I wonder if there will their be any Bayern Munich supporters sneaking in to the Emirates tomorrow?

The clash between Arsenal and Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-finals on Tuesday night at The Emirates promises to be an intense affair, but we should have an advantage due to the absence of Bayern Munich fans. UEFA’s decision to ban Bayern Munich supporters from attending stems from the chaotic scenes witnessed during their previous Champions League match against Lazio, where fireworks were thrown onto the pitch in celebration of their victory.

As a result, the entire stadium will be exclusively open to Arsenal fans, providing a significant boost for the home team. Arsenal has taken proactive measures to ensure that Bayern Munich supporters will not be able to obtain Arsenal v Bayern tickets by any offical means. This includes stringent ticketing schemes aimed at deterring touts and preventing unauthorized access to the stadium.

Despite these precautions, concerns linger about the potential infiltration of German fans residing in London attempting to enter the home sections. However, their presence is unlikely to replicate the vocal support typically associated with Bayern Munich’s fanbase as I would expect them to be quickly identified and ejected from the stafium.

We all remember past incidents, particularly the chaos caused by Frankfurt supporters during a previous UEFA Cup tie at The Emirates. In response, Arsenal has implemented restrictions on ticket exchanges and memberships, limiting ticket access to long-standing members and preemptively barring new registrants after March 11.

So, stringent penalties await any Bayern Munich fans found within the stadium, with their tickets invalidated and severe repercussions for the members who facilitated their entry. UEFA’s firm stance underscores the gravity of the situation, granting Arsenal both a home advantage and unwavering support from the entirety of the stadium.

The ramifications of past disturbances are still felt, with Arsenal striving to avoid a repeat of the violent pre-match incidents that marred previous encounters. Consequently, the club has tightened its security measures and imposed restrictions on ticket transfers to mitigate potential risks.

Bayern Munich has advised its fans against traveling to London, with only a limited number of tickets allocated for club officials and their accompanying delegation. Despite these precautions, Arsenal remains vigilant, issuing stern warnings to season-ticket holders and members regarding the consequences of harboring away fans.

Basically, as Arsenal prepare to face one of its toughest challenges in recent Champions League history, the absence of Bayern Munich supporters not only provides a unique atmosphere, but also hopefully will ensure a safe and orderly matchday experience.

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  1. Sure there will be Bryan Munich fans in London to test the system,
    Fresh from the ding dong battle in the league Arsenal will win again at home as the only way out for the misfiring German is a low block set up.

    But Arsenal Big German could hold the key in this one.

  2. There will be Bayern fans there who have bought black market tickets but as soon as they revealed their support, they will be out on their ears

  3. Don’t worry lads, Bayern have got Harry Kane. The only thing Kane might win this season is top gsolscorer in the Bundesliga and the trophy for that is a cannon! You couldn’t make this up. Now let me roll on the floor and continue laughing 🤣

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