‘I was really sad’ Arteta reacts to Steve Bruce’s abuse revelations

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has lent some support to Steve Bruce after the former Newcastle United manager revealed the horrific abuse he suffered while managing the Magpies.

Bruce was never popular with the Newcastle fans and they wanted him out as soon as they made him their manager.

But the former Manchester United defender stayed on and tried to help them with the support of the club’s former owner, Mike Ashley.

According to The Daily Mail, Bruce doubts if he would return to management because of the strain his last job had on his family life.

Arteta says if a manager who has over 40 years of experience in the game as a player and manager can be affected by the abuse, then things have to change.

He asks for the change to happen just as we all have been asking for more safety for fans and the end to racism, and the Spaniard says it has to start now.

Arteta said as quoted in the same report: ‘I was really sad after reading that statement from Steve. First of all because I know him personally and secondly with what he transmitted in his words.

‘You’re talking about somebody who has been in the game over 40 years as a player and manager, that has managed over 1000 games and he is telling you, with that experience, with that level of expertise that he has because you have [to have that] to sustain it at that level, that he struggles with that kind of situation.

‘So I think we have to reflect how we can’t take for granted and accept certain things because they are how they are.

‘No. We are here as well to improve them and change them like we do with any rules, with anything that we want to improve for our supporters, fans, stadiums, facilities, broadcast.

‘Why don’t we spend more time and we have an open table to discuss how we can do that because I think we have to think about that. One of the most experienced managers in English history is telling you that. You can’t just ignore that.

‘For me it is a very serious statement and it is something that has to change. It has to start to change.’

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  1. Arteta should be more concerned about his team’s piss poor outing against Palace at the Emirates.

    He should vent his energy to plan well against aston villa and avoid another poor outings.
    His reaction to the ways and manner Bruce was treated should not be his major concern for now..

    Or, is the apprentice already scared that arsenal fans may treat him the same way?

  2. With £8 million pounds in the bank, i wouldn’t come back either. BUT im sure he will, i would take all the abuse thrown for that money.

  3. A great article, showing concern for a manager who, daily, had to take abuse from sick, thick and d**k fans.

    I look forward to seeing articles that show such empathy for our managers, Unai Emery, Arsene Wenger and now Mikel Arteta.

  4. no doubt Arteta would lean into this narrative…it’s part of the job, always has been and always will be…unfortunately things have been exacerbated during this age of social media

  5. Probably feels guilty that he’s doing a rotten job and his job is safe and Bruce got the boot. Lose to Villa tomorrow night then surely that has to be it.

    1. No chance that’ll happen, Kev (He’s going to come good, remember?!!!)
      If we do lose tomorrow though, the Emirates will be toxic!!

      1. Haha come good he’s waiting on his muse to strike Sue 😂 your probably right Reggie we have the most incompetent board and owner.

        1. On the minus side Kev if that were to happen it would be 4 losses in 9 games. On the plus side 1 defeat in 6 games, depends how you look at it. A win is the bare minimum because of where we are, another draw or another defeat would be disastrous.

        2. 2 years in and I thought we’d see some consistency by now… although 8 games played; 7 (yikes) goals scored/12 conceded – hardly dissimilar to last season, is it??!!

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