I was skeptical about Arteta’s dropping Ramsdale but now I get it

Ex Arsenal Invincibles legend Jens Lehmann, who made over 200 appearances for the Gunners in the early 2000’s has come out and had his say over the goal keeping situation at Arsenal and what’s transpired this season between Aaron Ramsdale and David Raya. The German legend has come out and criticized Arteta’s choice in switching goal keepers at the start of the season, saying this;

Lehmann said in the Mirror: “I never ever understood the Ramsdale decision. If you have a good, brave English keeper at a big English club doing well and then you bring in a Spanish guy who has never played for a big club at that level – it just doesn’t make sense.”

“The ‘keeper is the most important position in the team. If I were Ramsdale, I don’t know how I would react because it’s not easy at that age. When you’re older, it’s different.”

Personally, I was very sceptical on replacing Raya and I still think the way Areta did it was wrong, but that’s football and when it comes to a position like the goalkeeper, you have to make stern decisions. There’s only one keeper that starts every game and it can be a hard position to play and stay happy in, because at the end of the day, every player just wants to play.

As I said, I think Arteta could have gone about the situation in a different manner and could have done things better, but when I sit back and look at the big picture now, I get it. Raya brings something that Ramsdale just doesn’t have and hopefully we can see Ramsdale move on to another club and get the game time he deserves.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. Raya was (or will be )an unnecessary buy IMO ,I would understand if he was a big upgrade but from what I’ve seen no chance .
    Ramsdale was hard done helping the team to 2nd last season then just dropped .
    It wouldnt surprise me if Arteta goes in again for new keeper this season ,he goes through them like Katie price with her men .

      1. Skeptical at the beginning but Raya has proved many doubters wrong. He actually brings something extra to the team, which the modern game requires. However, some of his howlers are avoidable

    1. Raya is better on the crosses put across his goal, while ramsgate is uncomfortable with crosses which makes him bad and the team conceded so many simple goals. Arteta was right ✅️ 👌

    2. IMO, a typical lack of perspective. We have one of the best defensive units in world football. Raya’s all round decision making, claim of crosses, passing and box command are better than Ramsdale’s and have contributed significantly to this defensive balance.
      The GK’s position is not just that of a shot stopper.

    3. No doubt, there is a saying: “Once an opportunity is lost, it can never be regain,” but there is no permanent position. Hence who ever feel agreave in any situation has the right to move on or stay for any possible change of heart in any circumstances.

      Keeper’s position can be ‘Contestable, for one reason or the other.

  2. Arteta position droping Ramsdale for Raya will only be justified if Arsenal improve on last year standing by winning the Premier league.

    1. The fact that Arsenal’s defence perform better than last season was mostly the effort from Saliba being fit and solid, absence of Zinny and Rice’s interception. Raya rarely has any huge moment except making up a few by himself with error conceding unnecessary goal.

  3. It still grates me what Arteta did, Ramsdale had had a great season, Raya is not an obvious upgrade and considering his short stature I don’t think he’s a better shotstopper. Obviously Raya was bought for his distribution, but Ramsdale could have improved that part of his game over a season or 2.

    1. Our defensive setup is the best it’s been under Arteta. It’s probably as good as it’s ever been since Arsenal have been at the Emirates and compares to any in Europe.
      Raya has been a major part of that improvement and his all round goalkeeping is better than Ramsdale’s.

    1. I tend to agree and it doesn’t help either GK at this stage
      As Ramsdale hasn’t featured more than a handful of times this season, it’s impossible to know what difference he would make. We are only going on what was.

      For me, it’s not a case of preferring one or the other. Arteta clearly prefers Raya – for how long, I don’t know, but it’s his decision to make.

      On a different tack, although I considered Martinez to be a superior keeper, his antics in Europe may thwart Emery and Aston Villa’s chances of a trophy. That type of behaviour may have been a feature at Arsenal

  4. Raya just won the Goldenn Glove award for most clean sheets this season according to the BBC.

    1. Arteta is the coach and knew exactly what he wants from his goalkeeper. He saw it in Raya, not in Ramsdale. All those criticizing Arteta including Lehmann can choose Ramsdale when they become Arsenal’s coach. Arteta has made his choice and Raya winning the golden glove for the 2023/24 season has proved Arteta right.

      1. Lol.. Cruel analysis. Golden glove won to him by Saliba and Gebriel. Anyone making point should do so and leave Golden gloves alone, we are not dummies here

        1. Do you suggest that he gives the Golden Glove back because he had a great defence in front of him?

          1. Golden is won by a goalie not a defender.
            So, those Raya haters can jump in the sea and swing with the fish.

    2. Raya winning the golden glove for more clean sheets could be debatable.

      Raya had the best defense than Ramsdale …. the Saliba factor in addition to all the improvements within the team like the Rice influence as well. These shifted things in favour of Raya.

      We’ll still support our manager’s judgment on his preference for as long as results make sense though

        1. Declan Rice was not sitting in front of that same defence !

          Also it is Salibas 2nd season and the 2nd season he and Gabriel are playing together.

          People also forget that for the first few games Ramsdale played Arteta didn’t play Gabriel as he wanted Partey at right back….Raya has had a settled defence every game he played

    3. Correct. Only the manager knows the difference depending on his coaching strategy. It has worked for Arteta and the results are clear. For a record arsenal has conceded less than any team in EPL. Just like so many other good players but who don’t fit arsenals , Arteta style of play.

  5. I am a fan of Ramsdale and I felt bad when Arteta brought in another goal keeper. Having done extremely well and taking Gooners to second on the log table. But after seeing what Raya have been doing I have to fall in line with Arteta. Raya is an upgrade of Ramsdale

  6. If I’m not mistaken, Raya’s air ball handling and distribution are slightly better than Ramsdale’s

    I guess his price tag would’ve been justified if it was £20m or less, since he brought us to UCL quarter-final and would likely make us finish in the second place in EPL

    I’d prefer a bigger homegrown GK though

    1. @Gai Raya sincerely has a ball aerial ball handling skilIs better than Ramsdale. A good example is Arsenal last 15 minutes against Spuds.

      However, the way Arteta went about replacing him with Raya wasn’t good at all. The gaffer left the fans with impressions both keepers were going to compete in Epl which wasn’t the case.

      I hope he doesn’t end up like David Degear of ManU if signed.

      If Arsenal wins Epl this season I will rate him absolutely very better than Ramsdale. But in if?

  7. My problem with the arrival of Raya, was that Arteta knew he was going to bring him in before he got Ramsdale to sign a new contract

    So Ramsdale was a prisoner this season because of Arteta!!!

    Next problem?

    What will Arteta do with Havertz if he brings in ISAK.

    I just pray he does not put him back in the midfield!!!

  8. Don’t be Surprised if Arsenal don’t complete Raya signing. Arsenal may still go for a different goalkeeper.

        1. The loan deal places an obligation to buy. To he is technically a permanent Arsenal player.

        2. My info is that we ‘loan’ him because we couldn’t breach FFP by buying, so made the loan deal with an agreement to buy this summer.

  9. Ramsdale is top drawer but considering Mikel’s ideas are quite different from what generally known goalkeeping skills entails, hence his insistence on Raya’s capture, who got what it takes to play the GK’s role in Mikel’s system. Hopefully Ramsdale stays and learn the art, for his own good professionally.

  10. In my opinion, Raya is similar to Edeson, Allison and Onano and that’s the type of goal keepers the gaffer likes.

  11. Raya has made mistake no worse than anything Ramsdale did. He’s also been lucky to play beside a better defence than Ramsdale. A shot stop comparison stat would make good reading. I think both are good with only Raya’s height giving Ramsdale the edge.

  12. Just when you are beginning to get Raya he makes a howler.
    Still unsure about him.

  13. It is not even debatable at this point.

    Raya’s catching, kicking, ball control, control of the box, and not parrying the ball into trouble is leagues better than Ramsdale’s.

    Time to move on!

  14. Only some people in this chat DO NOT understand the full role of a keeper. Too many are focusing on shot stopping alone.
    Raya is a faster study than Ram
    Raya gives his defense more confidence (I don’t know if people understand what that means)
    Rays is more focused
    Raya is better on penalties (which gives the team a different strategy if needed)
    Raya parries less

    And yes, a good defense helps a keeper keep clean sheets or a good shot stopper despite a bad defense or a good shot stopper and defense does that too.

    There are some stats Rammy excels at over Raya. Realize that fine margins can have large consequences. I love Ramsdale but love for players does not win games, performances by players do.

    Yes he started off not looking like an upgrade but look at him now after coaching. Again we are so use to thinking keepers are just for shot stopping. As we grow and learn the game, we as fans get more insight into the role of players and become closer in mind to the manager. Otherwise, we remain with the schoolboy mentality of football.

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