“I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.” Former Gunner tells Conte to avoid Arsenal

Former Gunner Kevin Campbell says he would not accept the Arsenal job if he was Antonio Conte as the Italian is linked with a move to the Emirates.

The Gunners have made a poor start to this campaign with three losses and no goals scored from as many league games this season.

That run of form has placed Mikel Arteta under serious pressure with the Spanish manager now hoping his team can start winning matches after the international break.

Arsenal fans feel they have been patient enough and some of them believe Arteta is not good enough for the job.

One manager that has shown that he has what it takes to win titles for different clubs and in different competitions is Conte.

He won the Premier League with Chelsea and he also won the Serie A with Inter Milan last season.

He can be trusted to return Arsenal to the glory days, but Campbell says unless they back him in the market, he shouldn’t go near the club.

Asked if Arsenal should pursue Conte, Campbell told Sky Sports as quoted by Express Sport: “If you back him.

“Arsenal with all their players fit will be okay.

“But if I’m Antonio Conte and I’m looking at that yesterday, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

“Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it. Because it’s the basics. They’re getting the basics wrong.

“And if you can’t do the basics as a professional footballer…

“The manager can prepare you as much as he wants for a game. Once you cross that game, it’s your job. You can’t let [Ilkay] Gundogan beat you at the back post.

“It’s not up to the manager to go and press people and stay on your feet and communicate and be hard to beat.”

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  1. I think a real manager could make Holding and Chambers easily PL level. Chambers did well when he was at Fulham, and their occasional runs on the team with Wenger have proven they can be reliable back ups at least. I mean they are on low wages and are HG so it’s no-brainer.

    However, Arteta is not a real manager. Just take a look at the negative records he has set only in 12 months time and you can see how out of depth he really is. If our players can’t even get “basics right”, how on Earth do you think he will fare any better with 100% fit squad?

    1. It’s not that Chambers and Holding aren’t PL standard; they’re not at a level that Arsenal need. Squad players definitely but we have rather too many of those unfortunately

  2. Well thanks mr Campbell ,that’s a really positive attitude for an ex Arsenal employee😡😡😡

  3. So under arteta arsenal bag 6 ⚽ against westbrom a giant in the championship campaign right.. the lads put on an interesting show, confidence at its levels innit. Now Conte definitely will figure out a better team for the premiership if given the chance and resources

  4. Campbell has got no idea what he is talking about.

    The only reason Arsenal are playing poorly at the moment is Mikel Arteta and his boring tactics.

    The club needs a serial winner, not a rookie who doesn’t know what he is doing.

    Most of Arsenal’s players are full internationals – they didn’t become full internationals playing for Mikel Arteta.

    With a decent, proven manager, they can become a force again in English football. Whilst Arteta remains and idiots like Campbell back him, Arsenal will continue to struggle. Period.

    1. According to this reasoning Chambers and Holding are international class and just need the right manager to make them into premier league or champions league winners. What would you say if the England manager called up both of these players and said they were going straight into the team for an international against any of the top teams in Europe e.g. France or Belgium.

      1. Arsenal’s squad isn’t perfect, but the reason they are struggling is Arteta.

        Just accept it, dude.

  5. Conte may be the best available option, all things being equal, but we’re not in the right headspace organizationally to have a “cut and run” managerial mercenary at the helm…of course, I like his “take no sh**” philosophical approach to managing, but based on some of the moves we’ve made, or not made, I just can’t see his particular brand of 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 football working with our existing personnel…I fear that this experiment could go horribly wrong, but maybe no worse than our present predicament…I just hate the notion of choosing a course of action based on the “least of two evils”

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