“I worked hard,” Fringe player hints he wants to remain at Arsenal

Nicolas Pepe has hinted that he wants to remain at Arsenal and he has worked hard to prepare for this campaign.

The Ivorian has struggled to make an impact since he moved to the Emirates in 2019.

He was expected to make the club stronger, but his record-breaking transfer has been a disaster.

Arsenal is now prepared to cut their losses on him and allow him to leave the club.

The winger has interest from several clubs according to the rumour mill, but it seems he wants to stay.

In a recent Instagram post, he published images of himself, with the caption: “I worked hard during the summer. Change a lot of things.

“I’m focused and determined with Arsenal and my teammates”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is shameful that Pepe is our record signing because he will never justify the amount we spent to add him to our squad.

The attacker is simply not good enough and he must be sincere with himself and know that he needs to leave.

If a good offer comes for his signature, we should consider it. We might need to subsidise his wages for a while. That will still not be a bad idea as long as it takes him far away from the Emirates.

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  1. Time over bros, I personally like what Edu said about raising our target from champions league qualifying to winning major titles and we need good and serious players to achieve that.

  2. I respect the dedication, but if someone is not good enough at the end of the day they aren’t good enough. I could practice 24/7 for the next 10 years and will still never play above a Sunday league level. Results-based business, not a sympathy one.

    1. I dont understand why a left footer isnt played on the left wing…. then he can run past defenders rather than cut in all the time which the opposition always know he is going to do !

      Let him.and Martinelli fight it out for the LW position …if that doesnt work then sell him in January but at least give him.the best chance to perform well

      1. rw was his best position in france. and he cannot beat players on the right i dont think he’ll do better on the left. he wont even be able to cut in which he always does when he is in trouble.

  3. The Premier League just doesn’t suit some players and Pepe seems to be one of them. £72m wasted by the board when Emery wanted Zaha… all money under the table sort of deal, Thanks Raul.

    Saliba though use did get right.

    1. Sean, Interesting that you say”all money under the table sort of deal”, as I too think the reason SANLLEHI left so suddenly, virtually overnight, was distinctly suspicious , involving finance.

      I cannot prove that but all my instincts scream out to me that money and below the counter type money was involved.

      1. Jon,there was an investigation in France,Lille offices were raided.it had to with the transfers of Pépé and Victor O.anyway out of the 72M for Pépé,all Lille did/will get is 32M.🤔

  4. Edu has revealed he won’t mind paying off players above 26 who are underperforming cos he believe they are killing the club and believes it’s an investment rather than a loss.

  5. Always good to see that attitude from players towards Arsenal.

    I hope he makes the grade and becomes a regular starter and the player we all wanted him to be when he arrived.

  6. As much as I agree with most of the points in your post, Admin Martin, i disagree with this statement in your post. Because, writing that he will never justify the amount we spent to add him to our squad is too conclusive. He may or may not, he’s still under contract with arsenal, he’s young and can definitely still improve.

    Obviously, Pepe hasn’t done well enough for himself and the club to justify his price tag. But to say he will never, really? Man!! That’s far.

    We all know Pepe is gifted, he just need to walk on his work rate and decision making upfront. Of which with a proactive signing like Jesus, we will all see a different Pepe this coming season.

    It’s joyful to read your post. Bro, keep it coming.

    1. He’s 27 that’s not a young player. That’s an age you should be established and be playing some of your best football. I think he has yet to play his best football as well. I think his best will be with a different club in a different league. He doesn’t suit what we are trying to achieve and hasn’t kicked on from his first match even.

  7. But my question is ‘why are arsenal players always being sold cheap’. I think it’s the quality of the club that shows the cost of players. Why will Mancity sell payers with a year left in their contract for more than £50m but players with many years left in their contract at arsenal go for peanuts?

    1. Because you cannot compare Jesus, Sterling and Zinchenko with the likes of Auba, Mustafi and Kolasnac

    2. Because ManCity players are proven winners they come with experience and winning mind-set

  8. @RHS I totally agree with you, I just feel Pepe won’t be a bad backup. What do you make of that?

  9. Once again many supporter think that we should move Pepe on. If it was that simple and if the club was able to do just that do you not think it would have already happened. Pepe has a contract and it seems that he does not want to leave. You can not force a player to leave so unless there is an agreement with both club and player its not going to happen. We have been in this situation before and its ended in such a way that reflected badly on both club and player and should be avoided at all cost.

    1. path, absolutely correct.

      I was accused of putting a player before the club recently, just for stating exactly the same point that you have made.
      Fans seem to think that by using belittling words and attacking the player personally, they are being clever.
      Nothing could be further from the truth!!
      They are, in fact, being very nieve.

      I don’t believe Pepe was worth the money we reportedly paid, but we bought a player who was, nevertheless, on top form and interesting other clubs before signing for us.

      Once again, we have a player who works hard to improve, wants to succeed and never complains to the media.
      He signed a contract and both parties, at the time, were happy.
      Now, it seems, one of the parties wants to back out.

      When a player is the instigator, he is called a traitor, money grabber etc etc – when the boots on the other foot, the player is still castigated. Sigh!!

  10. I like pepe, but he needs to move on for his own career. He didn’t work out and he needs to accept that.
    But I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to stay with that salary he’s on. Even if it means being a 3rd or 2nd choice.

  11. How quickly EVERYBODY forgets that Pepe was
    our BEST OFFENSIVE player the 2nd half of the
    20/21 season. At times the Ivorian was unplayable
    and how was he rewarded? Banished by MA to the
    bench for essentially all of 22 while the likes of
    Saka and ESR are overplayed to the point of
    exhaustion and injury. MA killed his confidence
    and unfortunately he’s yet to find that Ligue 1
    form that earned his transfer to NL.

    I’ll concede NP hasn’t done himself any favors by
    underwhelming the boss when given a run out
    or 2 but I still believe there’s quality in the Ivorians
    boots and if given HONEST opportunities he
    could duplicate that 20-21 form.

  12. According to Arteta, “Every player starts with a clean sheet this season”. Let’s see if that holds true for Pepe as well…IJS

  13. Nicolas Pepe, just one of the many players we have mismanaged since Day 1. His career was destroyed IMO because of the egregious error to sign the flop of all ages, Willian. Saliba was able to rebuild and resurrect his career. Let’s hope the hapless Pepe will be given the opportunity to do the same.

  14. Pro sport is a cut-throat industry, mismanagement, luck, chance or whatever…it simply hasn’t worked out for Pepe at Arsenal. Thanks for the service. He needs to leave the club now.

    1. I tend to take your view.
      I have no problem with Pepe – as far as I can tell – being a hard worker who keeps his head down and has occasional flashes of brilliance
      He isn’t a first choice player unfortunately for him so ultimately it comes down to what he wants out of his career
      So often it’s the money rather than rebuilding what’s left of that career elsewhere and it happens too often across the board because the salaries are frequently mind boggling

  15. I feel that if Pepe is determined to prove himself and is really working hard he should be given another chance. See how he performs till December and than decide. We should not forget he has given us important goals at important moments.

  16. I’m still wondering what happened with Pépé?the season before last which he finished on form.he went through a rosy patch,scoring and assisting but by the start of the new season,he was back on the bench.i don’t get it. I’m not trying to make up excuses for him but this must have impacted his confidence, wondering what did he have to do to play.if anyone knows..!!

    1. Even last season Si where he was “poor” his assist and goal record per minute played was the best in the team.

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