‘I was surprised’ – Invincible slams Arsenal decision to sell youth product

Nwankwo Kanu has slammed Arsenal’s decision to offload Alex Iwobi back in 2019.

The winger left to join Everton in the summer of 2019, despite playing heavily in Unai Emery’s first season with the club.

Iwobi scored six goals and assisted nine in 51 appearances in all competitions in his one season under the now-Villarreal coach, which does question why he was in fact let go.

Then you consider the amount paid by Everton for his signature, £28 Million rising to £34 Million depending on bonuses as reported by the BBC, which tells me the Blues may well have valued him higher than we had.

Fellow Nigerian and former Gunner Kanu claims he believes Arsenal would be better with Iwobi still involved.

‘I was surprised they let Alex Iwobi go when they did,’ Kanu told Ladbrokes at one of their events(via Metro).

‘He was supposed to be a part of this team and I think they’d be a better team with him in it. He’s Arsenal blood and he’s always given his all for the team.

‘He plays at an international level. I believe he’d be much more comfortable in this Arsenal team than he is in the Everton team.’

The former Invincible of 2004 was then quizzed about his thoughts on Arteta and the current campaign. he answered: ‘It’s a difficult one to assess as far as Arsenal’s season is concerned because domestically they aren’t anywhere near what we’re used to seeing, but in Europe they look really strong.

‘The coach did a good job in winning the FA Cup last season but this is a big club, and the expectation of a big club is to win the league.

‘As things stand, you can’t rate Arsenal highly in terms of performances in the Premier League, but if they can win the Europa League, it gives them a good balance, knowing they have struggled in the league.

‘You can’t exactly say that Mikel Arteta is doing an amazing job, but we have to remember he’s in a European semi-final and he’s working hard. He’s not been in charge for very long so it’s tough to judge him too much.’

With the nature of the current campaign, it is definitely difficult to digest everything on our current season, but on Iwobi, I can’t help but believe Saka’s promotion was a by-product of that move and who could be disappointed with that?


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  1. Bias view from Kanu

    -lacked pace
    -poor crosser
    -poor goal contribution
    -poor vision
    -poor movement
    -rarely made overlapping runs into the box

    I think we got lucky with his sale value to be honest

    1. Very lucky
      I’ve seen better wingers playing in a Sunday league game after they have had 10 pints the night before .
      Absolutely did Everton over on this one .

  2. Iwobi is like Gervinho and Gnabry. They are instinctive indvidualists
    who did not fit the pass the ball into the net Arsenal style. But you need some unpredictability some games.
    He would be real useful in our team.
    Pepe is the new Iwobi.
    Who is the better value Iwobi who was free and home grown or Pepe who cost 72 m?

    1. Pepe is superior by a country mile.

      I love Kanu, but he is subjective.
      Iwobi was a friendly, adorable guy, but clearly below Arsenal quality. Pepe is a hell lot better, and maybe not at the required level, there is a good chance he gets there.

  3. SAKA and IWOBI are not connected other than both having played for us. Simple facts are IWOBI WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND WE DID WELL TO GET THE FEE WE DID FOR A VERY MODERATE PREM PLAYER.
    Saka is a different animal entirely, humble, talented and at the start of a stellar career. To be clear, I always thought Iwobi is also agood person but just not a good enough player.

  4. I was expecting him to be groomed to replace Ozil behind our strikers owing to his pace, speed, shot and creativity. Who knows may be we won’t be at the mercy of Real Madrid to acquire MO who most likely appear out of our reach considering His release clause and ambition to prove himself at Madrid.

  5. I wonder the time people will come up here and say saka’s time is up.

    We can confirm that Aubamayang is on list presently.

    Iwobi played well under Emery in Euoropa till he was dropped in the final against Chelsea. He came on to score the only goal.

    Do your best and leave the rest. No matter how you do it, people will still tell you its not enough.

  6. He is an okay player, needs experience and coaching some stuff, had ups and downs.
    For the price reported, it was the best business Arsenal made for years.
    Before you overrate Iwobi, check his numbers for Everton.
    The timing was terrible from Emery since he had no replacement that he wants. Henrick M. was sold, he fell out with Ozil. Willock and Dani C were not yet ready to carry the team on his shoulders.

  7. Iwobi a good person? Fark him. Wenger promoted him from the youth team. Once Emily took over from Wenger, he said the new manager gave better coaching blah blah etc. He is merely a boot licker… pathetic

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