‘I will continue here’ – Mesut Ozil vows to remain at Arsenal until 2021

According to Goal, Arsenal superstar Mesut Ozil has vowed to remain with the Gunners until the end of his contract in the summer of 2021.

Ozil reportedly told beIN Sports that he will ‘continue here for this season and next’. The 31-year-old’s comments should finally put and end to the constant speculation that usually surrounds him.

The World Cup winner has largely looked like a shell of his former self since signing a mammoth £350,000-a-week contract extension two years ago, as per BBC Sport.

Ozil seems to have moved on from his struggles since his former teammate Mikel Arteta was appointed as Arsenal boss. The superstar has started all five of the Spaniard’s games in charge of the Gunners.

Ozil has largely struggled since signing his lucrative deal, though he looks to be finding his feet under Mikel Arteta.

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Here’s what Ozil had to say on his future:

“I’m very pleased with my contract and I will continue here this season and next.

“I can’t tell you what the future will bring, I’m excited about the future, but I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

After facing intense scrutiny and being in the spotlight constantly for two years, it seems as though Ozil finally has the chance to just focus on his football and it appears to be going well.

With Arteta reigniting some fire into Ozil, the Gunners’ chances of getting their season back on track have been massively boosted.

The side’s poor run of form in Unai Emery’s final months in charge have perhaps shattered hopes of finishing in the Champions League places, however a spot in the top six is very achievable if the north London outfit can build some momentum early into Arteta’s reign.

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    1. He can’t go to China after his comment on Uyghurs there. Not sure about USA either, because the US support Fethullah Gulen, Erdogan’s archenemy

      I think he would go to Italy, Spain or Turkey

    2. Spot on, excepting even China doesn’t want its league s to play with 10 men ! Ozil is a waste of space; shrewd politician – playing Emirates faithful and AFTV with consummate easy!!

  1. Why would he leave? 98% of us wouldn’t either. The guy has a contract that provides him mammoth wages, he lives in the city of London, he has the all the fame of being an Arsenal player and right now, he has a coach who seems to have a lot of faith in him. He’s not going to walk away from all that until his contract expires.

  2. I would play for Arsenal on just 1% of what of what he earns per week and they dont just get me, they get my Parrott for free!……………not sure how well it will go down when in the showers with the lads with the sound of ………”Who`s a pretty boy !”

  3. I don’t understand this, I thought he was 100% certain to leave in July 2019?….See, all these unfounded rumours should be ignored by us realistic gooners, as they are only posted to encourage advertising revenue click baits!!!
    (Sorry Jon, couldn’t resist it -AdminPat might not either!!!).

    I also don’t understand why this is deemed as a surprise, MA has told us all he sees him as part of his long term plans and Mesut has said so many times what his intentions were…to bring success to our club.

    Funny how the very first comment related to the reported salary and nothing to do with his performances, commitment and improvement under MA that has benefited the club – imagine the outcry when a new contract is offered by kronkie!!!

    1. @Ken..
      I just wonder what life will be like for you once “The Shirt Selling Genius” is no longer an Arsenal player.
      You are the most devoted person when it comes to a guy that is a flawed fraud.
      I just wonder what you would do with yourself post 2021 or may be this summer.
      Need to find a new and younger replacement that will have to fill the void that will be left by your sweet prince. 😊

  4. Not at all surprising that he isn’t moving on. He has earned squillions at Arsenal. I don’t care how much he has given to charity or whether or not he is a nice guy. He was able to secure an unbelievable contract and during that time has not performed to the required level sufficiently often enough to warrant anything close to £350k pw.

    Yes, he has improved but it is all a bit hollow to me.

    1. 👍 As Impenia and others state, why would he leave?
      It will be interesting to see whether he can put in the consistent efforts to retain Arteta’s continued faith in him.

  5. We have no reliable, top CB needed, no fullbacks back up; that’s the all defense!

    Kroenke is cheap, but not stopping board & Arteta to make choices:

    We can solve that CB issue as Reds did, with Koulibaly, but it takes to include Torreira (40M value) wanted by Napoli in deal.

    Also to sell bankable wanted players such as Xhaka (30M value), and Kolas (20M value) wanted by Napoli too.

    Kroenke will 30M, enough to buy Seri, a LB, a RB, and Rabiot available on loan!

    Just a matter of choice! Not about money, strategy and vision!


    Bellerin – Koulibaly – Holding – Kurzawa
    Seri – Rabiot
    Pepe – Laca – Auba

    That could be our team since market opened! We won last game and many more to come with this team!

    Arteta doesn’t see it, or he would do just that. He is focused on keeping Xhaka, Torreira in middle; blind; how can he see full picture?

    That’s team we could & should have since last game; if making right and direct moves! We need a real back up in defense first. To get it right takes wanted sales in midfield.

    Therefore it takes to look at the overall picture in order to make those changes!

    We can have this team for 2 weeks if planned and locked right away as it is handed to us!

    Nope: can’t blame Kroenke, but Arteta who has this possiblity which take to make choices; he wants to keep same 11 on pitch you see and will all season!


    Niles – sokra Luiz Saka
    Torreira Xhaka

    When Kolas and Bellerin fit. Youngsters used out of position will have no games!


    1. don’t think he is blind, think that he is dealing the hand he was dealt. And don’t seem to remember reading that Arteta was in charge of the club’s transfer activity. Need to go a little higher up the food chain to focus the anger…

      1. My concern is that Arteta faces the same issues as Emery; he is expected to coach the players scouted and recruited by others, without any imput into the players he requires to play the system he wants.

  6. The truth is we are stuck with Ozil. Normally Arsenal would be trying to get him to sign up in his last year of contract, or sell. I would think we wont be extending his contract and there wont be anyone jumping to buy him in the summer. Arsenal are stuck with Ozil that is plainly obvious. Ozil is a bad decision that Arsenal have to tip toe around until the guy is gone. He is limiting us signing players just by the fact we are stuck with him on massive undeserved wages. The situation is actually holding Arsenal to ransom and holding us back being able to sign quality players.His wages are an unnecessary bench mark for incoming players, players renewing contracts and stiffling our chances of signing players because of ffp.

    1. This situation reminds me of an impending divorce.
      The marriage has run its course. The rich Husband is clearly not attracted to his wife because since they got married she let herself go, gained pounds in weight, does not dress sexy anymore, no more make up, her hair looks a mess, she just sit around moaning, complaining and nagging etc..
      Man tries to throw in hints here and there concerning all this but she is not having it because she is too comfortable in her life of luxury. She can’t be bothered.
      He hints at separation and she is like “Hell to the no, you put a ring on it and it’s all binding”.
      On top of that she has some of the family members and relative on her side.
      Man has to walk on egg shells / toe the line.
      Push too hard and it might upset some relatives or family members.
      Divorce means being taken to the cleaners financially.
      Man is in limbo.
      Some of us understand where Arsenal are at right now. 😊😆

      1. Goonster, the problem is, the wealthy husband still thinks he knows best, still considers himself Adonis and doesn’t think he has to offer anything to keep the marriage going – it’s always someone else’s fault because that’s the easy way out.

        Some of us understand that blaming one side for everything, doesn’t solve the problem….and that is where the rest of us understand The Arsenal are right now.

  7. With regards to Ozil’s salary holding up any impending transfers as suggested, can I also suggest the following to anyone who wants to check the claim?

    Just see how many players have signed new contracts and how many new players the club has signed since that ridiculous contract was offered to him by the owner of the club.

    It also seems that this reported salary hasn’t affected auba in any way, if his comments regarding his future at the club is anything to go by, along with the signing of pepe for a reported £72,000,000 plus his salary of course…just two examples of how blaming Ozil for all our ills is just plain daft!!!

    1. Ozils wages are holding this club back, you write anything you want ken to defend your hero but the guy is holding this club back with his undeserved and over paid for his contribution in wages. If he was value for money there would be an argument for it but im afraid there isn’t an argument.

      1. I’m not defending him or his wages though am I?

        What I am defending is blaming him for not signing new players or current players not signing new contracts…which you said was happening and it quite clearly isn’t.

        I have never said his salary is anything but obscene and have also said, quite clearly and often, that if MA thinks he is not right for the club, he will get my 100% backing.

        All I try to do is argue with something that is not right…and just for the record, my “hero” is AFC, not any single person.

        1. Just a thought Ken, according to Admin Pat in May last year Ozil more than makes up for his huge salary in shirt sales alone. When he goes so does his worldwide shirt sales.Our club is being run by money men, if Ozil was a drain on their finances they would have cut their losses ages ago. He still has a huge worldwide following and that is what counts with the Kroenke’s.

          1. Andrew, of course you are correct.

            If Ozil was a drain on kronkies finances, he would have paid him up and shifted him out, that’s the financial side of the equation.

            If Ozil is a drain on Artetas chances of becoming a successful coach, he will drop him and make him available for transfer, that’s the playing side of the equation.

            At the moment it seems both sides are happy, as are most of the supporters at the Emirates who wear his shirt and chant his name, along with the world wide fan club…yet for some reason this equation really annoys some fans and they seem to want to take ot out on those who try to point this out!!!

            What is it they say? Don’t shoot the messenger??? It’s only an opinion!!!

  8. Im not blaming Ozil ken, someone gave him that salary, im saying it is impacting this club at moving forwards. If he was scoring and assisting and actually doing something to justify it, it wouldn’t be a problem. Arteta knows he is stuck with him, he knows he can only say good things about him, what he really thinks isnt the problem. If secretly you could ask Arteta would you keep Ozil and not want anyone else, he might say yes please, he might say no i want another player. The point is he can’t get another player even if he wanted too because we could not unload him to do that. And of course he wants to stay next season, he has hit the jackpot.

    1. Well Reggie, your posts are certainly implying that you are blaming him at the very least and that is why I posted.

      As for MA, he doesn’t have to select Ozil as he has done, in all of the games since he arrived. He obviously believes hecis worth his place and I support him…if he drops him I will support him, it’s as simple as that.

      Ozils salary was programmed into the clubs financial plans when he signed the contract offered and, as I pointed out, it hasn’t stopped the club renewing contracts, signing players and current players wanting to stay.

      As for staying, that was what kronkie wanted and Ozil agreed to it.

    2. If you ask any good manager, he will say I want Ozil (31 years old approaching retirement) to stay and perform, I want his successor (25 years old) ready and gradually take over, at the same time his successor’s successor (20 years old) being groomed.

      This is good succession planning and management for maintaining team performance in the long run, in business or sports.

      Did we do any good succession planning and management for our No.10 position? or any other position? Look at our full back situation!

  9. Why won’t he? The guy is in the most comfortable place: huge salary, not the biggest challenge. I think no player in the world has such a position of ‘challenge vs salary’

    1. The big question is the answer to ken’s second if. If Ozil doesn’t perform at the level required by Arteta consistently and impacts on Arteta’s coaching success, will he drop him. Given the reaction of many of Ozil’s fan base towards Emery, this could have similar repurcussions for Arteta.

      1. ozziegunner, the point is though, MA has given every player a clean sheet and is playing to a system that they all seem to understa d…unlike UE.

        Also, one individual is not being blamed for UE’s incompetence as our coach – if any player doesn’t shape up, after being given the opportunity to buy into MA’s philosophy, he deserves to be shipped out…and that includes Ozil of course.

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