“I will be honest, I don’t know if £100million would be enough” Campbell urges Arsenal to splash the cash

Kevin Campbell has told Arsenal to spend money when the transfer window reopens if they plan to keep building towards becoming a top Premier League club again.

The Gunners have been struggling in recent seasons as they attempt to become a top English team again.

They have made Mikel Arteta the manager to make their team a top side again and they plan to keep backing him in the next transfer window.

Arsenal has spent money in the last few years including on the likes of Nicolas Pepe and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but they still fall short of their aim of a Champions League return.

The Gunners will spend some cash again in the next transfer window and Campbell says £100million will not be enough as it can buy just two top players nowadays and suggests that they double that number to sign better players from the market.

Campbell told Football Insider: “I will be honest, I don’t know if £100million would be enough.

“It would be nice if they could invest £500million!

“£100million does not get you much in the transfer market these days. If you want to sign quality £100million would only get you two decent players. If you want to sign a top, top player like a Grealish you need to be spending £80million.

“If Stan Kroenke would write a cheque for £200million now I would take it. I think that’s how much money needs to be invested into this side to make the challengers again.

“It’s a huge summer for Arsenal.”

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  1. Get some out and get some in, I believe we will have enough money but it’s the recruitment policy I worry about, not the money.

    1. Exactly right Declan. The critical thing is that the available funding is targetted at the areas of greatest deficiency.
      A DM like Yve Bissouma is critical, an ACM to take the pressure off ESR, a back up LB (or promote Joel Lopez) and an upgraded RB (sell Bellerin).

  2. We could get 200 mil and still stuff it up. Our scouting/buying of “established” players is horrific in general.

  3. It amazes me. If we have over £100 mill, does anybody believe Arteta and Edu can be trusted spending it. We couldn’t get Buendía, siho would want to play under Arteta? There is a simple answer that could happen right NOW…Antonio Conte. The last great manager standing. Just get him.

  4. 40m pounds for Buendia
    30m pounds for Bissouma
    45m pounds for Raheem Sterling.

    Chambers Gabriel Mari Tierney

    Partey Bissouma

    Pepe Buendia Sterling


    Sell Guendouzi, Willian, Nketiah (option to buy back) Kolasinac

    I like Odegaard, but I don’t think Real would like to sell him.

    1. So you wI’ll hinder Saka, Pepe and even Martinelli for what? And who will sell u sterling for 45mil? Too much fifa

  5. If we do with less it should be 200m but 100,its a shame, please arsenal mke us hppy nxt season

  6. 100million will do a job.
    Get Pereira for 15mil
    Get Bisouma for 35mil
    Get the Lille RB for 22mil
    Get a LB cover for Tierney for 12mil

    Sell the following players to raise 100 mil
    Xhaka, Guendouzi, Torreira, Niles, Eddie, Elneny, Cedic, etc

    I know we might not spend alot but i also know that our business will show we have learnt some lessons. I really will not be panicking till a week to the opening of the new season f we haven’t done good business by then I will be worried.

  7. Let’s see roughly what money we can get for players; (wages too)

    Torreira £18m (£60k+)
    Guendouzi £17m (£30k+)
    AMN £20m+ (£30k+)
    Kolasnic £8m (£100k)
    Elneny £10m (£50k+)
    Nketiah £15m+ (£20k)
    Bellerin £20m+ (£100k+)
    Willian £8m+ (£200k+)
    Luiz (£100k+) Ødegaard (£50k+)& Danny (£40k) wages also off the books.

    Now this is just roughly adding it up;
    -£750k a week/ over £3m monthly

    This can be used for incoming wages for new players and the money in sales added to whatever we have tonspend this summer should be enough to change the squad abit.

    I havnt even mention Auba or Laca to be sold or Xhaka…

    1. Bissouma £35m
    2. Aouer or Neves £35m
    3. Saliba returns replaces Luiz
    4. Willock returns replaces Cabellos
    5. Balogun in for Eddie
    6. Wing backs LB & RB

    This would be a great start to our summer plans.

  8. I don’t know what Campbell is smoking if really is thinking of spending 500M.
    Even 200M is to much.
    We’re not getting Haaland, Mbappe type of player so why 200M.

    For me 100Million can go far with the addition of players sales.
    With this reasonable sales…
    Kola 2M
    Bellerin 15M
    AMN 15M
    Torreira 10M
    Nketiah 13M
    Laca 20M (If we sign a striker)
    Xhaka 15M (If he don’t agree to sit on bench cos take it or leave it, we gonna need him when Partey, Bissouma and Elneny leave for ACON)
    Willian 2M (If we get a buyer)
    This are reasonable price but I’m sure we can get more for them if we push for more.

    So that is 82M OR 45M if we don’t sell Laca, Xhaka and Willian.

    Onana 10M
    Celik 15M Or better RB Aaron/Hakim 35M
    Back up LB 15M
    Yve Bissouma/Lokonga/Locatelli 35M
    Matheus Pereira/ Ruslan Malinovsky/ 35M
    Patson Daka/Onuachu/Andre Silva 35M

    That’s combined 165M OR 145M and 110M if we don’t buy Aaron/Hakim and a striker. and 5 to 6 players in.

    Selling is 82M OR 45M
    Buying is 165M OR 145M and 110M

    Net spend is 83M if we sell Xhaka, Laca and Willian and still buy Aaron/Hakim

    120M if we buy Aaron/Hakim and still not sell Xhaka, Laca and Willian.(which is the highest spend of all).
    But I don’t see us spending 35M on RB, so our Net spend won’t be more than 100M.

    Personally I would prefer we buy
    Locatelli if we’re selling Xhaka because of ACON and Bissouma if Xhaka is staying or better still buy Bissouma and Lokonga.
    Ruslan Malinovsky(He can mentor Smith Rowe. He also plays like Cazorla and also use both foot)

    Arteta and Edu can decide on RB, LB and STR department all I care.

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