Ia Aaron Ramsey right to call for video replays for offside?

The joy of scoring a goal for Arsenal gets evaporated in a moment if it is disallowed for offside. The pain doubles if the call is wrong and the goal should have stood. Aaron Ramsey would have felt all these emotions during his disallowed ‘offside goal’ against Liverpool.

In a tight match where both sides looked eager to score the first goal, Ramsey looked set to give the Gunners a ninth minute lead. He collected a Santi Cazorla pass very elegantly and beat Simon Mignolet in the Liverpool goal with a near post finish.

But, the goal was not to be as the Welsh midfielder was deemed offside. Ramsey looked surprised and the replays too showed that the midfielder was played onside by Martin Skrtel.

The goal would have been a winner for the home side but eventually Arsenal had to settle for shared spoils. Would technology have saved us? Ramsey definitely believes so and is rooting for the introduction of video replays.

“I thought I held my run a bit, I thought I was onside but I obviously took a glance over to make sure and saw the flag was up,” Ramsey said.

“The replays suggest I was onside – it should have stood – but obviously the linesman thought it was offside. At the end of the day, we should have been 1-0 up.

“To look at a video for 20 seconds would have maybe changed the outcome of the game.

“I think we could take a leaf out of rugby. They do it really well. You see it on the screens. They go off for 20 seconds and they get the decision right in the end.”
To be fair to the on-field referees, off-side decisions are always football’s equivalent of ‘fighting with fire’. The game is played at such pace that it becomes very difficult to spot off-sides. Having a video replay would definitely help in reducing these errors. But it will also kill the speed of the game. Football is not like Cricket or Rugby where you can pause between decisions – time of which can be used for video referral.

Introduction of replays in football may mean that the players go back from ‘all action’ to ‘no action’; even if it is for a moment of time. Video replay in football may end up hampering the pace of the game.

Do we want that?

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    Experienced manager –

    Technically gifted, versatile and totally adaptable-

    Easy going and fun to work with-

    4th placed tier maker and champions League guarantor-

    Youth empowerment expert-

    Pioneer in club expenditure and debt clearance (stadium, wage bill etc)-

    and of course he’s available on the cheap….. For as lil as £5mil + 1…… Hurry while stock Last!



      1.) Must buy at least 3 world class players every window, no matter the price.
      2.) Must win the treble each year.
      3.) Must not be French.
      4.) Must win each and every game flawlessly.
      5.) Most important of all, must make each and every fan happy ALL OF THE TIME.

      If any one of the above is not met, you will be fired on the spot, no matter how successful you have been up to that point. This will not only save time in finding a new manager, it will save all the ‘experts’ on JustArsenal.com from having to rage about it.

      If your name is not Jurgen Klopp, Diego Simeone or any other one season wonder manager, consider your application UNSUCCESSFUL.

      Have a wonderful day further

      1. Haha Big Gun………sometimes i wonder if Wenger is naturally a succesful manager or its just Arsenal…… How many times did he take Lorient to the champions League?…. L()L

            1. Nah, was Nancy (I think something with Lorraine, not that Nancy). But you know, he actually won Ligue 1 and J League. I guess he’s pretty much ok.

      2. What a clown you are mate. I dont think any fan would expect that from a new coach, but how about not playing our players out of position and repairing glaring holes that we have had for some time now (The DM hole has been around for almost a decade, the ST position since RvP left). Being it through a proven world class player or a project/talent/gamble, but at least add depth and thus options!!! Piers Morgan said it brillianty, we aint a bank! Spend some of this cash, it aint hard to see that we do not have any more chance to win the league this season after last season while our rivals just keep on adding quality. I totally agree with Neville, either Wenger is naive or just enormously stubborn (yet again)

    2. It seems Man United are moving on from the lose of Ferguson, the sooner we find wenger’s replacement, the better. Hello KLOPP. Thanks for the memories Arsene.

      1. okay seriously Wenger doesn’t have to Leave Arsenal completely….he just have to come arnd every weekends to watch Arsenal play…….just Like Sir Alex have been doing ….hopefully he’d get to see what he’d been missing with the team L()L

    3. I would love to sign wenger to manage my club for me, but paying £5mil+1 will be overpricing him. So, i’ll just wait until he is out of contract, by then i can get him for a far lesser amount. I’ll then offer him a very tempting package he cant reject. £100+1 pound per week. I’m sure he just can’t resist the entincement of that extra pound. I know most akb’s will be angered by this, but the truth is, that’s what wenger has been doing for ages & that’s why we can’t get the players we need at the right time until they’re past their best. E.g Petr Cech.

  2. I think Arsenal players should take yet another example from rugby : turning up every game and fight to the death until the final whistle. Yes, the goal should have standing but Arsenal is not the only team having bad calls from the refs.

      1. yes, the players need to show up. but football is a very low scoring game. 1 bad call can easily decide the game. there should be video replay. and it would NOT stop the game substantially more than a goal-kick would .

        1. Agreed. Leagues, European club competitions as well as international competitions including world cups hang on these decisions.

          Big money and stays at stake so video replay for offside goals is imperative if there is any doubt.

          1. All goals and penalties
            should be reviewed.
            Teams should have
            1 challenges per half.
            Refs can ask for assistance at any time.

    1. I wonder if Ramsey would have made same comment if it was Liverpool who had a legit goal disallowed. You see lots of these stuffs happen in football. It is not as if Arsenal had not been awarded an illegal goal in the past. WE should all move on please. And by the way, the players are the the ones to be shown video reviews at the end of each horrible match

  3. There should be a video replays of Giroud to analysis how the hell he misses so many chances!
    Need a friggin WC striker and not look for excuses at every turn. The day Wenger takes complete responsibility and stop making any excuses, that’s the day we head to the top!

      1. If you cant beat ’em than join ’em…as they say! Glad invested in Wenger’s roses tinted glasses…mind you stress level goes up everytime I take them off…hence my above diatribe!

    1. Not a fan of Giroud, but honestly, Sanchez misses A LOT of chances as well..

      The difference though is, Sanchez can create them single-handedly, while Giroud seems like he can’t..

  4. Arsenal is a great club……… Any technical manager with resources could easily keep us in the champions league and possibly win us the league………….. Example Luis enrique all the way from celta vigo down to Fc barca…… Treble winner already…… I’m not afraid to Let wenger go!

  5. I agree with Ramsey because we always say that referee’s confusion is final.human is to error.so I believe that video tech can help.*****
    out of topic****
    somebody please write an article on how what we fans can do for Wenger to be sacked. He has no desire,no intent no urgency no skills no NOTHING..look..we competing with teams that are stronger than us but still buying.I.e Chelsea and Man city(just bought De Bryne)
    The bibles says that God helps only those who help themselves..how lucky are we to win without showing that desire? at the expense of those who have worked for it?God is always fair and that’s why he will be fair to Chelsea,Man city ,Man utd and Liverpool for what they have spent mark my words. archive this comment..Arsenal will finish at number #5.
    I love Arsenal fc with all my heart,blood and vains.I can die for arsenal.since 2006.(when I got to know what soccer is).however its also could be unlucky of me course am yet to taste an EPL glory. I know think we should pray and fast that God touches Wenger .I mean he is stubborn and treating like club like a family Business..Robert Mugabe is his match.Save Arsenal ohh God of Mercy

    1. OK. So you think that god is going to help Chelsea and City because of their willingness to spend in the transfer market??
      And you’re using one line in the bible to back it up? God helps those who help themselves? Sounds like a massive religious cop-out to the fact that there are people starving and dying in the world who really, are neither equipped nor have the resources to ‘help themselves.’
      ‘Save Arsenal ohh god of mercy?’
      If there is a god and he actually gives two s#$ts about Arsenal’s transfer window it’s no wonder the world is so messed up….

      1. ‘Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?” – Hebrews 13:5-6

        ‘But many who are first will be last, and the last first.” – Mark 10:31

        Haha you can really argue anything with the bible and google. Heck, it even supports ownership of people!
        ‘If a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod and he dies at his hand, he shall be punished. 21″If, however, he survives a day or two, no vengeance shall be taken; for he is his property’ Exodus 21:21

        1. God is a Real Madrid fan anyway. He likes the weather their better and enjoys the more lax legislation regarding Health & Safety.

    2. I have heard doomsayers over the past decade say Arsenal will finish outside of the top four, yet it has never happened. Arsenal always pull through. Why on earth would God help any football club to success? Aren’t there more pressing issues like world poverty, rape, murder and endless war that God seems to keep avoiding? But yet to superstitious people like yourself, God’s main interest is to help football clubs first? Nonsensical my friend. As far as I am concerned from what I see and witness each and every day, if God does exist, he has clearly left us to our own devices, to make our own decisions (free-will) and suffer the consequences thereafter (both innocent and guilty parties).

      The only reason why Man City and Chelsea have won the league recently and been doing slightly better than Arsenal, is because they have super rich owners who have pumped bottomless pits of money into their clubs. Is this the type of club you want to follow? Because I have always taken pride in the fact that Arsenal’s success has been built upon hard work, dedication and most of all wise financial investment. Man United, although I despise them too, I have major respect for them because like us, all the money they are spending is not from a the pockets of a sugar daddy, but earned over the years of success, also built upon hard work and dedication. When Ferguson took over in the 80’s, United were an average team that hadn’t won anything in years. He took that club by the scruff of it’s neck and built the empire it is today. It took him three seasons to eventually start winning. Wenger has done a similar feat and has been Arsenal’s most successful manager to date.

      1. arsenal is owned by a member (by marriage) of the walmart family with a line in dodgy sports franchises and by an uzbeki gazzilionaire who managed to come out of the gangster capitalism of eastern europe with his state assets in tact!!! nothing to be proud of there mate …but none of this explains the string of wenger failures over the last decade which is what needs to change asap

        1. We don’t see Silent Stan or Usmanov pumping funds into the club willy nilly like Abromavich and Sheikh do with Chelsea and City. Our club is run as any business should be, wisely and ethically. Lots to be proud of mate, and the fact that we are winning silverware on top of it all makes me even more proud.

  6. The premier League is an advanced League…. This video replay Technique should have been introduce a while ago……. Not just cuz it’s Ramsey’s goal and it’s The Mighty ARSENAL in trouble……. It could have saved Bournemouth as well as others….the world over!

  7. *please admin..correct my typo errors..have always proposed that you add an edit button please.(if possible)

  8. If u want video replays go watch nfl or nba.

    This is football and wrong offside calls belong to this sport.
    We cannot replay every offside and every duell to see if there was a foul or offside.

    The only thing that should be changed is the way we treat divers.
    Divers are cheats and they need to be punished!

    1. “we cannot replay every offside …”: nobody’s suggesting that. all the realistic proposals limit to 3 or 1 video challenge per game.

      1. Not every offside, only the ones where a goal is involved and the decision is unclear… The game is already stopped when the ball is in the back of the net!

        1. Agree if a linesman were given two flags and one was marked for a possible offside the other for a clear offsides. All players would continue to play for the possible offside and if a goal came of it and replay showed it then it’s good.
          That way players would not have the option to stop if they saw the possible offside flag.
          Just a little spitballing.

          1. Reminds me of a situation last season or the one before, one of Arsenal’s player played Giroud through, I mean he was MILES away from the defenders. So what Giroud did is he completely stopped playing because HE thought he’s offside. Turns out he wasn’t or at least the linesman didn’t flag him.

            Who does that? Man I was furious at time..

          2. Offside goals, penalties and malicious tackles or off the ball incidents should be reviewed.
            So what if it takes 20 seconds… How many times do we see a player fake an injury,
            just to take the sting out of a game or just to breakup play?
            The lost time always gets added on for stoppages!
            So what’s the problem in that?
            Fan’s pay to watch football, so if there’s an extra 10 or 15 minutes added on, who’s gonna be complaining?

  9. Yes, yes… He should call video replays for his average performances. Nothing against him but I think he’s now overly confident of the fact that no matter what happens, his father will always make a place for him in the team and he is guaranteed 90mins at all times.

  10. i like ramsey : he is not afraid to take shots on goal. i wish he was more on-frame though.
    on video-replay: there’s no question in my mind that a limited number of challenges per game should be allowed.

  11. Bale is training separately at RM because of a poorly toe..

    Does this mean he is joining us for €85 million euros?

  12. Why would Lewandoski leave Bayern Munich for Arsenal??
    It would be a clear down grade from a top European club to just a premier league outfit doing well in the EPL.
    The fact is Wenger put us (voluntarily or not) in that situation. Arsenal is not attractive at any point except for the fact that you might be able to increase your wages… But if, as a pro, you would like to be recognised and win trophies, Arsenal is no where near the place to achieve that. That is just a fact, like it or not. We can debate on how great the history is, compare ourselves to Chelsea, talk about how healthy our balance sheet his, how great the fans are (under valued by the club), how Tottenham are “scums”, etc etc… All those things do not really matter… Usually it will be to make ourselves feel better and mask the clear lake of options and solutions in our own club.

    It is “worrying” to know deep down that you will never win the league again (not in the foreseeing future) and no more less, the CL (just an impossible task, unless seriously lucky).

    I don’t even think if losing or wining has become such a deal for Wenger.

    And please, do not tie the fans with Wenger… If is embarrassing! Wenger could not give a f*ck about us, otherwise he would clearly make the changes to make us stronger, be competitive challengers and win major trophies.

    Seriously tired and sick of this shite!

    A French journalist asked him about the striker situation after the Benzama failure (if it is the case, in fact), Wenger said that Giroud, Walcott and Sanchez could play there… And that Welbeck is also a great option (25 games and 4 goals. £16 Millions f*ck you have him package from Man United)…

    Is that guy f*cking serious

    1. Lockay I have always enjoyed your no hold barred comments but I think you need to put things into perspective. Bayern Munich are running a one horse race in Germany and have really been doing so since the beginning of time. This means that every year, they generate massive amounts of income from winning every trophy in Germany. Their fanbase is HUGE and stretches across the globe, also generating massive revenue each year. This wealth, enables them to buy and all the best players, not to mention challenge and do well in all competitions like the CL. If a team like Dortmund rises from nowhere, they just buy up all their best players and they hit two birds with one stone – strengthen their squad whilst sinking the opposition. If billionaires had to start investing and buying up clubs in Germany like they have been doing in the BPL, Bayern Munich would start feeling the heat and stop winning everything. The same applies to La Liga – been bossed by Barca and Madrid forever and as soon as a team like Atletico Madrid does well, the next season their players depart to bigger clubs and the club goes back to being a mediocre team.

      Arsenal, Man United and a while ago Liverpool have dominated the English league for decades. It was always a two horse race up until Chelsea and then City were bought by billionaires. The BPL has taken a massive turn and where some clubs rise, others WILL fall – like Liverpool, Spurs and those other clubs that were just below Arsenal and United before the turn of the century. Amidst these changes and the fact that this all happened whilst Arsenal were under tremendous financial strain building our new stadium, we still somehow managed to stay afloat and do fairly well. This can only be attributed to one man – Arsene Wenger. I can completely understand why this period of not winning anything might be seen as failure, but if you look at the bigger picture, Arsene Wenger was actually successful. Just look at how Man United are struggling without Ferguson and take into account that unlike us, they had no financial burdens like building a new stadium in the mid naughties, those finances plus a brilliant manager in Ferguson enabled them to keep doing well, regardless of Chelsea or City taking over.

      Just imagine if Arsenal did not have to build a new stadium. We would have had the funds to keep our best players and still challenge for top honors. I doubt Henry, Viera and all the other big names would have left because we were on the verge of winning the CL! But for obvious reasons, the stadium was something that had to happen to ensure Arsenal’s longevity and sustainability as a business and club. In hindsight, look how much revenue we are generating from our new stadium. In a few years time we will be in a much better position financially than we would ever have been without building the Emirates.

  13. Why would Lewandoski leave Bayern Munich for Arsenal??
    It would be a clear down grade from a top European club to just a premier league outfit doing well in the EPL.
    The fact is Wenger put us (voluntarily or not) in that situation. Arsenal is not attractive at any point except for the fact that you might be able to increase your wages… But if, as a pro, you would like to be recognised and win trophies, Arsenal is no where near the place to achieve that. That is just a fact, like it or not. We can debate on how great the history is, compare ourselves to Chelsea, talk about how healthy our balance sheet his, how great the fans are (under valued by the club), how the Spurs are “scums”, etc etc… All those things do not really matter… Usually it will be to make ourselves feel better and mask the clear lake of options and solutions in our own club.
    It is “worrying” to know deep down that you will never win the league again (not in the foreseeing future) and no more less, the CL (just an impossible task, unless seriously lucky).

    I don’t even think if losing or wining has become such a deal for Wenger.
    And please, do not tie the fans with Wenger… If is embarrassing! Wenger could not give a f*ck about us, otherwise he would clearly make the changes to make us stronger and win shites.

    Seriously tired and sick of this shite!

  14. Excuses from the manager

    and now excuses from the players….

    Utd, City, Chelsea all won titles without excuses……..

    Ramsay is just not good enough,…

    he could have score in other situation….

    Time for a change ….

    Wenger out!!!

  15. When asked if he was confident the Gunners would be making one or two signings before next week’s September 1 deadline, Wenger said: ‘I don’t know because I am always confident that a last minute situation or solution isavailable, because the transfer market is especially moving in the last four or five days.’But at the moment I cannot promise you that. We work very hard, you know I have a team around me who work day and night to find good solutions but at the moment weare not close to signing anyone.’

    1. Yeh:) this team who work day and night obviously get paid by the hour and takes lots of tea breaks with 3 hour lunches, cigarette breaks and kit Kat breaks.

      What a load of Wenger!

  16. I changed my mind. Don’t wait for wengers contract to run down, SACK IM.F*****g 5days and that. hesitant arse has still not bought the required players Arsenal badly need. All summer to deal and he still leaves it late for the ‘bargain ‘buy.
    OUT I SAY.

    1. Don’t you mean ‘panic buy..’ If a signing is made in the last few days of the window it obviously effects the quality of the player…..

  17. whats wrong with rodgers josh.
    he almost won liverpool the title for the first time in 20 years.he has unearthed the gem in suarez coutinho and sterling he also identifies clubs weaknesses and brings a resolution. so where is the problem with him

  18. I have read almost every post on this blog and others that write about anything Arsenal for a Little over two years but never comment or replied to any comment. Today, that changes as i don’t think i can look past this.

    Asene Wenger(Mr Money Ball) need to stop being complaisance or this team is never going to move forward!. For the love of God!, what in heavens name is Theo Walcot doing in arsenals No 9 position?… Why, is Ramsey still in the starting 11?… Favoritism is what is killing this team and it has to stop!. i remember last season when Ramsey started making the waves… He was applauded a lot for his work rate and incredible brake up play tackles(Whatever happened to that..). Ramsey & Coqlin combination in the middle of the pack is not as good as that of Santi and Coq… even a blind man can tell that… Wenger has given him a free role because he doesn’t have the balls to bench him and the player don’t want to play on the wing… As a result, he keeps popping out in everybody’s position and disrupting the teams play and flow, coupled with his new found attitude of thinking he’s the lionel messi of Arsenal on the pitch. Liver was able to easily contain Arsenals attack and pressuring Bellerin is because Ramsey never stayed on the wing or tracked back when he losses the ball… He kept losing and throwing away passes and wouldn’t hunt for the ball anytime he losses it… WHY ON EARTH! is the OX not in the starting 11???.

    Walcot is not a striker, he is a winger and a lazy one for that matter, wants others to do his job for him while he gets paid… Put him on the wing where he belongs, and if he refuses to track back as always, bench him… if he wants to leave let him do so. If i was Wenger, I would have sold Walcot to liverpool for 30m and buy pedro from baca to compete with the OX on the wing and fill in for sanchez when he needs to rest… IMO Pedro is a far better and sharper ball player than Walcot and has a better Work ethics.

  19. İf we don’t win UCL or BPL this season Wenger, please,please,please leave our club. İ spend a lot of money in the name of this CLUB. İ always support you,and i will support you throughout the season,but please, promise me you will leave if we don’t win UCL or BPL…

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