daniel Ek is an Arsenal fan, which is more than we could ever have said about the Kronks, who are “not in it to win championships”.

  2. The sad thing is arsenal can be used for both.

    Let’s have a look at teams like City. They have increased hugely in the amount of revenue over the past 10 years. Why increase in fans who come from an increase in trophies which come from an increase in investment.

    Its not difficult to comprehend. Arsebak owners need a plan and need to laugh the right men on place.

    1. Get a proven manager
    2. Get a proven youth manager
    3. Get a proven director of football
    4. Get arsenal legends and icons
    5. Spend the money put in as much as u can for 1 or 2 seasons. We saw society do it and we saw Chelsea do it.
    6. Engage with the fans. Send representation every few months

    Not difficult but requires thinking and willingness to investigate.

    1. City doesnt have much fan base….its in the media

      They may have signed multiple players but they dont spend over 70m for a player

      They have signed little known players too

      Proven manager doesnt gurantee anything…

      Look at Mourinho and Ancellotii? as well as Solsjaer, Ranieri and Moyes

      its about having a good scout and signing the right players and not spending as much money…

      Bayern and Leicester did not spend much…they have cheap buys and free transfers too…

      What you are suggesting is the club to become PSG……

      A Fifa 21 squad….a squad full of big name big tag players

  3. It doesn’t mater how much you support Arsenal if you spend 2 billion+ you want to see some financial returns, in the case of our Kroenke he may not have taken any money out but he has made huge profit on the value of our club,

    he pretty much paid for the stadium by being in the CL and selling our top players buying flops like Chamakh, santos, Suarez, Gervinho, Park chu-young, Yaya Sanogo to name a few, this is where he failed by buying cheep unproven players when at the time top players were being sold for around £35 million, within couple of years those top players prices quadrupled, Kroenke realized we could no longer stay in the top four with dead wood but we needed to change the whole team to challenge for top four, so now it will take at least a decade to buy decent players to challenge for the top four, thank god we have truly talented young players coming through the academy which saved us a few years of funding

    1. Chamakh was not a flop…he became lazy, started partying and lost interest…

      Did you watch when he first started? replacing RVP and was on a scoring streak…..

      Gervinho was a talent but lack team work and determination….lost interest

      Sanago was a talent but another Diaby…..injuries and he lost his determination and interest

      Park was not really tested as it appeared Wenger was not interested in him….. A cheap buy by Gazidis as Wenger needed a striker….

      Santos…..typical Brazilian…….downhill after initial achievement

      Suarez another player was not really tested frequently enough ….probably signed to provide experience cover

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