“I wouldn’t have any of them” Wilshere backs Arteta when asked to choose a replacement

Jack Wilshere has backed Mikel Arteta to remain the manager of Arsenal for around a decade as he chooses his former teammate over Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.

All three midfielders have become managers, and they are now developing their careers.

If Norwich confirms Lampard as their next boss, they would all be managing different Premier League clubs this season.

Arteta has won the FA Cup and the Community Shield at Arsenal. Gerrard won the last Scottish league title with Rangers before joining Aston Villa recently.

All of them look to be on the path to becoming superb managers in the Premier League, but Wilshere will not swap Arteta for any of the others.

He was asked on TalkSport to choose between Gerard and Lampard who he thought should manage Arsenal and he responded: “None of them because Mikel is going to be there for the next 10 years.

“I can’t . I don’t know. I can’t! I wouldn’t have any of them, it’s Mikel – they’re the same age.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arteta is now doing a good job at the Emirates and the former midfielder could remain at the club for a long time.

While his destiny is in his hands, Arsenal has never been a club that enjoys changing managers like some EPL clubs.

The Gunners backed Arsene Wenger for over two decades and Arteta can enjoy that much support as long as his team remains one of the best in the Premier League.

For now, finishing inside the European places would be considered a success considering where the club ended the last campaign.

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    1. REGGIE, Then why even mention “not creeping”?

      From your constant daily posts over the last year or more, all of which want Arteta sacked, you must have had the Mother of all DAMASCUS CONVERSIONS NOW.

      Last week you wanted him sacked. Now you want him to stay for at least ten years(since “you agree with JACK!)

      About time too , but better late than never, so welcome to reality land, FINALLY!

      1. Jon get back in your hole, it was a joke dig at Wilshire. BANTER. You are getting boring and angry, get a life jon. You obviously dont read my post correctly so Butt out. I have repeatedly said i want Arteta to succeed but why i dont have to explain anything to you. Stop trying to be the J A headmaster.

        1. Jon im sorry about the last post, i allowed myself to drop to your level. My view is and has always been, i have no vendetta, beef with Arteta, i want Arsenal to succeed. If Arteta is here in ten years then he has succeeded and i will be happy. Now because you have jumped on then off and then back on the Arteta band wagon, everyone does not have to follow jon fox. You cant accept people who dont have the same opinion as you and that is awful and puts you low as a person. I jumped on the Arteta band wagon, jumped off and haven’t jumped back on yet, that doesn’t make me or anyone that hasn’t wrong and you right, Surprise surprise. This site is not about being right or wrong its about opinion. I have always said and it has been on here in black and white, i hope Arteta succeeds because that means we are where we should be but if he doesn’t as far as i am concerned he can go and that goes for any manager. Arteta has proved one thing so far, he has turned round a stinking start, nothing else has been proved. I have my opinion jon and i expect to be challenged or agreed on it, i dont expect personal call outs from you, especially when i dont like the way you slag people off for not agreeing with you. I dont have a problem with Arteta and i have not called him out for weeks because we are in good form. If that lasts i will change my opinion because i am free too, if it doesn’t, i wont. Jon fox doesnt decide when i decide. I dont think Arteta can get us top 4, that i have always said, i dont think from what i have seen, he is capable, if he does i will be exstatic and happy that my opinion was wrong. AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME YOU ARE NOT RIGHT AND I AM NOT WRONG. We have a different opinion. Respect that or i for one will not lower myself to reply to you, if you do i look forward to challenging each others opinion. Stop being personal jon.

  1. Lampard managed poorly with a stacked Chelsea squad, Tuchel showed what they could do with a leader.

    Gerrard at Villa doesn’t quite have the horses, but he’ll probably keep them comfortably midtable, probably even inside the top 10.

    1. Lampard was too inexperienced for Chelsea, he was making a title challenging team, a top 4 challenging team. Tuchel came in and turned the same players round to devastating effect. We stuck with our manager and time will tell if he is a Lampard or a Tuchel.

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