I would love Ramsey to come back, but could Arsenal afford him?

Can we afford Ramsey? by Dan Smith

I get that with no football on, the media are struggling to find things to talk about, but the idea that Ramsey could be returning to the Emirates is lazy journalism.

There are rumours that Liverpool and Man United are interested, so they throw our name into the conversation based on it did seem like the midfielder was upset to leave a club he had grown up at.

Some even suggest his preference was to stay, that he had shaken hands on a new deal, and it was Arsenal who chose, not just to change their mind on the wage offer, but to cancel all negotiations period.

There is suggestions that this was based on Unai Emery feeling that the Welshmen didn’t suit his style of play, and that over 200,000 pound a week was allotted to pay for someone not playing every week.

There’s every chance Arteta does rate someone he played with and won 2 FA Cups with. Yet if we were not prepared to pay over 200,000 pounds 12 months ago why would we be willing to give even more now – plus a transfer fee?

It would leave Stan Kroenke quite red-faced to have to pay for an asset which he gave away for free. That’s not how you become a billionaire.

Plus it’s still hard to justify making one of your highest paid players someone with such a poor injury record. It feels like Rambo always has a spell in a season where he will be on the side-lines, and that’s why Juventus are prepared to listen to offers.

It was a smart business model by Juve. They paid over the odds in wages for ta alent out of contract, yet knew in the worst case they could demand a fee a year later.

I would love to see Ramsey back at Arsenal. I saw him as the perfect captain to the youngsters breaking through. He is someone who truly loved the shirt. Even how he acted when we lost the Europa League Final, he was class till the end. Yet he kind of priced himself out of ever coming back.

It would take the Italians to be desperate to do a deal, where maybe they pay part of his earnings say for a loan. Clearly, they don’t have to do that with clubs willing to buy.

So gooners, would you take Rambo back? Is it even a realistic deal to structure?

Be kind in comments..

Dan Smith


  1. He had one or two good seasons, spent most of his time injured and can’t get a game for Juventus now you want to resign him ? Football’s going to change massively over the next few months. I can see us cashing on Abameyang, Lacazette, Torriera and Guendouzi just to cover Covid 19. Things have been bleak for ten years and they are going to get a whole lot worse. If Everton invest like expected Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Man u, Leicester, Tottenham will have better squads than us and it will be a toss up between us, Everton and Wolves for 8th.

    1. Why do you seem to think we are the only club to have to sell due to Convid 19
      Yet Everton , Liverpool, City , Chelsea , Man United, Leicester and Spurs magically won’t be impacted by it ?

      1. Because we have a horride owner and our star player wants to leave. Tottenham might have some issues with Kane but he’s got 3 years left on his deal so atleast there going to get replacement money. If we can’t shift Mki, Ozil and don’t get champions league we literally have zero cash. We bought players on instalments that still need paying. Take Abameyang out our team and the teams are mentioned are miles ahead of us.

        1. Liam, this echos my opinions too, that we have one of the better squads on paper as per some critics of mine, but on the field we have one of the worst. Remove Aubas goals and see where we could have been. Our defense is a chaos (partial improvement), nonchalant midfield. Even one of worst Man U squads still won the EL seasons ago, Sheff and Wolves are above us with not so big names. We do not have game changers on the pitch and on the bench. Rambo was a game changer off the bench, played with his heart and gave us the FA. Surely if was on the pitch in Baku, he would have won us the EL. Returning to the topic, he is best a squad player coming on from the bench the 60-70th minute, but I doubt we can afford his fee and wages. We have Smith, AMN on the rolls, loan out Willock for a year. Would prefer having Santi back for a season, for cup/Europa games (if we make it).

          1. Morning mate. Quick one how do we have one of the best squads on paper may I ask? I’m not sure any of our defenders or midfielders would get any game time at the other top 7. Bolly and Neves from Wolves would be enormous upgrades on what we have. Andre Gomes at Everton is miles beyond anything we have in midfield and these aren’t even the big teams? Even Sheffield United have better midfielders that’s how tragic this team is.

          2. Liam, some of our PALs here will enlighten us how good Ozil is andhow much he contributed this year. How improved is Xhaka and Mustafi, and a lot of trash about they being World cup players etc.Every sane gunner knows that they are finished and the league table does not lie, nor does the Europa results lie. Wolves advance while some of our folks bask in past glory. Comic defence, clueless midfield and wasteful strike force (except Martenelli and Auba.) sums up Arsenal of late.

      2. Why do you want him back? Surely not for his 3 goals a year, it took ten years to get rid of him, leave him where he is.

  2. I am very happy he finally albeit for free and no I would not like to see him back.
    One major problem with our club is them consistently overpaying our players for years on end and there doesn’t to be an end in sight of that stopping. The media reports about the club asking the players to take a 12.5% pay cut is a prime case in point but whomever our contracts negotiator is they’ll still offer silly wages to say a Saka, Willock, Martinelli, Guen, Xhaka, Bellerin etc to stay.
    We are still letting our prized assets leave for nothing ie Laca and Auba.

    1. God bless you. The only players I’ll wish Arsenal got back is Cazorla and probably Gnabry.

      If you’re gone, you’re gone

  3. Dan asks two questions at the articles end. My firm answers are NO and NO. Let’s be honest, it’s never been remotely on the cards and is just an excuse to pen an article.

  4. Could you please name one skill that Ramsey is good at. I mean: dribbling, perfect passing, speed, heading, and accurate shooting.
    Ramsey, Giroud, Ozil, and Xhaka delayed the progress of Arsenal. I told most of you that he can’t make it in Juventas

    1. Ramsey have scored spectacular goals , his stamina and work rate is second to non in our current squad, he have good drive and currently non of our midfielder score as Ramsey or even create chances like him

      1. Stamina is not a skill. You get stamina through hard work. Just name one skill that he excell in

    2. I agree with you we should get rid of Ozil and Xhaka they are too slow for the way we play Xhaka is way too slow sell them both

  5. No thanks had his turn, move on with new hungrier players, like the old saying you never go back!

  6. Too injury prone, and wasn’t great, although Wenger almost NEVER used him correctly to be fair. Emery used him in the right way, and I do think Ramsey had a good season as a result.

    Even if Arteta were to use him correctly, it’s far too risky given the injuries.

  7. Not even for free, thanks. He may have an “Arsenal heart” to some degree, but we need players that can strengthen the team.

  8. He is always welcome to use our facilities for training, but NO, we don’t want him back as a player. He did his part when he was here, now we want something more.

    The kind of players we want to come back and play for us are the Cazolla types, not Ramsey.

  9. Remember ‘the curse’…. someone on footy humour said Ramsey scored against Inter Milan, the next day Serie A died! 😄

  10. 22 POSTS SO FAR AND ONLY ONE FAN CALLED AFAME RATES HIM AT ALL. So one out of 22 then , which sounds rather like the amount of good seasons he had in our shirt. Actually it was only the first half of 2013 and then he got injured ONCE AGAIN.
    Dan you are barking at the moon with this odd call for an in and out but mostly OUT player to return. IN ANY CASE IT IS FANTASY AS ALL KNOW, SINCE HE WAS NEVER GOING TO COME BACK, WHICH SUITS AROUND 95% OF US!

  11. Why?!
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Rambo’s attitude and hunger but he was so so over-rated! We get so blinded by nostalgia as football fans it’s hard to see the wood from the trees.
    Rambo was inconsistent, very frustrating to watch in the end, constantly passing sideways and backwards and extremely wasteful. If he was so bloody good why did we let him go to Italy, where quite frankly he’s been a flop. Same old story – injured and inconsistent.
    Same with Xhaka, except Granit’s and c**t and he’s a liability.
    Some people seriously need to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Anyways COYG (someday in the near future)…

  12. No! Not that good really, i dont understand the post, he isn’t worth considering at any price. OVERRATED

  13. He spent most of the time on the treatment table and would spend like 3 to 4 months getting back to top form.

  14. The day Arsenal missed these prospect players Carzola, Gnábry, Joe Campel, Vermalin is when I lost my sense as Arsenal building strong team tracing the lost glory and but Still with Arteta revolution we can get build in good team with good technical creative’s and hungry to win premier league trophies in the lost shortest time possible and come back chamipons leagues to attract best players and take back Arsenal where it used to be belong and the way is too good and the glory tracing is a top priority.

  15. The media hype of England and Arsene Wenger made Ramsey what he is today. He is just an overrated player

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