I wonder where Arsenal’s next red card will come from?

Where will the next card come from I wonder..

It appears now that the times are slowly changing, and we are slowly but surely being known as the club with a poor disciplinary record.

Despite beating Wolves 1-0 the other night, yet again we ended the game with 10 men.

Us Arsenal fans have now gone from wondering what sort of performance our players will be going to put out, to now thinking ‘where will the next red card come from’ and that if we end each game with 11 players we will be lucky.

In three out of the last four games, we have had three players sent off:
Liverpool 0-0 – Xhaka
Liverpool 1-0 loss – Partey
Burnley 0-0 – no player sent off
Wolves 1-0 win- Martinelli

I do not remember a time where a player would be sent off every game for at least three games in a row, maybe one game but not three. But if something isn’t done, then this could be a really worrying trend for our players.

We know they play with passion and fight but if they continue to get sent off week in week out, and make our chances of winning games an uphill task when it doesn’t need to be, then they will need to rein in some of that passionate mentality and fight or we will be left with no squad.

Yes, we have been calling for more fight and passion from our players and there is nothing wrong with it, but they need to work out ways of dealing with it without getting sent off, because this is getting ridiculous and no matter how much we can argue not all of our red cards should have been, the reality is, they were and the players have already been sent off, where more often than not the decision will not change.

It appears that our latest disciplinary record puts Arsenal in the frame to be an easier target for referees, well that is the excuse that could be given, but we already know some referees do not like us so why do we need to give them more ammunition to make games harder for us!

Arsene Wenger would not tolerate this sort of disciplinary record on the pitch from his players so why should Arteta.

And for a manger who seems to be all for punishing players when they act irresponsibly, more recently with what he did to Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, could it be fair to say that for those players who get sent off, punishment should be more serious where Arteta’s decision making is concerned?

Because maybe then, and only then, will it possibly change the style of play, mentality and attitude of some players, and may stop so many of them getting sent off for at times some stupid and reckless moments!

Shenel Osman

WATCH – Mikel Arteta discusses the Wolves win and Arsenal’s red cards


  1. Our DMs need to improve their technical foul skills or maybe Arteta should hire better defense coaches to teach the dark arts

  2. To be fair in every game we have received a red card a player from the opposition could just as easily have been sent off. Why those players were not sent off I don’t know.

  3. Out of all our red cards this season the only one I would question would be Martinellis as I’ve never seen a red awarded for that kind of passage of play .
    Every other one was correctly awarded .
    Like many have said most we’re given for silly reasons not serious foul play .
    So more of a coaching problem that needs to be imprinted in the players heads .

    1. Martinellis was unusual but correct, the reason it was unusual is that most players dont straight away do a rash thing, straight after (5 seconds) their first rash thing. When a player commits a silly action like he did from the throw in, he must expect a yellow, so dont compound it by straight away committing another yellow card offence before play is stopped. Oliver did what was in the laws of the game, Martinelli didn’t.

      1. I bet if he knew he was gonna get the first yellow, he wouldn’t have done the second rash thing which makes the red card all the same improper.

        1. Kstyx, he was stupid if he didn’t think his first action wasn’t a yellow. You cant excuse what Martinelli did.

  4. Wolves made more & worse tackels than Arsenal.
    Oliver could not wait to book our players.
    It was never a dirty game, but 5 yellow cards against us ?? It was poor refereeing, Martinelli
    felt he should have been given a free kick ,but Oliver gave him no protection so wrongly took matters into his own it hand, none of the 5 bookings was for bad tackel. why are the Arsenal team treated worse than others. Is there is more to it.

  5. Stupid needless yellow and red cards like we get are unavoidable. Bad coaching, bad technique and plain stupidness make up 90% of our cards. I sit there in disbelief sometimes at what i am looking at and it is embarrassing and damaging. There are ways to go about stopping the opposition and there are the ways we try, we are so naive at doing our job and deservedly get punished.

  6. “Arsene Wenger would not tolerate this sort of disciplinary record on the pitch from his players”

    Wrong. In the same amount of days in charge of the club there were 5 more red cards under Wenger, 19 , 14 under Arteta.

    Also conflating off field discipline with on field discipline is totally different. Getting a red card doesn’t go against club rules, but being late for training, late for a game and returning late from a trip abroad does.

  7. There is no way for Arsenal players to avoid getting sent off while there is a separate rule book for them.

    Already they commit fewer fouls than almost any other club, the fouls they do make are no different or more dangerous than those which other club’s players routinely get away with yellow cards for.

    Stop blaming the victims and make a concerted effort to raise awareness so Arsenal get a level playing field.

    1. Exactly.. Makes you think, why do some “fans” take special aim to criticise the club/players who are routinely discriminated against (ie over penalised for menial fouls, and under protected from over physical challenges/stamps/hair pulls)

      .. Maybe if we had a fan base which made it uncomfortable on the refs and opposition more than our own team, then the situation may have a chance of changing..
      Instead, the “facts” the media can proclaim is arsenal have no discipline (whilst ignoring arteta clearly stating everyone said this is the most disciplined team in decades and sarcastically saying he doesn’t know what to do to stop getting reds, due to over willing refs..)

  8. After watching the kunfu soccer between ManU and Southampton, with all the limbs flying all over the air throughout the game, and nobody was red-carded; not even commensurate yellows given, that at a point it seemed like the referee forgot the card at home, you’ll agree that clearly there are different rules that apply when certain teams play, and don’t apply to others. There is simply nothing Arsenal can do to avoid receiving the usual cards. That’s a script the match officials must play out.

    On a lighter note, I know exactly where the next card will come from (the referee’s pocket).🤣

    1. Although, I disagree about your premise that seems to suggest premeditation, I agree that that referees are not applying the rules consistently.
      The more recent Arsenal red cards were all given in different circumstances so I also don’t think it is all about some early season issues which I feel were largely down to poor discipline.
      One concern would be that referee could develop a subconscious bias against some teams/players particularly in certain circumstances. This may lead to giving certain players some leeway when adjudicating challenges.
      Some players are also better than others when it comes to concealing their actions and their body language after an incident all of which may also influence the referee.

      1. Correct David, refs aren’t consistent, thats called human nature. Correct again some players are better at disguising it. Correct again some refs could be accused of unconscious bias because of certain players behaviour. So we have to be a bit more savvy.

  9. Create petition against michael olivier. 3 red card against us already.. Var m city vs arsenal and one red card to arsenal and penalty for m. City.. Ref carabao cup.. Send of granit xhaka.. Remember the next wonderbiasreferee.. Michael olivier after mike riley

  10. I don’t think the next red card will be coming from moonpig.com. So I expect probably from a malevolent referee !

  11. I know that we are mostly hesitant to blame referees as the system trains us. This is all I shall say: I assess the situation with context (time, place, actors). Time shows that Arsenal players are playing with more energy and passion this season than last. Place, they are mistreated by some teams and no one listens to their appeals – the worst was Mane with Liverpool. Actors: yes there are 4 referees who constantly give Arsenal the stick, while concurrently allowing the opponent to attack illegally. The truth is that the referees are consistent because I can and you can predict them with at least 75% accuracy. There are some defenders who we know will do harm and get away. There are some teams that will get pressured by the referees, especially if they are fighting for the last of the 4 spots. It is not a conspiracy if you say it and bet and win. If you have the least tackles, it is remote that you will have the most red cards – unless you cannot tackle or you are being targeted. The philosophy I share with you from the tropics is that no one stones an empty mango tree. Arsenal finally has mangoes on the tree – expect stones – and some will come from referees who are consistent in what is called inconsistencies. Bless

  12. My Guess is

    MIKEL ARTETA will receive our next Red Card.

    If I knew anything about sports betting I would give a TIME too!!

    Had to mention that nugget!!

    1. Haha!

      My money is on Xhaka. He’ll get one yellow for a needless shirt pull, and the second for a mistimed tackle. Classic Granit!

  13. This is just my observations ( I could be wrong). This all started in the 2nd phase of Wenger’s tenure when media etc created this perception that a) Arsenal does like English players because it is managed by a foreign manager. This then lead to another image that Arsenal players are soft and don’t like strong tackles and physical games. This must been on the back of referees and the Outcome , some Arsenal players suffered carrier ending injuries and we lost important games giving advantage to certain teams to win more. Somehow Arsenal learnt to deal with this but now tactics has changed to show more cards at crucial points.It is astonishing to see some people justifying this as a problem (showing what law says) with Arsenal while many people have shown with evidence that players from other teams don’t get cards for similar offences.
    Hope Arsenal is treated fairly.

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