“I would love to see him take over” Campbell joins fans wanting Dangote’s ownership

Kevin Campbell has admitted that he is on board with the Arsenal fans who are calling for Nigerian Billionaire, Aliko Dangote to become the club’s new owner.

Stan Kroenke has remained an unpopular owner of the north London side and the American’s mistake in joining the proposed European Super League has seen Arsenal fans calling for his departure from their club.

One man who has indicated an interest in becoming the club’s owner is Dangote.

He has reportedly claimed via Football London that he would try to buy the club this year if he finishes his refinery project.

Some Arsenal fans believe the time has come for him to fulfil his promise as they have no interest in struggling under the ownership of Kroenke anymore.

Campbell was asked if he would love the Nigerian to take over the club and he admits that he would absolutely love to see his team in the hands of the businessman.

When asked if he would welcome a Dangote takeover, Campbell said via Football Insider: “100 per cent, I would love to see him take over.

“First and foremost he is a massive fan of Arsenal. He is also one of the wealthiest guys around. He has got the money. That is the key. He has more than got the money.

“As a fan of the club he would want to put us back on the right footing. 100 per cent, I would love it to happen. I would absolutely love it.

“At the end of the day, all fans can hope for is an owner who cares. You want the owner to put the best possible product out on the pitch.

“It is not like how it was in the 70s and 80s. These football clubs are global entities.”

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  1. GOD bless u Campbell, I have lost my pride, my bragging right & my voice because of Arsenal’s league position, all because of one stingy owner. Fans 4rm other clubs call my beloved club a bar because of a bar around my vicinity bearing Arsenal Bar. They don’t consider us a top 4 team anymore. I want all Arsenal fans in the UK 2 kick KSE out of our club 4ever. I hate what I don’t like.

  2. You can’t make a man sell something he owns soley, if he doesn’t want too. Kroenke out is fine and all. No problems from me on that. But as a business owner myself. I understand trying to make your business more profitable and sustainable for the future. So i wasnt that mad about the super league. Better yet I really didnt care. I would watch Arsenal any way I can Cl or SL. I just dont loke how the govt stepping in to private matters. The PL is a private company. Arsenal is a private company. Govt out, let the fa and other pl teams work it out.

  3. Careful what you wish for. First of all Dangote is a businessman before being a fan.
    Plus if you have Nigerian friends, which I do a lot, you’d be wise to ask about Dangote.
    The man is no different from Kroenke in the sense that his biggest strength is monopolizing sectors in the Nigerian belt. He has no competition in the full country, and when a competitor starts arising, somehow Nigeria’s corrupt govt kills off his competitor.
    He rules the cement sector, rules the pastry and flour sector. He’s ruling the sugar sector.
    Just this month the Nigerian Govt placed a ban on importations of wheats and sugar into the country.
    Guess what? Growing businessmen who don’t have large scale production plants like Dangote can’t import Sugar or Wheat anymore and it’s suicide saying they’ll try to produce it from home. The average Nigerian deals and consume bread a lot more than other meals, because it’s affordable and could go along with anything to eat properly.
    Now you and I know production of bread requires flour, sugar and sometimes wheatst.
    Well guess who stands to gain the most from the ban placed on importation of sugar and wheat?
    Dangote, owning the full sector completely.
    Oh when he finishes his refinery, all of the country’s oil dealings and refining would be Dangote.
    One man, One man with connections lined up al over the place to rule the market.
    Btw, during the lockdown when flights and borders were closed. Dangote’s company alone received sole right to keep on operating to and fro borders.
    I have Northern Nigerian friends, and I have Eastern Nigerian friends.
    One thing they all agree on the most? Dangote is the greediest man in Africa. Yeah it takes greed to be highly successful, but then it’s also one lesser evil. Greedy Kroenke or Greedy Dangote?
    If we want a sugar daddy I’d rather Usmanov buys the club or we get an oil sugar daddy instead of these men looking to make more more more money.

    My point is, stop parading this bullshít that first he’s a fan. First he’s a businessman, and he’s not just gonna pump billions into the club because “He’s a fan”.

    1. Kudos to you for doing some research about Dangote. As a Nigerian I can tell everyone here if you think Dangote is going throw his money around and be everything Stan is not you are in for a surprise. He is worse than Stan in aspects of not losing his money. Everything about how he makes his money is Eddie has stated it. He was handed over to him basically without any competition and if thinking he is just to lose it on his wimps is pipe dream. He is a billionaire and it is a position you don’t get to by not being greedy.

    2. Eddie
      I’m with you 100%

      I prefer Kroenke to be an Arsenal owner except if Usmanov or the oil rich country comes calling.

      Yes I might criticise him for not employing the right management but not that, we sign poor players cos he knew nothing about football.

      Some fans who claimed to know football more than Wenger would have make this club go bankrupt even with there love for Arsenal.
      Signing the likes of M’villa, and others.

      Be careful what you wished for as Eddie says.

    3. Well Sue might be ill informed, but then let me enlighten you all, before then ….its funny some Nigerians blindly believed all @Sue said…

      First am a Nigerian, and an enthusiastic sports lover, sports journal publisher etc…Dangote is a Northerner , sure coming from that region automatically entitles you to alot of privileges (would rather not shade light on that aspect), this privilege are enjoyed by folks from the northern states/provinces. yeah they have upper hand in Nigeria than the western and eastern parts.

      Sure enough the beautiful game “football” is like a religion in nigeria, but much more to the north than the west and east put together (might be exaggerating though), however an average northerner will strictly ignore heavy weight clashes involving Arsenal Vs Chelsea, Manchester United Vs Liverpool to watch their team Kano pillars play in the stadium (in northern nigeria, stadiums are jampacked in match days , which is opposite to what is seen in the eastern and western parts) .

      Few years ago , when Nigeria won her 3rd AFCON Trophy, Dangote was one of the first Billionaires in Nigeria that made money rain on the national team before others followed his lead…

      Dangote aint just an arsenal fan, he is a die hard football lover, could recall how angry he was during the struggling years of wenger prior to his departure, he was so furious that he told his friend Otedola, a Billionaire as well, an oil tycoon, that he wished he would abandon his refinery , buy the club kick wenger out and have an object he will lavish his love on.

      Now …..we all know how these super wealthy men reason, they see sports franchise as trophy, as an object to flaunt their influence on the global scene, cause on numerous occasions, some ex nigerian footballers had beckoned on him to rather invest in a local club in nigeria……now his response was ” well when dangote invests in Enyimba, Kano Pillars etc, whats the fun in that?” he asked….

      Dangote aint just an arsenal fan please…..he is in to brag on the global scene with arsenal, above all draw the limelight closer to his dangote brand maximizing the arsenal brand, thats how clever business men thinks.

      1. Thank you very much brother. As a British Nigerian fan who has supported arsenal for over twenty years and as a Nigerian who actually has cousins(arsenal fans too) working in the inner sanctum of dangote, I will do my best to dispel the wrong info about dangote’s intentions for arsenal. Firstly I would have you know Nigeria is a football mad country just like mobella rightly said in his post.
        Secondly, Dangote is a die hard arsenal fan Who is hurting like every single one of us arsenal fans about how badly our great club is being managed but fortunately he has resources to do actually do something about it rather than moan and protest impotently like the rest of us. To compare him to kroenke is very wrong. This is not a defence of the man’s character as we all know you don’t get to become a billionaire by being a nice guy. You have hot to be super greedy and ruthless, a trait am sure he shares with kroenke ,however we all know kroenke’s fortunes are from his family’s sport ventures where as dangote’s interest in arsenal is not for a financial reason but rather sentimental .The Man loves arsenal like everyone of us do but unlike those of us who can only fantasize about having a few billions to spare for investing into arsenal.
        in Conclusion ,I will also reveal a bit of inside info from the dangotes camp, He is planning a three billion dollars kitty for arsenal. Two billion dollars is believed to be more than enough for a complee takeover of arsenal and another one billion cash infusion planned to make arsenal rival any club on the continent.

    4. On most points I agree with your assessment and potential warning Eddie, as I have likewise spent considerable time looking into the whole Dangote gig…that said, I would still rather have a Sugar Daddy who cared deeply for the sport than one who displays a relative indifference to all matters Arsenal-related

      I have recently seen his company advertising even overseas in North America, which is a relatively new incarnation, that seems to suggest he’s entering a completely new much more “globalized” phase of his business model…as such, I think this would make him even more desirous to invest in some more “vanity-type” undertakings, like a internationally known and supported football club

      as a natural cynic I too worry about the intentions of any individual who craves the accumulation of wealth above all else, but I’m likewise pragmatic enough to realize that this might be par for the course, when it comes to the Billionaire classes, so the “least evil” might just be our best option

    5. @@Eddie, don’t judge a book by looking at the cover, or pass judgement after listening 2 one party. Nigeria is trying 2 develop it’s indigenous industries so has placed a ban on products imported into the country that can be produced at home. The refinery he’s building 2day is because he can afford 2 build it. The federal govt. has 4 long asked capable Nigerians who can afford it 2 come get a license, but none came out. Nigeria shouldn’t be importing rice, sugar, cement, wheat & ur above mentioned products because she’s blessed with enough of these raw materials in abundance. Your Eastern Nigerian friends will never speak good of Dangote because they are the ones flooding the country with substandard goods & used dead cars. They value importation 2 production. No nation benefits 4rm importation better than production. If Nigeria has 4 Dangotes, she will be an economic super power.Don’t hate success, embrace it.

  4. We don’t need another sole owner!
    What we need is legislative change to stop profit seeking billionaires from ever owning clubs again.
    Arsene was always right about financial doping.

  5. Apart from the Leicester miracle every title this century has been bought by massive spending.
    Last week Arsenal fans condemned greedy Super League teams.
    Yet the same Arsenal fans now
    want Dangote to come in and buy a title.
    I have altered my expectations for Arsenal next season
    I will gladly take a
    18 win 10 draws 10 loss = 64 points Enough to make the EL.
    League Cup and FA cup are a bonus.

    1. the fans always want the club to be the next PSG….

      pay any club or player whatever they wants…

      100m here 200m there and so on…..

  6. Another former tool .Do these guys just pander to the supporters to look interesting and stay relevant?

    1. Those saying Arsenal want our club to be next PSG… Fuck Yes, we were promised after patience years of selling best players to build Emirates.

      The promise was After Emirates we will compete with the best, a dream now too far with our down ward trajectory

  7. Dangote is a bad news to arsenal,the only true/genuine nigerian billionaire arsenal fan is mr.orji uzor kalu.dangote will most likely see arsenal relegated inorder for his cement&other business concerns to blossom.in my opinion,it would be better if arsenal is bought by a real london billionaire fan or better still the 51% fan ownership i have been hearing about.

    1. Spoken like a true igbo man. Bringing your Nigerian cultural bigotry to arsenal matters.

  8. The of the ways to make Kroenke sell is to stop buying the Arsenal merchandise and match tickets “it’s time togoooooooo” #kroenkeout🤔

  9. One of the ways to make Kroenke sell is to stop buying the Arsenal merchandise and match tickets “it’s time togoooooooo” #kroenkeout🤔

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