“I will not advise him to move to Arsenal right now” Thomas Partey urged not to sign for the Gunners

Arsenal is looking to sign Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid this summer as the Ghanaian continues to impress at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Partey is one of the best box-to-box midfielders in Europe at the moment, and he has continued to show his class for the Spaniards.

Several reports are claiming that he would love to move to Arsenal and his father has even hinted at a move to the Emirates before now.

But the Gunners would have to do a deal with his current team before they can get their man.

Traditionally, every player in the Spanish league has a release clause that can be triggered by any interested team, and Partey’s clause stands at £45 million which might be a lot of money for Arsenal to spend this summer.

Even if the player is interested in a move to the Emirates, he has been asked not to join the Gunners by his compatriot, Derek Boateng.

He claimed that midfielder is a Champions League player and he shouldn’t be joining the Gunners who are struggling to get back into the competition.

Boateng told Joy FM: “He needs to be at a place where he will be happy, respected and get a lot of playing time.

“You can make all the money you want but if the coach doesn’t play you, you won’t be happy.

“I will not advise him to move to Arsenal right now because he is a Champions League player and with the look of the Arsenal team right now, they are not ready with the kind of players they have and some are going to move.

“They are playing very well but you can see the inexperience hurting them and with the way the Premier League is going right now, it is going to be really tough.

“If he wants to move, he has to move to a team that plays in the Champions League otherwise he will lose everything.”

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  1. And who the hell is Derek boateng to say who should or should not come to arsenal? What has he achieved in his whole life and career?

  2. A dumb ass, i only blame Kroenke for putting us in this mess else, no dick and harry will come say nonsense about my Arsenal.

    1. Incompetent player and financial management by his chosen representatives: the Board and senior executives.
      How does Boetang expect Arsenal to get a Champions League place and then compete in that competition, without gaining players like Thomas Partey?

  3. like this Boateng says a player needs well if Party was to move to Arsenal,he will play,he will be respected and loved by everyone attached to the club and earn a lot of money and yes the manager wants him which leaves the only matter of CL,in a short time MA has got us pretty close to CL so with more time , coaching and few more acquisitions like Partey it won’t be long before we are back in it also Partey is 26/27 years old so the time to make his dream move to the PL is now and also Ghana is full of Arsenal fans, so it seems that everything is lining up nicely for his move to us!

  4. Cant argue with what the guy says, talks sense. I dont see Partey coming to Arsenal but then again i didn’t see Auba coming.

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