I wouldn’t bet on Arsenal to beat Liverpool

Arsenal and Liverpool have refused to let go of their cling to the top four positions on the premier league table. Many bookmakers gave Arsenal no chance in the 2021/22 seasons, following the club’s not-so-impressive outing.

Perhaps their match against Liverpool on March 16, would have resulted in a home victory as against the two to nil defeat handed over to the team by the visitors if they had played at Highbury. One can only guess, not so?

The team finished the 2020/21 season on 61 points, 33 of which they got away from home. The team’s record on home soil cast doubts on its ability to stand its own at home and makes many see Arsenal as an unpredictable team.

With few more matches yet to be played this season, the club has amassed 54 points, better than what it could get this time last season. However, this time around, home points are slightly more than away points, compelling many to think a new Arsenal has come.

Arsenal vs. Liverpool’s record last season was in favor of Liverpool; this is not surprising because Liverpool was on fire, with the likes of Mo Salah rendering defenders helpless. In all competitions, both teams met five times last season, with Arsenal winning three of the encounters, leaving Liverpool with only two wins.

However, since the turn of this season, Liverpool had been booming, repeatedly recording emphatic wins over Arsenal. It is obvious which is stronger between the two sides this season.

After the 2021 edition of the African Nation’s Cup that saw Sadio Mane’s and Mo Salah’s countries coming first and second, respectively, one couldn’t but expect a fire-laced performance from the club. The two clubs have met four times already this season, with Liverpool going away with three points in three of the four encounters; the fourth resulted in a barren draw.

Following the outstanding performance of Sadio Mane and Mo Salah in the just concluded African cup of Nations tournament, a gambler with eyes for the money would have staked on Liverpool carrying the day in most of the matches between the two following the African tournament.

Many sites offer impressive analyses on the two teams, and a gambler can benefit from their explanation of the best online casino opportunities regarding the two teams.

While the two teams will not meet again this season, their previous results speak volumes about their performances and how each can finish the season. In its last five matches, Liverpool got all three points in four and recorded a loss against inter Milan in a Champion’s League Match.

Also, Arsenal had proved itself a formidable team, getting a similar record as Liverpool with four wins out of its last matches. Arsenal’s only loss in its five last matches was against Liverpool. The two teams will not meet again until the 2022/23 season, and a wise bettor will consider all the records before betting on either of the two teams.

Arsenal’s striking force may not be as impressive as Liverpool’s this season, but one can rarely tell what next season holds. Seasoned gamblers bet with care in the first few games of the season and take some time to assess the strength of each team before going all out.

Judging by Liverpool’s impressive win over Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, one may be tempted to expect Liverpool’s rule over the latter to continue into next season, provided players like Mo Salah and Sadio Mane remain in the club. At the same time, one would want to see if Liverpool goal-getters maintain their good forms before deciding what can happen in the next season.

The amount a sports bettors can cart home on Arsenal vs. Liverpool matches next season depends greatly on the online casino platforms where they stake on matches. The odds offered on games differ across gambling sites, and the gamblers can make better decisions by comparing various gambling sites to know which offers the highest odds and betting options.

To avoid making the wrong betting decisions on the Arsenal vs. Liverpool games cin oming seasons, bettors must conduct in-depth research from unbiased platforms for genuine information. Are you a fan of Arsenal or Liverpool? You should not give place to sentimental betting, which may cost you your hard-earned money.

Some gambling sites may give promos and bonus offers on Arsenal vs. Liverpool matches, but always read the terms and conditions of the bonuses before accepting them.

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